Joseph P. Farrell The Cosmic War

This will blow you away (well, it should anyway).  Like many, I believed wholeheartedly that it was an authentic alien crash at Roswell after reading Col. Phillip Corso's book Day After Roswell.  Recently I have been listening and reading anything I can get my hands or eyes on from Joseph P. Farrell who has done a brilliant and exhaustive job of so much of human history and past advanced civilizations.  What the Pyramid at Giza actually was intended to be, who the Nazis really were and just how advanced their technology really was, etc.

This has also helped me understand why the Airforce would decide to give the press such a ridiculous explanation (weather balloons) for the crash at Roswell - because they wanted curious people to think it was a bullshit explanation so that they would become a culture of UFO followers and believers which would serve the primary purpose/agenda, to mask the real truth that it was actually OUR OWN antigravity technology that came out of the intellectual wealth that had come here via operation paperclip after defeating the Nazi war machine.

Now another thing comes to mind while putting all the compartmentalized pieces of the puzzle together.  The United States of America was for a short period of time a sovereign nation independent of the Crown, and then came the Act of 1871.

Like the City States of London and the Vatican, a third city state was officially created in 1871,with the passage of the Act of 1871. That city state is called the District of Columbia and is located on 10sq miles of land in the heart of Washington. The District of Columbia flies its own flag, and has its own independent constitution.

The constitution for the District of Columbia operates under a tyrannical Roman law known as Lex Fori, which bares no resemblance to the US Constitution. When congress passed the act of 1871 it created a separate corporation known as THE UNITED STATES and corporate government for the District of Columbia. This treasonous act allowed the District of Columbia to operate as a corporation outside the original constitution of the United States and outside of the best interests of American Citizens.

So back to operation paperclip for a moment.  When one considers that operation it is very easy to assume that we (the USA) stole the intellectual wealth of Nazi Germany to stay ahead of the Russians.  It is now my contention that what really happened is that the Crown simply moved that intellectual wealth to a more suitable location, colony of the Crown, the United States of America.

The 3 major city states that comprise the heart and soul of the geopolitical chess game of the Crown are that small part of the City of London that is a city state, Vatican City and Washington DC.  Since the US is the war machine branch of this unholy trinity it makes sense that the rocket scientists would be moved to this particular location for further research and development.

During that crash in 1947 guess who was invited to the crash site?  You got it, a handful of those now quite famous and well known Nazi rocket scientists.  Ever since reading book 5 of the Law of One sessions I have been convinced that there was this antigravity technology and some very destructive technology that had come out of Tesla's research already here kept well hidden from the public in underground bases around the world.  Joseph Farrell has further convinced me that that is the hidden truth about a very advanced and technologically sophisticated breakaway civilization that came out of the Nazi war machine.

Most here know of the term Majestic 12 or Majik12.  This is alleged to be the small group of men responsible for handling UFO stuff for some time now.  Farrell says that term (Majestic or Majik 12) is found in old Nazi Documents.  All of this is starting to make much sense to me.  In Corso's book Day after Roswell we have Col. Corso telling us that all of that alien wreckage from the 1947 crash site is where so much of our current technology comes from.  I believe that Corso sincerely believed that because that was the cover story that became his truth at his level of compartmentalization.

This is how false flag events can be planned, executed and then kept quiet - because everyone in their particular compartmentalized truth is telling their solemn truth as they know it and it all fits seamlessly into the big projected orchestrated picture that becomes the brilliant and well planned false flag lie for public consumption.  What I now really believe happened is that some very advanced Nazi technology was released to corporate America and the US military via that home grown crash.  One can only imagine how many years advanced all of this breakaway stuff is to date.  I believe that the Ancient Arrow WingMaker book is actually sharing some of this story within a mythological construct.

Its all starting to make a lot of since to me now.  I will let Farrell take it from here...

here is part 1 for starters

Joseph P. Farrell The Cosmic War Part 1 with GeorgeAnn Hughes on The Byte Show - YouTube

and this interview is very illuminating about a great many things (to say the least)

Red Ice Radio - Joseph Farrell; Elite's agenda, 2 Yahwehs,Putin's opposition to the West & more... - YouTube

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I think your suppositions are right on the money, Chris.  (No pun intended.) 

Thanks for sharing this important information.

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    and,,, I can see where it's going...It is nice to hear this stuff being tied together,,it really helps put it into perspective. Farrell has cross referenced all this data in every way imaginable,,,I am so impressed. I have never heard that much detail,,,and I'm sure there is much more in his books...I hope to hear more this weekend,,,and I am also going to go back to the Law of one sessions. Thanks for the great post

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Thanks for the great post Chris. I'm just now realizing the huge amount of Farrel interviews on the Byte Show. I've actually only listened to part 1 of the Cosmic War. I hope to post again after listening to all these parts (looks like 17 ?). What a good find - Farrel is just great. He explains things so clearly and always have the sources to back up his statements.


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Here are some photos of "the mysterious disc-shaped object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea [some people say] could be a relic from a giant World War II device placed there by the Nazis to disrupt Soviet submarine navigation."

At first glance, it appears to me to be a crashed UFO.

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   i recently saw a follow up report that said they had dived on it, and it was just a pile of rocks,,,,,,so it must have been something !!! haha!

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Have you all been over to the Byte show website?

There's an incredible amount of what looks like extremely interesting interviews and also interesting recent news articles - Peter Lavenda pops out as the ones I'll be sure to catch. Here's the link:


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Here is the law of one reference concerning a certain kind of advanced militarized/weaponized "craft" kept in underground facilities that can move at top speeds aproaching half the speed of light.  keep in mind that it was 1981 at the time of this writing and Ra mentions that it is a work in progress.  no telling how far they have come in the following 32 years.  go to fragment 3 Q&A part...

the_law_of_one_book_5.pdf (application/pdf Object)

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          I just went to that fragment Chris,,,and what I found even more important was the point that none of this information should be dwelled on....This subject has come up here before,,,and it is so important, when seeing the big picture,,and at the same time , confusing,,ha! Confusing because, people are so shocked by this information, as we are awakened to it,,they tend to fall headfirst into it,,,and really get caught up in it,,,"giving away our light" , as they state.....This is like a slap in the face,,,in a way , to activists,,at least to their common methods, like protests,name calling, etc.. I suspect that those who gnaw away at the monster by doing good are on the right path.

        On the other hand,,Like they say,,," none of this matters' in the big picture...We will be uncovering information for a long time to come,,,and the best thing to do is to acknowledge it,,,digest it,,and move on, to keep our growth on track...This is the path I have chosen,,along with trying to do a little good here and there,,and I have felt a lot better since leaning that way....Thanks for the lead to that point in the sessions,,and to Farrel's work,,,I have already passed that on to those who I know will take the time to go through it......Cosmic peace bubble out!,,,,T

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Ra makes that point many times throughout the sessions (and Don Elkins would always use left brain rationale for pressing for answers to what Ra obviously considered to be useless questions of mere curiosity) and it always helped me to re-calibrate toward balance while reading some pretty fantastic stuff. 

I went through that drama of feeling helpless and desperate a while ago and then it just seemed to level off somewhat naturally toward being okay with it all and enjoying that I am not so much in the darkness of "matrix" ignorance.

I always enjoy your take on things brother...

be well always...

living_the_law_of_one_101.pdf (application/pdf Object)

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  that the info there was mind blowing too! ha!, I was trying to get my act in gear,,,splitting for hong kong...I love "digesting" ufo info,ha! But that reference to the "unimportance" of all this info is so,,,,,,,"important"!!!! It brings up a lot of inner debate for me,,,"Is this disinformation? , to keep us idle?", or is living that way a form of non'compliance? you know,,if you are aware, then you are more likely to come up with ways to change things without directly "resisting" them,,and feeding them in a sense?  soooo, acknowledge it, digest it,,,and hopefully assimilating the info helps you formulate ways to help change things in the way that you are best suited...... 

     But, back to the ufo info....I find this stuff so fascinating, I probably would of done just what the questioner did in the sessions...especially in 1981 !!! and your reference to the ra sessions has "reminded" me to go back and finish them. I just downloaded them again, and am looking forward to it..I am just settling into a new schedule over here, but it's less than 20 hours a week, so I will definitely find the time. I am in the zoo that is Hong Kong tonight,,,and anxious to leave here, as this place clouds my thinking,,,,,and I see some new posts I want to check to ya'll soon,,,,,T

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very interesting in light of the spiral over Norway phenomenon a while back.  listen to what Farrell says in part 4 from 25min to 30:30min mark concerning the natural shape of the plasma created in the lab

Joseph P. Farrell, The Cosmic War Part 4 with GeorgeAnn Hughes on The Byte Show - YouTube

and here is a good lecture of his

Dr. Joseph P Farrell: The Nazi International 2009 Part 1/2 - YouTube

Dr. Joseph P. Farrell - The Nazi International 2009 Part 2/2 - YouTube

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part 5 of the Cosmic War gets into the Nazi connection to the CIA and the assassination of JFK.  Farrell is absolutely brilliant in his exhaustive critical thinking and examination of the evidence!!!  This is the missing link to the JFK story.  That Kennedy was planning to completely dismantle the CIA is well known - that the surviving Nazi elite were very much an integral part of the CIA organization, not so much...

Joseph P. Farrell "The Cosmic War" Part 5 with GeorgeAnn Hughes on The Byte Show - YouTube

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   I will be catching up on this for a while....thanks again,,,,,,,,,,T

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Thanks again for your excellent post Chris. These Joseph Farrel series of interviews is a great find. There's so much information that I need to listen to every one of them twice. I'm up to part 7.

Something that he said (somewhere in the 5-7) interviews is that humans are kind of like chimaras in that they have a human body as well as a spiritual body. This has me feeling much more connected to spirit these days.

This business about ET's showing up 2 years after the nuke bombs and that nuclear explosions must affect the spiritual world in some way - very interesting. And then the follow up that ET's showed up after what might have been a Natzi test nuke that went off.

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that same thing was mentioned in the Law of One sessions, how much harm nukes do at the spiritual level.  Ra said that there was still work being done (at the time of the sessions writings) to repair the damage at those more rarified hyperdimensional levels for the souls that perished in the two nuked Japanese cities...

in another writing from a while back (can't remember the source), it was mentioned that evolving species like our own always come to this same place - the splitting of the atom (what will they do with it) and will they project most or all personal and collective responsibility upon the developing technology...

on another note, Farrell's mention of the ET story being "deep cover" for what's really going on (relating to what Farrell says about the Roswell crash in part 5) reminded me of Wernher Von Braun's death bed confessions to Dr. Carol Rosin who was working with him back in the 70's...

Testimony of Dr. Carol Rosin

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Jay also seems to believe that the aliens spaceships are actually just human-made as well. Here he references Farrel and talks about how the Arians are actually humans to went to Mars (God of Mars is Aries) 60,000 years ago to "get out of dodge" the last time the earth had catastrophies. Then they came back when it was safe and founded Sumer and were surprised to find that some humans that stayed on earth survived.

Jay pulls a lot of history / myth together to tell a story that seems to fit all the evidence we have quite nicely.

Really interesting part starts at minute 28.

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That just doesn't seem nearly as plausible to me as that aliens crashed in Roswell(listen to me!-hah). And why would the wreckage examined by ------'s family have 'alien' icons on it and not German/English markings? The alien bodies were seen. That's just TOO clever. And all of the deathbed confessions were actually staged? All to coverup that German scientists were further along than we knew?

Why would Germany have bothered using mere propellor driven bombers or even V-1 and V-2 guided weapons against England if they could have used antigravity craft and won the war? "No- we'd rather lose the war than expose our secrets?" Huh?

Are the craft my friend has been summoning over her house for us to see really Nazi-Corporate craft? Why would they bother coming to show themselves to us then? To further the hoax?

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this is beyond my currant understanding... lol just when i start getting good grounding, this pops up putting a lot to question, creating an environment easy to get lost in and seemingly hard to verify, yet plenty to project and assume...

(for me) i am going to have to stay away from this new search for now.  i like questioning the grounding of my currant understanding so i may dive in--> when the energy is right for me to do so, however i have much work to do at the level i am currently(the ground i am standing on) before i go there

lol for many many years now iv thought of myself as a seeker of truth, iv learned much, i am not done with this quest (i don't believe) yet my energy had switched gears, finding more truth will always have a home in me but putting what i have learned to use is taking the lead and is very exciting

for some reason felt like sharing that.... much love and peace to you all

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Here's a new Farrell interview that gives a nice overview of all his books put together. Sometimes I get lost in the details of the byte show interviews, it's nice to hear him talk about all the books briefly in overview form.

I was fairly impressed with the interviewer - check out his other shows.

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