Project: How to Fix the World

It's been a while since I have been on the Gspot, but I have continued my research and I came across this project. I have to say, people are amazing, especially when they work together!!!  There was a call to the public for solutions to the problems that have manifested, they have compiled all the submissions in one place. It's pretty interesting and comprehensive. And this is just the beginning.  :)

Joseph P. Farrell The Cosmic War

This will blow you away (well, it should anyway).  Like many, I believed wholeheartedly that it was an authentic alien crash at Roswell after reading Col. Phillip Corso's book Day After Roswell.  Recently I have been listening and reading anything I can get my hands or eyes on from Joseph P. Farrell who has done a brilliant and exhaustive job of so much of human history and past advanced civilizations.  What the Pyramid at Giza actually was intended to be, who the Nazis really were and just how advanced their technology really was, etc.

Never Underestimate the Power of the Human Spirit

I believe that the controllers will be toppled by their own underestimation of the power of the human spirit.  This power comes from uniting together and exercising our divine free will to create a better world for the many, instead of the few.  It is driven by our love for life and is guided by the choice to uphold the Natural Laws of All That Is.  The way forward is illuminated by the Light of Truth.  ~ Noa



Hi and good day to you! 

A dear friend of mine Betsy Stang, has a new blog out there, and her current article is about authenticity and daring to be who we are.  I thought you might enjoy it.  It's pretty short, but it has such lovely pictures that I didn't want to just cut and paste the text.  Please click to read.  Betsy is a strong and beautiful woman who has an amazing story.  She has committed her life to the betterment of the Indigenous People. 

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