More Strange Phenomena in the Skies

I came across two more strange phenomena recently appearing in the skies.  If you know of others, please post them here.

Pillar of Light in Brazil Dec. 17, 2012:


Double Helix over Moscow 2012:

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Hi Noa,

That pillar of light is very interesting. It looks like even though it's sunset, the pillar is not coming from the setting sun but from another direction. I found the translation of the video in the comments section:

TRANSLATION: Portuguese-English = 0:18 Hey, film that! It's very beautiful! 0:20 I'm filming it. 0:36 It's impressive. I can't tell if the sun rays are coming from beneath or above or what else is happening. 0:48 This is out of this world - it's the first time a see something like this. 1:03 Do a 360º. 1:11 That's the sunset over there. 1:43 And... that stain over there. 1:53 Really crazy. 2:19 Today is 12/17/2012. 2:21 A very strange phenomenon.

I think the double helix cloud might be photoshopped.


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Another video comment says they are this:


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looked like they were coming from the ground up, out of a contained device of some sort

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That pillar is crazy!! How can it be opposite the sunset? Never heard of that phenomena. The Wikipedia article does seem legit...but it's difficult to believe it's just an error in understanding what you're seeing.

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