Power of Positive Thinking On CNN's Larry King Show

The Power of Positive Thinking

Taken from broadcast of CNN's Larry King Live on Nov. 16, 2006

Want to find true love, make more money, have the life of your dreams? Then think about it. The power of your thoughts can improve your life. [JAMES] RAY: Science tells us that every single thing that appears to be solid is actually energy. You put it under a high-powered microscope [and] it's nothing more than a field of energy and a rate of vibration. Like vibrations are attracted to each other and dissimilar vibrations repel. JOE VITALE: Whatever you focus on you get more of. If you're focusing on lack, you're going to get more lack. If you focus on abundance, you ... get more abundance. RAY: If you want to create [something], your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions all need to be firing simultaneously. VITALE: You see yourself experiencing it as if it's right now. You feel it. You live it. When you do that you accelerate the manifestation process. RAY: The whole concept of soul mate is often inherently flawed because it says that your completion or your better half resides outside yourself. Intellectually we know better than that. Your completion resides inside yourself. KING: Why ... is maintaining a happy relationship [so hard]? [JACK] CANFIELD: Because we tend to project ... the unaccepted parts of ourself out onto the other person. We keep trying to get them to change so that we'll be happy. RAY: How can you ever expect anyone else to enjoy your company if you don't enjoy your own? Most people are in love with their misery. They're attending to it all the time. It's like a roaring bonfire and they're throwing another log on it every day. VITALE: Find things to be grateful for right now. Out of that gratitude you will find more things to be grateful for. And out of that gratitude you will find happiness right now.

Note: To read the full article: http://transcripts.cnn.com/TRANSCRIPTS/0611/16/lkl.01.html. To watch this highly inspiring, 45-minute program online, click here and scroll down to "Beyond the Power of Positive Thinking 2" on the right side, or order the DVD by clicking here. Read the entire transcript at the link above and you may very well find tools to make your life richer and fuller all the time. For empowering ideas and suggestions on how to find and develop your life purpose, click here.

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maryc's picture

Thank you for posting this.Positively wonderful.                                 Love,Mary

Laurette's picture

I agree, Fred.  We all need to be reminded that we manifest our thoughts.  I intend to become better at it with each passing day.


With Love,  Laurette

ChrisBowers's picture

I love how this is no longer just a romantic notion or concept, but is being discovered to be true through rigorous research. In fact, one of the problems researchers are having in the field of theoretical quantum physics is finding a way to keep their intent from altering the experiments!!!

The other cool thing is they are calling it theoretical still because they have not been able to reduce all that mass potential that exists at zero point to a single equation.  Don't know that they ever will - don't care....

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