The Power of Frequency

In the more subtle or expanded realms, it’s all about the frequencies we radiate. Each of us is constantly radiating a wide, complex range of frequencies. These frequencies generate a unique energetic field around each of us which interacts with the frequency fields of those we meet. Some parts of the complex combination of frequencies we radiate resonate with certain frequencies of those around us. This resonance creates a dance between our energy fields. The more resonance there is between two people’s energy fields, the more meaningful are the interactions created.

The Power of Emotions, the Veil, and a Map of Transformation

The Power of Emotions, the Veil, and a Map of Transformation

Just three days ago, I put out a sincere prayer to be able to more fully access any emotions I have suppressed or denied in my life. Today in the Bikram yoga class, I was given powerful information that I have no doubt will help lead me there. The inspirations I received also for the first time give me a beautiful, expansive map which naturally guides towards personal and universal transformation. Way cool!!!

Power and Percpetion

I've come to realize that our perception of who we believe is in power makes all the difference. To the extent we believe the president and world's political leaders are in power (or those secretly controlling them), we are then at their mercy. If, however, we know that the real power lies deep within each one of us, then we become powerful co-creators of the world in which we live.

"Farewell to Power" from St. Germain

Hey Team -

I found a lot of good clarification and stuff to chew on below re: the spiritual meanings of the economic shifts going on this week and last.  Read if you're drawn, and live in true abundance!

love,  Kim



"Farewell to Power" with Saint Germain

The Hierarchy Invades My Childhood

As a result of further pondering the WingMakers' empowering emphasis on moving beyond hierarchical ways of living, at one point this year I sat down and wrote about my own most significant encounters with the hierarchy in my younger years. I particularly remember one disturbing incident from when I was about 11 years old and living in northern New Jersey.

Fear Quote

Your sacred love flows into us.

You are as powerful as any being in the universe.

No being is more powerful than you.

Yet neither are you more powerful than any other being.

When you truly understand this in the depths of your being,
There is nothing to fear, not even fear itself.

Our sacred love flows out to you.

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