Ross Perot charts now online

For those who have missed the common sense analysis of issues Ross Perot provided in 1992 and 1996, here is his web page. After being extremely quiet for over a decade, he decided to participate again in this time of national crisis.

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a massive depopulation program to ease the growing burden of entitlement spending, but they would never dream of considering something so horrid as a solution like that would they???

I'm sure those 600 staffed concentration camps are just for show,

and the North American Command violating Posse Comitatus and gearing up right now is just good practice for due diligence to national security.... yep, I'm sure I am just being too paranoid lately and working myself up for no good reason. I am sure everything will be just fine.....

forget everything you've just heard

and go back to sleep......

now, more than ever, we need to be mindful of who are friends are, metaphysically speaking...

we live in exciting and amazing times!!!!

Love/Light, Chris

P.S. for balance sake, I greet you in the Love and the Light of the One Infinite Creator!!!! Whom we serve....

So Be It

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Sorry, Chris, but I don't see the connection to what was posted.

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When I think of all the other things going on right now, I just could not help but think that the people behind the scenes in monopolistic charge of money flows, the bilderberg types, the black nobility, the council of 300, the illuminati types, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc., have in mind (and have for some time now - read the Georgia Guidestones as prime example of long-standing agenda a depopulation agenda to address what they may see as a problem or problems, overpopulation. Very high up on that list would very likely be an aging and increasingly costly baby boom that is living longer and costing them more and more in the ever increasing percentage of the pie chart entitlements. This stands out like a sore thumb in the presentation!

I do not say this to be all doomy and gloomy because I truly believe, in spite of the very real possibility/probability of some quite difficult times ahead, that we also have some very wonderful/transformational upside surprises coming soon that will finally spell the end for these behind-the-scenes despotic old money house organizations/fraternities puppet masters, and release this world from their dark clutches.

When one watches that very well prepared 35 frame presentation on the website provided, one gets the feeling that those in power never intended to honor their iou's concerning all the money they took out of social security over the years. Does this help you understand the seemingly stretched and somewhat conspiratorial connection I am alluding to???

Love/Light, Chris

for further clarity of the behind-the-scenes machinations and who benefits:

and remember, it was Lynn Forester "de Rothschild", a long time supporter of Hillary Clinton, who married Lord Evelyn Rothschild in 2000, and is now backing John McCain because her horse Hillary did not win the primaries. And Hillary Clinton was at the annual Bilderberg convention in 2006 for half a day where "they" gave her "their" blessing for the win in 2008. What does all of this say about one Hillary Clinton? And what does this say about the wrench in "their" works, Barack Obama, who was not supposed to win the primaries, but came in through the side door of the caucuses movement and won? Why do you think Hillary was so upset? She was stunned and in disbelief! "this cannot be happening to me!" She had gotten the green light from those puppet masters who make things happen all the time. She took her scheduled victory for granted and lost in the process. When she finally kicked into high gear, it was too late. McCain was supposed to be a fall guy during the red carpet entrance of the first female president of the United States and wholey owned subsidiary of Rothschild unlimited, so to speak. Why do you think Bill Clinton has been having such a difficult time, reluctantly expressing his tacit and disingenuous support for Barack Obama??? What was it in Hillary Clinton that evoked such strong support from Lynn Forester (de Rothschild) if she be so willing to now turn from the democratic candidate that Hillary says she strongly supports, and run to the other party's candidate, John McCain??? These are not idle or unrelated coincidences...

As always, we live in amazing times!

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I am into your analysis of deep background but do not see what this has to do with Ross Perot.

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It has absolutely nothing to do with Ross Perot. He is extremely good at providing an exhaustive and organized display of all the math involved in this ongoing economic picture. I am sure he would think I was nuts if I went to him and presented my so very seemingly "out on a limb" take/conjecture I garnered from a portion of his excellent 35 frame presentation concerning Social Security and the growing cost of entitlements during the present social demographic.

I probably should not have picked this forum to run with it because it kind of gets off track from the intent of this forum, but if I am right, that "they" never intended to honor the IOU's they leave in a box where the SS money should be, than it is inevitably a very moot point. The 2:40 minute documentary I watched yesterday from AmenStop Productions called The Empire of the City is a real eyeopener, but, like I say, I may be steering this particular forum in a direction that you did not intend for it to go. If that is true, you might post a few specifics from your point of view that will help get this Ross Perot forum back on track as per your original intent. Here is the link to that documentary just in case you or anyone else is interested....

Love/Light, Chris

Another way to look at my approach to this is, Ross Perot's analysis is basically the very erudite and "apparently accurate" status quo read on this present situation, but when one fails to take into account the ongoing ruse we are still subject to as per the very real intent/agenda of the Black Nobility, the Council of 300 and the Rothschilds, one is deep into a manufactured illusion that one must ultimately find his or her way out of, or be just one more very surprised individual who can't believe "they" were willing to be this dark and cruel to the rest of humanity. History says they are over and over again until they are finally stifled by our willingly waking from the manufactured dream/nightmare that presently has us and Ross Perot willfully eating out of their hands. In light of that, you could legitimately say that this really is about Ross Perot, and Suze Orman, and all those wittingly or unwittingly worshipping at the alter of this present church called "capitalism". There have been many names for it in the past, and as Mayer Amschel Bauer (Rothschild) once said,

"Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws" (or what you wish to call the current system we control like all of the others we controlled)

The Ross Perot's of the world are either willing dupes going along with this present fixed system or they are consciously in on it. Neither position is acceptable. Aren't you inclined to agree???

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"now, more than ever, we need to be mindful of who are friends are, metaphysically speaking..."

Absolutely right on, Chris, and I would add that friendship and a heartfelt sense of community in this dimension is essential.

Some of the things lurking in the shadows of this election move me to strengthen community ties. Those items are:

The birth certificate issue: McCain responded to that challenge by producing a birth certificate that was ruled as valid. Obama's Certificate of Live Birth is now a sealed document. The one posted by "political fact check" is a facsimile and, according to forensics studies, a forgery.

Joe Biden's warnings: Senator Biden has stated that Obama is really going to need our total trust and support for a major incident that will occur on or before January 20, 2009.

Delegates Vote: An action underway in California to block the delegates vote pending Obama's proof of citizenship. I have read that this is going on in other states as well.

Seasoned, battle hardened troops on active duty in the US: One brigade already on duty, a second one in January of 2009 and a third one in 2010.

Yet, my greatest "what if" is not so much the outcome of Obama being POTUS. POTUS will follow "the Agenda" that you've described most adequately in your post. Rather it is the potential results of his being disqualified. If its anything like the verbal attacks I've been blasted with over a post on another forum that compared Obama with Hitler in the context of their ability to create mass movements then things would get pretty wild.

The big questions is: Was this all planed? What better opportunity for an emergency executive order suspending the election?

It is also worth noting that never has there been so much media exposure to the losing VP candidate as there is now.

Fear is not an appropriate response to this or any potential scenario. It is, however, worth watching how it plays out.

Peace, Peace, Peace

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