The Gulf of Mexico oil disaster and the shadow consciousness of humanity

Miami Holistic Health Examiner
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The Gulf of Mexico oil disaster and the shadow consciousness of humanity

June 18, 11:14 AMMiami Holistic Health ExaminerJed Shlackman







As the drama of crude oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico continues to unfold there are many commentaries and analyses being published and spoken. These address this situation from a variety of contexts. The commentary being presented in this article is probably unlike any others you've heard. It seeks to examine the archetypal, psychospiritual level of the phenomena we encounter in our lives. On this level, the dark oil filling the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and potentially spreading much further is a reflection of the eruption of long-suppressed dark emotional content of our individual and collective subconscious.

In psychology, Carl Jung became widely recognized in the 20th Century for his exploration of the spiritual side of psychology and the elements of our psyche. Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist who had studied with Sigmund Freud before making a mark with his own writings and teachings, discussed the collective unconscious as well as the unconscious shadow aspect of the human mind. Jung explored the wisdom of ancient cultures and spiritual traditions as well as mythologies from around the world, looking at the common, archetypal themes that appeared. In spiritual and metaphysical teachings water is the element of the emotions. It is a feminine element, corresponding with the unconscious part of the psyche. We normally only see the surface of a body of water - most of the water is what is below the surface. Our unconscious mind is like this as well - it contains all that is below the surface of our awareness.

As oil has erupted to fill the Gulf of Mexico this can be seen as a breaking forth of dark unconscious material that is ready to reach the surface and become visible so that it can be faced and dealt with. This dark, unconscious material has been built up for great lengths of time. The oppression and abuse of humanity is deeply connected to the forces that govern the oil industry - but this is a reflection of how we all oppress and abuse ourselves and others. Many are busy pointing fingers at BP (British Petroleum) or the American Government to assign blame to the crisis in the Gulf region, describing how the profit motive contributed to reckless endangerment of the environment and human lives. Yet, how many people could honestly say they aren't putting materialistic desires ahead of the health and well-being of themselves and others? Most people do this all the time without even thinking about it. In the book Poisoned For Profit: How Toxins Are Making Our Children Chronically Ill, authors Philip and Alice Shabecoff describe how toxic compounds have proliferated in our civilization, with most people exposing their children to hazardous chemicals due to ignorance or denial and many people participating in coverups of these matters.

From pharmaceutical companies and doctors prescribing toxic drugs and vaccines, to lawyers and politicians protecting corporations from liability for their poisoning of the public, our culture has become dominated by materialistic preoccupations that lead to the abuse of humans and the environment. Massive deceptions have been employed to maintain these corrupt systems. In Denise Breton and Christopher Largent's ground-breaking book The Paradigm Conspiracy, the authors review how all the major institutions of our society have become addictive and abusive, yet people continue to go along with these abuses rather than facing the truth and breaking out of the addictive cycles in order to create soul-supporting, empowering social constructs. As oil continues to gush into Earth's waters, we see that the pressure of suppressing our awareness of the dark side of human civilization cannot be maintained. We have an opportunity to become more proactively aware of the patterns in our lives and our society and make changes to bring about balance and harmony in our environment and within ourselves. The more we ignore things and suppress things the more intense will be the unpleasant consequences, as life gives us feedback about our distortions and imbalances.

Presently, the age of deception that we live in is coming to a climax. The Internet is very much a reflection of this climactic time, as it presents a network in which all human knowledge can be shared instantly with anyone, anywhere on the Earth. Numerous writers, researchers, and teachers have come forward to expose the dark side of human civilization and present alternatives to empower humanity. From natural health cures to suppressed zero-point free energy technologies, you can read about paradigm-shifting information that would have never come to one's awareness in past eras. Information about devious conspiratorial forces is becoming more and more publicized, with major news organizations now discussing things like the Bilderberg Group elite gatherings and the Skull & Bones secret society. Prominent public figures have been talking openly about the reality of extraterrestrial beings interacting with our planet, and sexual misconduct by public figures and people in major church and governmental institutions is increasingly coming to public awareness. These are examples of dark or hidden phenomena in society coming to the surface.

On an individual level many people are finding that they are having to face the unresolved emotions from dark episodes in their past. Globally, weather is becoming unstable, volcanoes and earthquakes are shifting the Earth and releasing pressure, and oil leaks are filling the waters with dark fluids that mirror the upwelling of the unconscious shadows of humanity. Those who are on a healing path can embrace this, appreciating the opportunity to face the multiple levels of toxicity that have accumulating and take steps to release these patterns and integrate oneself. If we merely suppress the darkness then we just create bigger crises that are feedback provided by Creation to help us awaken to reclaim our integrity and wholeness.


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Thanks for posting this Lightwins. This is a very interesting perspective and onne that clearly shows how our individual subconscious affects the whole. The collective unconscious must be a very dark place indeed. The power of the internet is working to expose a lot of things and so you see the beginnings of efforts by the government to control it. Open knowledge of the truth is very dangerous to to dark powers that seek to enslave us but I think that we will prevail in the end.



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On a day when all my edges seem to have become ragged and frayed, I found meaning in this article.  Thanks Lightwins.  I just can’t get into the blaming, judging and 10,000 opinions and perspectives going on about this spill that is not a “spill”.   This gave me a new way to make some sense of this dire situation.


Thanks for the post.


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Maybe it is TIME WE let Them KNOW that WE KNOW what They are doing
Criminal Investigation of BP Staged Oil Spill Vital
Sorry could not bring this across Hope this works
The AFollowing the rise of sufficient indicators that BP knew about the conditions of its Gulf oil assets prior to the April 20 leak & explosion 62 long days ago and counting, Alex Jones has called for criminal investigations of key figures at BP, inside the White House administration and elsewhere. Further, Alex has urged activists and concerned citizens everywhere to take a proactive approach to dealing with the looming consequences of the massive oil leak.

He suggests calling on Governors and State Legislators in the Gulf Region to assert 10th Amendment rights-- refute the Federal Government's inaction, and institute measulexJonesChannelres to resolve the situation as best as can be.

In addition, Alex alerts awakened people everywhere to the renewed efforts by President Obama and certain allies, to ram through Carbon Taxes and other Climate Change measures via stealth, and using the crisis of the BP Oil Spill to justify such fascist policies-- when the Obama Administration's bewildered response (much like the Bush Administration's delayed response at Katrina) exacerbated the scale and depth of the crisis BP may have let happen.

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) a disease is usually called a blessing.  This is because a disease is the culmination of a long standing blockage of Qi, or Chi, the Life Energy that keeps all living organisms alive (to me the name is Love). 

The body is yelling "Hey dude!  Wake up!  You are doing something that is preventing the free flow (circulation) of Qi through your body.  IF you don't do something about it it is likely that you will terminate your existence on this plane!"  The health practitioner, usually an acupuncturist, depending on what the symptoms are, and after listening to the 5 or more different aspects of the circulation of the blood, is then able to treat the disease by inserting needles into the appropriate meridians where the Qi travels in order to unblock it, and then advise the patient about life changes that need to be done.

For it turns out that we are amazingly moral beings.  Usually, if we are doing something against our integrity, such as... if our job requires having to cheat our customers... or if we are doing something we don't consider moral, regardless of how we rationalize it to make us feel good... or if we keep emotions suppressed, un-expressed, because of fear... it will, eventually, sometimes after a long time, many years perhaps, show up as a form of dis-ease. 

Once we make the changes needed, take our herbs, and needle treatments, the blockages to the flow of Qi (Love) through our body are removed and the dis-ease will disappear.  Our body returns to an optimum level of life expression, as it should be.

The blessing is that the disease concentrates our attention on what needs to change.

Likewise, as a human organism, I believe this event is the type of catastrophe that is going to require us to focus on what we've been doing with our life, the whole humanity.  Because what we've been doing wrong started a loooonnng time ago.  10 or 15 thousand years ago, when some of us got the idea that it was OK to take the means to life from others, and even take others to enhance our own livelihood (enslavement), without us suffering any ill effects.  The "taker meme".  "They" are not "me", so what I do to "them" will not affect "me"...  I just have to be more powerful than them so if I'm attacked I can defeat them.  The classic idea of separation.

And we've been happily chugging along all this time.  Inventing all sorts of rationalizations to justify to ourselves that what we are doing to 'them' is normal and natural, ie. "bringing civilization to the savages", "Christianizing them for their own salvation", "The survival of the fittest", "The invisible hand of the Marketplace", etc., etc., etc.

We in the Western world have been enjoying the benefits of this arrangement for a long time, and specially us here in the USA, the "Happy Motoring Land", not giving much of a thought to how we got here, and what has happened to "them", or the "other".

Now our body, the Earth, is sending us an event that should focus our attention on what we've been doing, for this dis-ease has the potential to negatively affect, not only our economic sphere, but also our very survival... the Gulf is at the beginning of a large portion of our food chain, and this gusher is far from being contained.

So, lets keep increasing our personal Qi, as we've been discussing on another thread, so we can more clearly work on increasing the opposite of the 'taker meme', which is, as you know, we are one, what happens to our brothers/sisters, happens to us.  We are one Earth. 

The Qi must flow freely everywhere, without exception.  It will take a change of lifestyle, whether we like it or not... but if we remember that our 'lifestyle' was designed by people who wanted to maintain us in this position of servitude, as "consumers" (or now "little people") this change of lifestyle will be like welcomed waking up from a nightmare.


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Interesting vid's Chris

I don't believe this story about a gas bubble, Mount St Helen's, toxic death for miles, tsunami etc. It's so easy to make things sound plausible. All you need is someone who is sincerely mistaken about something. I'm not calling him a liar-just scared. Also I find his claim of 100.000 ppsi not sounding reliable because it would have blown everything out of the hole the moment they hit the oil. Cavitation erosion? He's proclaiming this as a problem without any expertise. I do agree with him that his claims need to be checked out by scientists and geologists for merit. I don't know.

Sounds like fear-mongering to me.

What this thread has done for me is to point out how little seems to be getting done with the mitigation and cleanup. The oil quantities are so huge now that it seems like something is wrong that we aren't mobilizing the military en mass to help. I'm increasingly worried that Obama is under reacting.

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Thanks so much for sharing this incredibly incisive article, John!!! It makes so much sense to me. This oil well was an attempt to penetrate deeper than ever before to the floor of the ocean. Symbolically it was an attempt to derive profit from the deepest levels of our feminine subconscious, so it's not surprising symbolically what happened. What an enlightening perspective! Let us all choose to bring the shadows to light so that we might both individually and collectively deal with them.

With abundant love and joy,

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The reason the military is not being mobilized en masse is that they don't have the expetise and skillsets necessary to deal with the situation at hand. There are other resources available however. There are skimmers in other parts of the country that are not being utilized because "what if there's a spill in the area they are supposed to cover?" There are also resources that have been offered from other countries which have been refused by Obama because he doesn't want to suspend the Jones act. Quite frankly, Obama is underreacting and I'm sure there is an ulterior motive behind this lack of use of available resources. Glen Beck believes the end game is an effort to get the unions into the offshore drilling industry facillitated by starving out the workers with this idiotic knee jerk drilling moratorium. The panel he has convened to study new tougher regulations for the industry dosen't even have any industry experts aboard. The lunatics are definitely running the asylum now. As for me, I'll just focus on the intent to create the necessary change to turn things around and hope that it occurs in my lifetime.



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Hi All,

    I have been in the country dying to get to civilization to see if anyone here had also thought this was the last of the Hope prophecy coming true/ the seas will turn black/ . If a hurrican drives this into the Gulf stream it is conceivable it will be a world wide event..Call me twisted but the prophecy has a light side as well as the ominous and depressing side. Any thoughts..?


Peace and love Carol Anne

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Read the Hathers Tom Kenyon message Berry just posted.  I also received it in an email earlier today and it affirms much I have been hearing from the more scientific side of the fence.  I know it is woo woo channeled info, but woop, there it is....  As always, we live in extremely interesting times!!!!

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