The Chosen One, and What is evil?

I very much enjoy Bikram yoga sessions once a month. I often have great inspirations as a direct result of one of these 90-minute sessions of intense 105-degree heat. I go in with a clear intention every time and invariably get some rich, and sometimes unexpected realizations dealing with this intention. Below is what I wrote after two particularly rich sessions last year. The first deals with the concept of "the chosen one," while the second one tackles the question "what is evil?"


Shadow, one of the songs from Lotus Dog, the album my talented children created, is featured on RockOm this week. Spiritual, music based activism.  I can't figure out how to let you listen to it from the Rock Om  site,, but if you go to the Lotus Dog site and choose number 8, you can hear it. 


He says," That's crazy talk Misty Fain."

"I'm not out to save the world."

And I wonder, Why not??


In conversation Noone hears,

unless it's about ol'  Britney Spears, or Nibaru.

Whatchu gonna do....about Nibaru??

And I wonder,

 What are we missing?


They all tell me to hold on to what I 'got.'

Bodhi's Shadow Tango Protocol


At this juncture I find I am curious about how agile we are and will in the future be as a group to deal lovingly with each other's shadow and the group shadow as they/it come to light- in short, how well we tango. So far, I would rate our team, myself included, as still in the learning curve in this area, still in shadow tango 101.

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