Quantum Energy Generator

The HopeGirl's Fix The World project has been working on creating a generator that creates energy from the quantum field. She announced yesterday that they have succeeded. Here's the user manual for the device:



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The fact that this free energy generator is given freely is great news for a number of reasons.

First, whenever someone invents such a device and then waits for a patent or an investor, the fossil fuel barons inevitably bump them off or threaten them into silence.

Second, because this has been given freely the whole world can access it, even if they're poor.

Third, this information is already in the public domain, which means that the cat's out of the bag; there's no stopping it now.

Way to go HopeGirl!!!

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This is great news.  NOW, we all need to pray and send protection and light to these folks so that they're allowed to bring their plan to fruition.  Include them in your prayers, everyone, as well as all other people involved in similar projects.

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I'm thinking several of us should copy, print and save that info as well. Sometimes sites and info get 'lost in space' so to speak.  We already know there are those that wish info like this to remain out of the public realm. just imo!

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Good call!  I've downloaded and printed it. 

Let's get 'er done, darn it!  I'm so impatient with the free energy stuff.  The world needs it... bad.  Absolute game changer - so much so it's hard to imagine the vast changes it could create!  I'm not an inventor - and don't have any sort of electrical savvy, so I gotta rely on other folks.

Lots of love,



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I cannot construct this. I need, as is stated in it, an electrical engineer. Anyone know one we could enlist to assist?

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Hi John, aren't you near a university?  Maybe you could catch the interest of a budding electrical engineering student.

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Does she not have a video of this machine working? If not, why not?

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It would certainly help establish credibility to have a video of a working prototype.  But it looks as if they're still in the process of producing that.

Here's a fascinating and not long video on John Searl's SEG free energy generator and antigravity technology that was confiscated from him decades ago in England.  The interesting part about this rotary tecnology is that no moving part ever physically touches another part, therefore there is no friction and nothing wears out.  They pulled the generator out of his home where it was powering everything, then they put him in jail for a while.  Since then he's been trying to find the help to reproduce it; apparently he's found someone in California.


And this one is about the construction and testing of the antigravity disc version of it:


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A demonstration video of a working QEG overunity device was shown at the conference by the Fix the World team.

After the conference we visited the QEG production facility in Taiwan where the team was just starting to assemble cores for the QEGs:
Now, just a few days later, they are already getting raw power from the same cores:

You can assist the Fix the World team by donating here:
If you are building your own QEG, you can visit the main QEG networking hub here:
That website contains detailed practical information about all stages of the QEG manufacturing process and is an excellent networking tool to connect with other groups which are building their own QEGs.
Besides all work for the conferences, I was having several meetings with the representatives of different Dragon groups. During those meetings and negotiations, important strategies for different key aspects of the planetary liberation process were agreed upon and that will have a very positive long lasting influence on the geopolitical situation on the surface of this planet.


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Too bad.  When I clicked on the video there was a message that said it was removed by the user.

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i hope what they claim is true truly but i can't decern truth as of yet, data of assembly is difficult to follow and has gaps incomplete why ? they explain a reason but that strikes me as strange (you work hard and build an energy device with the intention of giving it to the world and you release an instruction guild filled with holes WOW)  videos of operation ? (are not many and they dont = proof but at least there something) many replications from differnt sources ?? might be hard sense data of assembly is rugged, if they got somthing they should have a truly indepth instruction guild "step by step" with ease in mind so anyone who wishes to replicate can and then help with the varification process. 

Good news is there are many talented energy researchers and tinkers and they'll tackle this and give results untill more info this will stay on the back burner for me.

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Again, let's actively pray for the safety and success of these folks as well as all those involved in free energy technology for the people. 

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Thank you John, that's great.

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I've been thinking about this QEG presentation a bit and have to admit that the pieces that we're given don't end up producing a genuine-seeming technology or business. The link just below takes you to their "Team" page which lists 6 people, the first being Hopegirl herself, the CEO (name given: Naima Feagin).  The first names of 5 of these 6 people are links that take you blank "contact" pages, except for hers, which takes you to a "Short Bio."  The Bio looks impressive with all of her training, areas of expertise, and business history.  However, there are no names of companies worked for or educational institutions.  Hmm.  Why wouldn't she give those, unless this (and perhaps the whole presentation) is intentended just to give a first impression of awesome credibility for trusting and gullible people who aren't inclined to examine too closely.  But judge for yourself; here's that link:


Also, there's not much about the company, no articles of incorporation or other documents specifically defining the organization and establising it as a legitimate concern.

The "user's manual" that you can download is neither a manual nor plans, but a collection of photos, lists, very general "instructions", and documents -- all of which don't hang together but, if you don't look too closely, give the impression of being somehow substantial.  Here's a good blog where people, some of them tech savvy, are discussing the "manual" and the QEG:


And lastly, again, the fact of their being no video clearly showing this thing running at all, let alone running with no power connections, gives reason for pause.  Why wouldn't they take pains to make this?  I sure would if this were my project.

All in all, too much is vague.  Too much that is presented about this is inconclusive, unfocused, and unspecific, but altogether it creates an impression of something that's real and wonderful.  And all the right things are said that address the key concerns and understandings that have become part of our reality-picture of the world.  A generous and trusting person who desperately wants the world to be different might just be impelled in the moment to click on the "Donate" button.  And maybe that's what it's all about.

Having said all this, I admit that I still don't know if it's legit.  All I know is that, given what I see and don't see, my gut would not let me press the "Donate" button.  So I guess I end up about where you do on this, Unite.

In any case, if anyone is inclined, dig a bit yourself and see what you find.  If you find something really solid and credible, I'll actually be happy, because I'd rather this be legit than not. 

It will be most interesting to see how this plays out over the months ahead.  If it's a scam, I don't think it's intended to run too long.

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Thanks Bob for the Searl video,

I liked the idea of the 16 squares. This reminded me of the guy who built coral castle using the words sweet 16 in his creations  and works.

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Those are really good observations, Bob. I think caution is advised before getting too excited about the generator.

I don't know much about Hope girl, other than that I've heard her mentioned by other bloggers and youtube posters for awhile.  I visited her blog, which goes back at least as far as August 2012, which doesn't prove much except that she hasn't just appeared out of nowhere to promote this quantum generator. 

She seems to be sincere, though the "Fix the World" Project isn´t especially well-organized.  I for one am going to give her the benefit of the doubt for now.

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Update from Aouchtam:
Today (April 28) will be a day of fine tuning and replacing a few parts (most notably a fan belt needs to be replaced with a better quality one), and many more testings will go on.

During this entire build time every step, every process, every piece of the QEG has been filmed and documented and Jamie has spent a lot of time recording video footage of instructions and explanations. Hope and Val have also led several discussions on the history of the QEG- from the very first inception to this point in time- the open sourcing of the plans, and their adventures in getting the QEG out to the public. All of this has been filmed and there are several amazing people working on editing it all together into a full movie.

Along with waiting for Sherrie to arrive from the US to deliver the "Shaft" that we couldn't get here, and the waiting to get the core out of customs (which was a grand adventure all on it's own!), we've had some incredible people show up here in Aouchtam to help with the build and testing process of the QEG. We have engineers from at least 5 different countries, builders, specialists etc... plus two lovely gentlemen arrived from the UK a few days ago with a professional video camera AND very high tech equipment for measuring all aspects of the QEG output and "over unity"!!! Basically, Every single thing that has been needed, every single person that had a part to play.... have all shown up here at exactly the right moment!!! Manifestation at it's best.

When all the data has been gathered and tested and measured, and all the information is compiled, and all the instructional videos and recordings etc edited and put together, then everything will be released publicly all at once. Until then, we will be posting updates on all that is happening here, and we will keep you all informed ..... as best we can with limited internet, lol!!!!

Source: removingtheshackles.blogspot.nl/2014/04/...e-qeg-resonance.html




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