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Quantum Energy Generator

The HopeGirl's Fix The World project has been working on creating a generator that creates energy from the quantum field. She announced yesterday that they have succeeded. Here's the user manual for the device:


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The Alternative Story of Mankind's Origins

Just watched this video that delves deep into Ancient Egyptian civilizations.  It begins by questioning the accepted story of the pyramids in Giza.  The film proposes that the Great Pyramid was used to generate energy (electricity) through light and sound -- not constucted as a tomb for mummies as is widely believed.  It touches upon NikolaTesla's work and then traces the cosmology of human history through the ages. 

Does human civilization advance with linear time or did Dynastic Egyptians possess superior knowledge to our own about spiritual knowledge and engineering?

Great news - A world changing event

This is such important and exciting news!

Fred sent a few articles out last week about the recent test and first sale of Andrea Rossi's cold fusion one megawatt power producion devices. In a personal e-mail with one of our members I found that they had missed the articles so I figured I'd post something here. I'm wondering if I should be talking to our local town officials about starting our own town-wide power company to purchase these devices. According to this website, he has 13 on order already.

A Practical Guide to Free-Energy Devices

I think most of us have heard about a few free-energy devices, invented by a handful of people.  These inventions have been suppressed and kept from the market, because they rival the profits of the oil and fossil fuel giants, nuclear power industry, etc.

I was astounded to discover that, in A Practical Guide to 'Free-Energy" Devices, countless numbers of such devices have been invented.  This PDF is 1731 pages long and is available for download here:

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