S.510 Bill Criminalizes Unauthorized Food Growing

Don't even think about growing your own food!



The U.S. government wants to know where your greenhouse is. Under Senate Bill 510 -- which is now back in the hands of the U.S. Senate after the House hid an amendment in an appropriations bill and passed it last night [Dec 8, 2010] -- American food producers would be required to register their facilities with the U.S. government. The feds, it seems, want a database of food growers so they know who to target for surprise inspections.
The Food Safety Modernization Act is the destroyer of local organic farming. It will gut small farms and local farms, greatly increasing the price of local organic food while decreasing America's food security. Farmers' Markets will be targeted by FDA agents who raid the operations of local farmers and imprison them for not having the right paperwork. Families will be destroyed, and those who have been successful at local food production will scale back their operations in a desperate effort to duck under the $500,000 / year rule (which can easily be surpassed by producing just ten acres of organic carrots, by the way).

The FDA will "harmonize" the U.S. food and dietary supplement industries with global Codex requirements which outlaw virtually all healthy doses of vitamins and minerals. Under full Codex "harmonization," America will be left with a dead food supply and the health food stores will be virtually stripped bare of dietary supplements. Selling vitamin D at a reasonable dose such as 4,000 IU per capsule will be criminalized and products will be seized and destroyed by FDA agents who recruit local law enforcement to bring in the firepower.


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I too have been picking up hints here and there of a kind of consolidated dietary power grab, control of who grows, what they grow, control of water rights, etc.

Watched a little documentary the other day on chemtrails that reveals that the chemtrails being sprayed around the world contain aluminum, barium and strontium.  And that Monsanto is developing GMO strains resistant to aluminum.  This blatantly alludes to intention for control, and very likely, designs on population control...

It is very interesting watching the increasingly despotic insanity paralleling the increasingly enlightened that will ultimately and somewhat naturally fade this neurotic despotic black hole mentality that appears to be the hallmark of the end of this current male-oriented cycle...

I always think of what the very enlightened comedian, the late Bill Hicks said at the end of so many of his stand up shows, "It's Just a Ride"

YouTube - Bill Hicks - It's Just a Ride

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at least a couple of years,I remember seeing a video mentioning the congresswoman who introduced it, and the fact that her husband was a lawyer for ,,,,Monsanto,,,,Monsanto,who could fill this website to the brim with their mis-doings,doesn t scare me anymore...Around the year 2000, I interviewed a man on the air here in Taos, who was  what is called a "seed carrier"..You see, the "reservations have become the "keepers" of the seeds from the old indigenous plants, plants that come back every year, and are draught tolerant...When something new, or "old" is discovered, he will travel to get the seeds, across the country if necessary, then distribute them ,never keeping them in the same place....The soveriegnty of reservations is helping protect us from schemes like Monsanto s...And..I believe that if this law is passed and they ever try to enforce it, it will push alot more people over the edge..It says that I cannot grow a squash in my garden, and give it to you...There has been a big,well organized organization fighting this since it s inception, but the commotion it would cause might be worth having it pass...Dark forces such as Monsanto need to be recognized by larger numbers of people, then their power will disappear...Where i live, we have had alternatives to them for years,,seed trading,sharing,etc.. I now prefer to "enjoy the ride " also,as they have little chance to "rule the world" as they intend.........

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I'm with you, tscout.  That was well said.  I'm uplifted to hear about the seed preservation and distribution tradition on the reservations.  And other folks do it, too, in whatever ways they can. 

As for the ride, Noa, you know, we tend to take the dark stuff too seriously.  I certainly have, but am growing (relaxing, trusting) out of it, incrementally.  Now I can listen to that great humanitarian and Nobel Prize winner, Henry Kissinger, when he says, "Ven you kontrol the food supply, you kontrol the people," and two emotions arise: anger and pity, both.   Anger because that's my old conditioning around threats to justice and individual sovereignty, and pity because the poor man is living in such darkness and misery (his expression is always miserable).  He and his whole class of would-be lords of the earth are playing such a foolish, losing game, which, even if they managed to win, would bring them further dissatisfaction with what they take to be life.  Can a human being every be content as a parasite?  I doubt it.  Happiness isn't found in the darkest corners of the calculating mind.  So is it possible to feel some compassion for these folks, who are a part of Us?  Sure, but I think not when fear is active.

So, if ever the government is foolish enough to pass S.510 or anything like it into law and try to enforce it, lots more people are going to wake up and see the NWO End Game for what it is.  And in that case, we will experience a (hopefully) quiet revolution.  Civil disobedience.   Simple non-cooperation by masses of people across the spectrum of social and political issues should be enough to sink the whole ship of fools, who require that we consent to row for them.  In other words, we just go on living in a natural, common-sense way, taking care of ourselves and one another and let the lords of the earth experience the results of their own actions, however that occurs.  Karma, blowback, a teaching and a learning...

We cleared our garden plot this fall in preparation for the spring (first time in several years) and will be ordering seeds and a portable greenhouse soon.  With the CSA membership, we expect to have way too much food and will be sharing it with friends, family, and whover else needs it.


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find a proper use for all the corporate products we've been bombarded with:

Love all your comments, just thought this was a novel idea considering the ingredients . . .

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24 times the "legal" limit?  Why haven't they been pulled from the market?  (I know the answer.)

Coke is also excellent at cleaning corrosion off your car battery.

For 50 other uses see:  http://www.wisebread.com/51-uses-for-coca-cola-the-ultimate-list

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Thanks everyone for the inspiration. I believe s510 has already passed but how can they possible enforce it? We will be gardening as usual this year, planting the seeds saved from last year but I wouldn't use coke as a pesticide, we grow organtic, orgasmic, organic! There's plenty of seed catalogues still offering heirloom seeds as far as I know.

Saved seeds can be a lot of fun by the way. A few years back we had watermelon-zuchini, cucumber-zuchini, yellow squash-zuchini and pumpkin zuchini. I had a great time cutting the zuchini up for the freezer, never knowing which flavor the zuchini was until tasting it.

We'll also be growing cilantro again - the only way I know to rid the body of excess aluminum.

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I believe it was on righttoknow.info that I watched a video about Monsanto.  In addition to manufacturing GMOs, they've been patenting seeds.  Not only is this driving small farmers out of business, but they could potentially prohibit ordinary folks from growing gardens from seeds.  It could already be in the S.510 bill.

Stop the ride; I wanna get off!


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Thanks for the tip concerning Aluminum Wendy!  The evidence for Aluminum Oxide nanoparticulates in the in the ongoing stratospheric aerosol geoengineering program (chemtrails) is absolutely overwhelming at this point (along with lesser amounts of barium and strontium).

Chemtrails and Monsanto's New Aluminum Resistance Gene - Coincidence? | Farm Wars

YouTube - 200 Million Tons of Aluminum Aerosol Chemtrail Poisoning All Life! Scientific Proof!

and here is a google page of Ken Caldeira's research on the subject

ken caldeira geoengineering - Google Search


good discussion on the subject of geoengineering

FORA.tv - Geoengineering: Global Salvation or Ruin?

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Here's another important food story we all should know about. Basically, what it means for me is the straw that broke the camels back when it comes to changing my eating habits. I've been avoiding processed food for a while now - basically learning how to make almost everything from scatch. I've found that's the best way to be able to afford eating organic and also avoid sponsoring the evil corporate empire that surrounds us. I hope people will be willing to invest the time and energy required to avoid all ready made and processed foods. 



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altogether, but Chris' comment made me think of an incident bugging me. Beebe, Arkansas has had thousands of dead birds this month - chemtrails??? Monsanto...pesticides...??? I wonder what we will discover when they've finished testing those birds or what the coverup will look like?

Just some 'food' for thought I guess.

And a prayer for clean water, clean air, clean food and clean clear and utterly transparent disclosure of much in need of coming into the Light!

in case you haven't yet seen this(From MSN/NBC news this is a transcript of the report)

Massive fish kill deepens dead bird mystery

We mentioned this earlier and we're back now with the puzzling story of a massive kill of wildlife in the state of arkansas . birds falling out of the sky, the result of some sort of trauma and fish found dead in the water , thousands of them in separate incidents in the same state. we get our report tonight from nbc's janet shamlian .

reporter: they rained down on a small arkansas town like a scene from a horror movie. thousands of dead black birds. so many in the street, drivers could barely avoid them.

i went out to get the paper and i said, what is this? we probably had 14 or 15 just in the front yard.

reporter: as many as 5,000 bird carcasses littered across a one-mile radius after dropping from the sky on new year's eve. you had them just about everywhere?

they were all over the place.

reporter: what could have caused it? as they were examined, theories have run the gamete. from their being hit by lightning or hail, to being spooked to death by new year's eve fireworks.

they do have a lot of trauma. i mean, they were -- like they were hit by something.

reporter: beyond the birds and adding to the mystery, a massive fish kill also here in arkansas . just one day earlier. as many as 100,000 drum fish dead along a 20-mile stretch of the arkansas river . it's 100 miles from the dead birds but the internet was rife with conspiracy theories . one writing, 5,000 dead birds , now 100,000 dead fish. definitely an alien invasion happening in arkansas . the experts call it coincidence.

extremely unusual. having two events like this at practically the same time, we don't think there's any connection whatsoever.

reporter: officials say the fish likely died of disease, not pollutant. janet shamlian , nbc news, arkansas .


(the reports coming out now say no poison, that the deaths were from 'noise', and a mid-air collision?)

ok, my intuitional guidance system is putting up red flags all over this one! 

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Dear OneSong: 

It's interesting (though sad) that these deaths are species specific.  100,000 Drum fish were killed, which is largely being attributed to disease of that species. That one sounds plausible.

The bird kill in Bebe Arkansas on New Year's Day is another story.  It affected an estimated 4000 Red Wing Blackbirds in a small geographical area. Mainstream media is pointing to the previous night's fireworks as the culprit.  If that were so, why didn't other birds fall from the sky there or in thousands of other cities which brought in the new year with a bang?


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  You might want to check out Earthkeeper.com about those birds,it seems they all dropped dead at the same time,on 1/1/11, and in the same place, over what is called the crystal vortex...There was a big ceremonial gathering there back on 11/11/2010...I hope I have the date right,,And on that weekend there were 42 or 45 earthquakes there,in a region never before known to have an earthquake at all..The significance, according to them, is too long for my turtle crawl typing to get into,but has to do with the grid system being re activated..I have been following these stories for a few years now,and it is an interesting subject...There is also a great story there about the pyramids that were found in Bosnia,,on the same grid lines as all the big ones,,and now they have found the tunnels beneath them that are believed to connect them all...So , anyways, the birds are believed to of dropped from an intense frequency that is now emanating from this spot in Arkansas....T

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Hi there, Todd.

You know when I heard about this bird die off, then the fish, my first thought was some sort of earth or solar vibrational thing that hit one particularly sensitive species.  Maybe their systems are just the right size or shape to cause heart attacks or aneurysm.  It seems that a toxic substance in the air or water would have caused mass die offs of many species, versus just one particular type.  My, my isn't Momma Gaia getting her game on!

Lots of love,



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Dear TScout:

My initial feeling about these bird deaths immediately connected them to what I read on Earth-keeper.com and the Arkansas vortex activation... but I discounted it because Metatron said, "the birds continued to sing and the animals were not afraid."  

See:  http://www.earth-keeper.com/EKnews_53.htm

Arkansas Earthquakes

On the 10-10-10 earthquakes took place in areas of Arkansas where they had not been recorded before. Although one exceeded 4.1 on the Richter scale, no injuries or real damage occurred. And these significant measured quakes were unique in other ways, the usual 'white-out' in terms of the frequencial 'song' of the Schumann Resonance that precedes seismic releases did not occur, the birds continued to sing and the animals were not afraid. It was the Crystal Activations, Dear Ones, these were caused by the pulse of the Master Crystal Activations beneath the massive chasms of the Crystal Vortex. It is quite true, quite real. and their energy is magnificent.

(The reference is 3/4 down the page.)

The mystery continues...



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that was during the "reactivation", back on the 10/10,,check the newest postings and you will see a bit on this mass bird kill,they have promised more info this month,but speak of it in their emails that went out a few days ago,,T

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Sott.net has an interesting article speculating that these could be due to changes in the earth's electromagnetic field at this time. I found the comment at the end of the article interesting - relating crop circles to changes in the local magnetic field due to a seasonal drop in the local aquifer.



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is talking about...The magnetic field has been weakening for decades,,maybe you have come across some of the specials that have been put out on places like pbs about how it has affected animals radars,,bats losing it,homing pigeons, hummingbirds migrating to the wrong places,or not at all,these are based on the magnetic field...The die offs seem to be connected to a surge of new electromagnetic energy coming from that area,,which of course would strengthen what they have been saying all along,,That there are giant crystals under that mine which are reactivating as part of the Earth s energy grid,,it is fascinating,..They said that the weekend of the 10/10,the animals just went on as normal during all the earthquakes,,but it is pretty easy to see how birds, flying over this new energy vorte of sorts, could be killed by the intensity of it,,I will watch for their update on it,due this month

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on KPFA yesterday - I believe it was a Hard Knock Radio interview - that the Gates Foundation, which spends millions on education, has many billions invested and has significant interests in Monsanto which has significant, if not controlling, interests in Xe, formerly Blackwater the private CIA/Mercenary firm...May God/Goddess bless there shrivelled hearts.


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