Anastasia: The Ringing Cedars of Russia

Hello Dear GS Friends,

My wife and I have been reading to each other the series of books, the first of which bears the title above.  It has been both fascinating and transformational.  When we finish one book, we can't wait to start the next.

It's about a young woman in the wilderness of Siberia who has imparted (and still is) what I judge is profound wisdom on both the spiritual and practical levels.  It has ignited a kind of non-political revolution amongs the people of Russia, which appears to be spreading internationally.  I highly recommend that you read at least the first book -- and even the second as well -- and see how you've been affected.

Here are two videos about this phenomenon, both well-worth watching:

     Lilou Mace interviews Mikael King: 

     Documentary, "New Earth Destiny":

This isn't the first time this topic has appeared here; check this out from 9 years ago:

In the documentary Mikael King notes that Edgar Cayce predicted that when both Europe and the United States have failed [humanity, I take it], the hope of the world will emerge from Russia.  This may be what he was talking about.

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Hi Bob,,,,I read the books,,,about 5 years ago,,,i was fascinated by them! And the schools,,built by the children,,are amazing! I hadn't heard the cayce prediction, but ,I can't think of anything else,,,,,so positive,,,,,to come out of Russia!

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