Sept 17: FREE Initiation into the Violet Flame of St. Germaine

Linda Dillon normally charges $45 for a 3-month subscription to 6 conference calls, but she is offering this 2-hour initiation into the violet flame for FREE in order to facilitate humanity's shift and ascension.  I hope you take advantage of this opportunity. ~ Noa


March 12, 2011 Message From Matthew

Matthew Ward's latest channeled message:

Earthquake, tsunami in Japan; collective consciousness shifts; challenges ahead; transitioning souls, personalized care; ascension pace accelerated; intrinsic values vs trivial interests; fabricated image of US; mental, emotional illness; a better world for children

The Upcoming Powerful Alignments and the Shift from "I" to "Us"

I know guys, I am a nuisance with all the stuff I keep loading on you. But when I think that it fits, I put it in the hole.  So take it or leave it.

This blog from Celia Fenn, who is the channel for AA Michael is an excellent read. No it is not a channeled message, it is much more personal and to the point this time.  Read it and you will agree with me that she has a very important point to make.

Enjoy my friends

Love and Light to all,



Questioning Life… Experiencing the Shift…..And Connecting

Back in 2006 I began to journal.  I opened a word document….titled it “Random Thought Processes” entered the date and typed away.  Mostly I came up with questions – which I thought showed my ignorance.   In hindsight I am seeing how powerful this process was and is!  I ask questions….. and life follows me along….. and gives me the “experience” of the answer.


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