The Coming Global Superstorm

Good Greetings to All:

I am reading an interesting book called

"The Coming Global Superstorm" By Art Bell and Whitley Strieber.

I have been studying Climate Change and many of its components.

I have read many of the books written by Marshall V. Summers who writes about the "New Message."

I am in the process of comparing this book with the New Message "Great Waves of Change" books.

I am finding this book to be very interesting. Perhaps you will too

I bless all with Love


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Way to go!  Learning what we don't want is the first step in deciding what we do want.

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I'd love to hear your "highlights".

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Chapter 1: Present Danger

1999 was the most violent year in the modern history of weather. So was 1998. So was 1997. And 1996. Anybody who glances at a weather report from time to time can see that something extraordinary is happening. But exactly what that is remains a matter of controversy.

For twenty years, we have been bombarded with warnings that global warming is a real and present danger. Equally, there have been claims that it's all nonsense.

On March 15, 1999, scientists at the University of Arizona and the University of Massachusetts reported on their construction of a thousand-year record of earth's average temperature. The results were shocking. What has happened is that a nine-hundred-year-long cooling trend has been suddenly and decisively reversed in the past fifty years. Due to the rise in heat-trapping greenhouse gases, ferocious warming is under way. The scientists predicted that the earth will shortly be warmer than it has been in millions of years.

A climatological nightmare is upon us. It is almost certainly the most dangerous thing that has ever happened in our history. However, there is a surprising amount that we can do about it. Some of it involves personal action. Some of it involves the whole society. None of it is particularly difficult or expensive, and none of it will place a cost burden on government, business, or the individual.

How effective will it be? That remains to be seen. So far, the fact that we cannot answer the question of just how dangerous global warming actually is, has meant that nobody is doing anything very decisive. But the situation is getting more and more serious. It has become clear that the deterioration of the atmosphere -- indeed, of the whole biosphere -- is happening a lot faster than even the most concerned climatologists imagined just a short time ago.

What does this mean? What might happen? We must find a way to understand. We must, because we have to empower ourselves to prevent it. Could it be that the worst climate disaster of all -- an event barely whispered about -- is actually happening right now? Could we be at the edge of runaway climate change -- an event so devastating that it could abruptly leave the world unable to feed itself, perhaps even visit it with unimaginable destruction?

To find out, we must take a journey not only through the shocking record of current climate change, but also into the amazing history of the world's weather.

At this point, almost any violent change in climate will batter our civilization because it is so enormous and makes such a massive demand on the environment. Even the unthinkable could happen: our civilization could fall.

Earth's climate works like a rubber band being stretched and suddenly released. For years, eons even, the stresses slowly build as the chemistry of the air changes. And then, in a matter of a few years or even a few months, there is a shift so vast that we can scarcely begin to imagine it.

Earth, it seems, has a powerful regulatory mechanism built into its climate. Heat increases to a certain point, and then the whole system breaks down. Cold air comes roaring down from the north, flooding the previously overheated Northern Hemisphere.

Suddenly, a new era of cold weather begins. We know, generally, how this happens. But not even science has as yet faced the fact that this change must be accompanied by an absolutely massive release of energy, as earth's climate strives to reorganize itself. In other words, this great shift of climate is almost certainly accompanied by a great storm or series of storms, a weather upheaval outside of contemporary human experience. We believe that it has happened before, and that traces of what we are calling the superstorm exist in the fossil record. We believe that it comes on suddenly and that it is so destructive that it has the potential to end our civilization.

These are sensational claims, but we can prove that nature pulls the trigger suddenly and, therefore, that the rebalancing of the climate that follows must also be very sudden and involve titanic energies. This suggests that our present situation may be extremely perilous.

Over the past three million years the earth has been locked in an unusually harsh climate system. During this period, our climate has flipped from warm to cold conditions and back again many times. Again and again, earth has warmed up, getting hotter and hotter until -- very suddenly -- the glaciers have come back and entombed a quarter of the planet in ice for upwards of a hundred thousand years. Sometimes, the cooling event has not resulted in a long-term buildup of ice. Sometimes, as happened around 8,000 B.C., sudden cooling has not led to the return of the ice, but has only interrupted the warming process for a short time.

All of the factors that have caused sudden climate change in the past are lining up right now. This change, which we will show is part of a vast natural cycle, has been sped up this time by human activity. When the change comes, it is likely to be much more violent than ever before, and we will offer evidence from recent and unexpected climatological data that indicates why this would be so.

We will look at the last great upheaval through the eyes of the people who were living then. Examining the fossil record, we will identify the season in which it took place. And we will see why that particular event did not result in a new ice age and learn exactly how to tell if the changes the next one brings will cause one or not.

What will this climate change be like for you and your family? This depends on where you live. The farther north your home, the more likely you will have to move quickly south.

When the warm ocean currents that now flow north cease to do so, our whole climate will change. It is our contention that the energy necessary for the superstorm will be created at that time.

Say you live in Dallas or Madrid or Rome. Your first indication that the superstorm is building might be weather reports to the effect that a series of cold fronts are moving down from the Arctic, one after another. This could happen at any time of the year. You would hear that more northern places -- Toronto, Stockholm, Beijing -- were receiving extremely heavy weather -- extraordinary rain in the summer, unprecedented blizzards in the winter. This would continue for a week or more, always building in intensity. Across the northern plains of the world -- the American High Plains, the central Asian steppe -- wind gusts of upwards of one hundred miles an hour would start to be recorded. We believe that it would get worse, and we will make our case over the course of this book.

Places like Edmonton and Semipalatinsk, then Minneapolis and Moscow, would cease to communicate with the outside world. Alaska and northern Siberia would have gone silent before.

From Europe to Asia to America, whole populations would be desperately attempting to move south. Because the same changes that affected currents in the North Atlantic would alter the movement of currents in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia and New Zealand would also be affected. There, summer would have turned to winter, or normal winter would have become extremely cold. Heavy seas would devastate the southern coasts of the continent. Typhoons, blowing up suddenly, would smash into the Philippines, Japan, and the Pacific islands.

The farther north you were, the more extreme conditions would be. Day after day, the storms would continue, becoming more complex and organized, larger, taking on forms never observed before.

All over the Northern Hemisphere, massive population movements would be taking place. There would be mass disorganization, and many, many people would be overrun by the superstorm.

After the superstorm was over, it would gradually become clear that a catastrophe of breathtaking proportions had occurred. The only reports from Europe would be coming from Portugal, southern Italy, and southern Spain. The entire American Midwest would be under a sheet of ice, one that would extend across Siberia and northern Europe as well. This ice would reflect vast amounts of sunlight and heat back into space.

If the storm -- as the last one appears to have done -- hit in summer, the ice would probably melt. It is possible that this happened the last time and, as we shall see, was recorded in myth all over the world.

If the storm took place in the fall or winter, then the ice could conceivably compress so much in the next few months and reflect back so much heat and light that the next summer simply would not be warm enough to melt it. The winter that followed would be the coldest in history.

The ultimate and ironic effect of global warming would have become clear to the survivors: a new ice age would have begun.

Copyright © 2000 by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber

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This sounds like a lot of fear mongering to me but at least he makes the correct point in my opinion that it's the cold and the possibility of another ice age which is far more dangerous to the earth's ecosystem than global warming will ever be. However when we look back in geologic history these events always seem sudden because the earth's history is so long. In actuality a sudden event in geologic time is usually something that occurs over the course of 500 years which is plenty of time for humans to move or engineers to find ways for humans to adjust to staying where they are.

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But that doesn't explain the animals seemingly frozen in place with fresh food in their mouths and stomach. Not only that, but we are seeing right now in real time weather events that are severe enough to give some credence to the possibility that at some critical mass point the Earth hits a triggering mechanism leading to a relatively quick move to ice age to cleanse itself for 1000 years. It makes a lot of sense, especially if the Earth is indeed an intelligent evolving Being, as I believe She is.

Even without an abrupt ice age event, we will still see mass migrations from rising sea levels in the next 35 years, upwards of 9 feet I hear from the recent "Oh My God" report. Even if we stopped burning all fossil fuels immediately, stopped fracking and drilling and mining coal, these coming climate change events are "baked" into the equation.

And that's just fine with me because I trust the Earth will be fine and has gone through rough times before. It's us who cannot "weather" such events. Just ask Atlantis & Mu (Lemuria). What does threaten this planet is a Maldek type scenario (mentioned by Ra in the Law of One sessions).

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It sounds like the "Day after tomorrow theory".Maybe it is fear mongering in a sense, but there have been many abrupt changes climate wise, which is why they find frozen animals, perfectly preserved. For those who don't watch Sonews reports online, the satellite photos have been showing the jet stream as far south as the equator for a couple of months now, which is a big factor in the theory these guys are putting forth. Then again, they never seem to integrate the fact that all the planets in our solar system are changing, which points to other causes for the changes. That throws a wrench into their theory imo. Either way,changes are coming, and I wouldn't count on them being subtle. Statistics for all activity, earthquakes, volcanoes, extreme weather have skyrocketed in the last 20-30 years, and the pace is increasing. Their is so much energy pouring into the atmosphere through the almost non-existent magnetosphere right now, anything could happen. But none of this is mentioned, or integrated into their computer models. So I think they are leaving something out when they produce these scenarios. An axis shift would junk their theory instantly as far as the ice age goes, but would definitely change climates dramatically. We are ripe for one now with the magnetic field almost non-existent. There have been reports already of continents moving . Australia is moving(atop it's tectonic plate) towards Indonesia right now. The reports are out there, and those symptoms fit theories about what happens to land masses as the magnetic field weakens. Just bits and pieces to the puzzle of what's actually going on, but we never see reports, or even theories based on all the facts integrated together. Throw in the theory that our consciousness is heating up the core of the planet, and they have to start from scratch,haha! The "schumann resonance", or pulse of the planet is up over 9 now,,,the pulse that matches the human heart,,or,,did when it was 7. something. So,,,maybe our hearts need to catch up!!!

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Right on Todd, there are major frequency upgrades happening as we speak, the pulse of life is adjusting upward, and we do need to catch up. I have just come through the mildest winter in years here in Auckland N.Z. so much so that birds started nesting in our roof during May, I have not seen any young though. Also many of the deciduous trees (most of which were imported here by our ancestors) especially the Oaks, have been very slow to drop their leaves, some trees were bare on the South or shaded cold side with the warmer side still bearing green leaves well into Late June, many flora with flowers also well before their time. I realize now that seasons as defined by Man are slipping out the window very quickly..

I say lets catch up quickly Todd

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Wow,,,it's freaky just listening to you describe the shaded"south side",,ha! Your way down under brother! I'm just finishing up my first year in California,so it's all new to me here. Everything was green all winter here,even through the few snowstorms we had. It started raining in November last year after two years of bad drought, so everything took the chance to come back to life. But now it hasn't even considered raining since May, and most everything is dried up again,ha!
The rising frequency issue is so true! Even though it is measurable with tech now,and is monitored constantly, it is never mentioned as being part of the equation in the computer models that are predicting all this mayhem. I think that, watching all the changes, being in tune with them, is a good way to keep up with it, just like you're doing. I am usually surrounded by squirrels here every morning when I exercise,,,but today, I noticed there wasn't a squirrel in sight! It worried me for a minute, like,I thought they might of known something was about to happen, but nothing did! A couple of hours later,when I went to work,there they were. I sit outside a lot at night before sleeping. Last month, I saw a ufo, pretty close up, that I mentioned here. Since then , I have seen another, but it just cruised by silently overhead. I also saw a huge fireball last week which seemed to burn up right in front of me,,,,,that one showed upon you tube a couple of days ago.Oh, and the shooting stars have been visible every night! Night time is my favorite time here. If some of the theories out there come to pass, this area where I am, (by Yosemite Nat. Park) could be the new west coast,ha! No one really knows which way it's gonna go, so I'm just trying to observe as much as I can. Oh! Have you noticed the wobble down there at sunrise or sunset? There is a guy in New Zealand who has been monitoring it. I can see it regularly here, as some days the sun comes up a full 10 degrees off from normal. I stand on the same spot every day, and have markers, and it really seems to be happening,it is a big difference. After I saw it a few times, and was sure it was happening, I stumbled on a site where they keep daily records, and lo and behold, they are showing a full 10 degree wobble in the Earth's daily rotation. They can't blame that on global warming, but they could blame global warming on whatever is causing that wobble! As the Sonews guy says,,,"Keep your heads up,eyes open,,,nofear!"

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10 degree wobble? That huge! Especially if it is happening inside a 24 hour period. I don't get it - how can this be happening without something much more drastic happening with the oceans and tides?

Could this be Trump's fault, Haaa Or maybe Hillary and Lucifer, Hahaaa

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I couldn't find anything on the internet verifying a 10 degree wobble, but I did find this interesting little video:

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How global warming stats are skewed:

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Haha! I love the video on the different graphs used to create more dramatic results. This came up in the past here and someone posted a similar video. It's pretty easy to see how they can manipulate statistics, real handy in election years!!
I have also been looking for more info on the wobble. I am going to email the Aussie who posted the wobble graph(it wasn't like the graphs above, it was an overhead planetary view with the normal wobbling monitored,and the strays that are reportedly taking place). I couldn't find the link in his screenshots.
What I did find was a lot of info on the wobbling that is going on all the time. Just the forward motion of the spin,(the procession), supposedly gives us a wobble. They claim there are 2 other effects that cause wobbling,,,,a total of 3 that are monitored regularly. It sounds like the 10 percent figure might have been measured from 0, as opposed to 10 percent beyond the normal wobbles. No mention as to whether the tides are caused by our common,ongoing wobbles, or the moon,as is so commonly believed.
I wouldn't of even stopped to look at it, but I had noticed these oddities at sunrise several times. I stand in exactly the same spot every morning, for the better part of an hour. I have tracked where it rises since last October or so, when I moved to this part of the ranch. I stand on basically the only flat ground to be found,ha. At the solstice in June, I had a perfect marker, a dead, straight as an arrow, bull pine tree, exactly between me and the sunrise. The sun rises straight up behind the trunk of that tree. But,,,at least three times, it has risen a good 10 degrees to the right, or south of that tree for one morning.Then,,,the next morning,,,it's back where it was!! That was very noticeable,, no mistakes. So, does that fall in the range of what they say is going on all the time? I don't know. Haha! If the flat Earthers are right, it's all BS anyways. Is it just a glitch in the matrix? I don't know. When I set my compass up outside, I also see the sun rising in the northeast, so I am inclined to believe what the elders are saying. They engage the sun in their lives on a daily basis, and speak based on their daily observations, rather than data collected who knows where. They aren't claiming to know why,, just pointing out what their seeing. My compass says it's rising in the northeast,and we are well past the solstice. It seems odd after watching that video where they say it normally never rises north of the Tropic of Cancer! That is the South China sea,,,almost on line with the Gulf of Mexico in latitude. But I guess that's because we are in the northern hemisphere. It is also funny to hear Eyejay speak of the cold spots on the south sides of the trees, because of our geographical opposition.
If it's true that all these changes are connected to the rise in frequency on Earth,and in the solar system, then maybe the best way to rise with it is just to observe,and embrace it. The video on graphs Noa posted is a great reminder that all statistics are presented to put forth an idea,which can just as easily be an agenda... Personally ,I am in awe when watching the videos of all the extreme weather and earth changes. I am not indifferent to the suffering that accompanies it, but often wonder how in tune people are with where they live, and with what's going on around them. We can no longer say,,"oh no,,,we don't get that here!"

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"I am not indifferent to the suffering that accompanies it, but often wonder how in tune people are with where they live, and with what's going on around them"


Todd, I recall very succinctly the day the Tsunami hit Thailand.....

The Thai government reported 4,812[1] confirmed deaths, 8,457[1] injuries, and 4,499[1] missing after the country was hit by a tsunami caused by the Indian Ocean earthquake on the 26 of December 2004. The Thai authorities estimate that at least 8,150 are likely to have died.

So many souls leaving at one time, I felt a huge lift in awareness, and a real feeling of peace came over me. In comparison to the Twin Towers where we all watched the event in horror.


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