Solar Flares

The Coming Global Superstorm

Good Greetings to All:

I am reading an interesting book called

"The Coming Global Superstorm" By Art Bell and Whitley Strieber.

I have been studying Climate Change and many of its components.

I have read many of the books written by Marshall V. Summers who writes about the "New Message."

I am in the process of comparing this book with the New Message "Great Waves of Change" books.

I am finding this book to be very interesting. Perhaps you will too

I bless all with Love


Solar Flares and 72 Hours later

Info on Solar Flares:  A Solar Flare is predicted on Sept 20th, today.  Make time for yourself in 72 hours to center and weather the storm.

The Group gives info on the role of Solar Flares and our physicality.  I found this to be of use, perhaps you will too.  Love--fairy


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