Dream about someone with influence...

I had a dream last night about a woman in a high position of power/influence battling against a very imposing dark force,enduring incredible fear and pain, but coming through in the end and essentially improving the world based on her concious decisions to combat this dark force rather than accept it as a part of her existence. It seemed as though she was waking up to the fact that this force was no longer beneficial to her and helping people was far far far more important... to the point that she would endure very real pain and fear for as long as was required to defeat the demon that would push her towards decisions that would negatively affect the rest of humanity.

This dream was very vivid, and felt quite important. Other dreams linger but I'm quite tired, and need to get back to more of them...

Thank you.  I too have been having dreams similar to this.  What I do in my dreaming as I add my light to the light that is hers for the highest Good for all including myself.  This is easily done by simply thinking os something that fills you with Love and then breathing that love out as a gift of a sphere of Love--- also called energy balls.  In my dream I whisper:  away, away to all those who are in need of Love from the limitless Love that is life and the Source of All Love.  And then with a kiss I blow the sphere out into the world.

I believe the woman is a representation of the Mother Earth, Luna, and all females her on Earth and within the Cosmos.  Shekinah, the divine femine has returned to EARTH and is working with all men and women to encourage, create, ground and make happen a shift in consciousness.



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Beautiful symbolism, Josh. Thanks for sharing that. With much love and joy, Fred

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