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I had a pretty wild dream last night. I had been reading about "conciousness units" in David Wilcock's online books, and had read a couple articles about ET's and watched some youtube videos about the same yesterday. I think this is what triggered the dream, or perhaps which caused me to call out for a bit of clarification from elsewhere. Here is the Gist of it:

I was out on the road with a co-worker (a few of them I think but was talking with one in particular) when all of a sudden a giant craft, not dissimilar to the large trianglular one seen in Phoenix a few years back by tonnes of people. It was daylight however, the craft was flying low but was above the lowest layer of clouds. There were very intricate markings on the craft, similar to what you might have seen in the movie Independence Day. I pointed it out to my friend, and he was somewhat surprised, I tried to convey that it wasn't anything to worry about, and managed to calm him down.

Another craft followed shortly, this one was darker and turned the sky red. It was announcing for everyone around the area to let it "beam them up" but I got the distinct impression that this particular craft was out to hurt us, not to help as the first larger one had been. The whole sky was red from the light of this chamber and 'beam' from the second ship, and we ran [I think this second ship may have represented the power elite or something else, the voices calling from it were distinctly human, and audible].

I'm not sure what happened exactly but we got away from the read beam craft. I was now at a meeting place, and the first craft could be seen in a valley off in the distance, where a gathering was taking place below it. The valley was bathed in blue light and I was standing with a woman at the crest of the hill overlooking the valley. The woman was encircled with clouds, but was very approachable and answered any questions I had with clarity and the genuine concern of a born teacher. She actualy bore a slight resemblance to my wife, a cosmic sister perhaps? Anyhow, I was discussing with her how we were to go about 'ascending' to the same level that the ET visitors were at. It turned out she was a liason for the ET's and she was there to guide people to mend their ways and raise their conciousness to the level that they coudl communicate with the visitors. Once you completed the required advancement, only then would you be allowed to enter the ship and meet the visitors and recieve their wisdom.

On this advise I went through a number of trials, and felt pretty stressed out during the course of them. Some of the trials seemed pointless. Each experience associated with the ascension as I "went through life" was preceeded by walking through a silver sphere, I likened this to the "conciousness units" discussed on David Wilcock's site and by the 'Seth' material, even while still in the dream. The orbs were projected by people and they would walk into them, and come out having gained some sort of worldly experience. I think other people were unable to see these orbs but I could see all of them, my own and the orbs that other people around me created for themselves. I was in a park and saw a child enter one of the orbs. When he came out he seemed different, had a big smile on his face and had clearly learned something, or gained something of value.

My orb experiences seemed to take me elsewhere, sometimes into some meaningless task, which I would rush through in order to get to the next task, as it was the 'orb' expereinces that the liason to the ET's had told me I needed to complete in order to 'ascend'. After a number of these tasks I went back to the hill to talk to the liason and ask why I had to endure these tasks. She essentially told me not to rush fate, and that it is the journey that will allow me to proceed. Opening of Conciousness can't be sped up, at least not by anything I do. The important thing was to savour each experience conciously, not to rush through them in anticipation of some goal. I think this was the message my higher self was trying to get to me.

Any thoughts or perspectives on this dream or some of the symbols in it are appreciated, cheers!


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Very cool, Josh. I suspect this was much more real than you might imagine. You are being prepared. I consider dreams to be night school, a place where sometimes we learn lessons much more valuable than in our day-to-day lives. Thanks for playing your part!

With much love and joy,

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Hi Josh,

I agree with Fred.  I listen to my dreams and take instructions from them.  I keep a journal next to my bed and write the particularly striking ones.  Many times they point out when I'm going astray, other times they seem to give me a pat on the head.  Sometimes I just get confused, but I suspect that's just where I am at the time.  :-0

As far as interpreting the meaning of your dream, it seems to me that all the events and objects in our dreams are symbols referring to something inside of us.  The ships, the training, the bubbles, may be aspects in your development that are calling for attention, not necessarily to events on the 'outside', but this is something that only you can figure out... but, we being holograms, maybe it's not ONLY inside stuff.

I mention this because of my experience with the dream I posted a short while ago, Great Expectation, in which I originally thought was about something that was going to happen in the world, probably influenced by the buzz going on on the web about the possible disclosure occurring before the year is out.  But that is something that even David Wilcock says it MAY happen.  He's not putting all his eggs in that particular basket. 

What I found strange in my dream was the reverse use of the parachutes.  Instead of being used for coming down from the sky, they were being used to go up and carry the sleds.  I thought that was strange.  Then today I went to read my old manual on meditation "The secret of the golder flower" because I was having some 'troubles with God' and I needed some clarification, and it reminded me of the use of the "backward circulation of the light", which I'd stopped using while experimenting with the different methods mentioned here in the forums.  So, I've gone back to using that method and I'm feeling that I'm back in the groove   :-)    The 'spectacular' show in my dream is probably something that is happening 'inside', in my perception, which may or may not be visible to my outside selves... but, being holographic, I'm open to something spectacular occurring 'out there' too.

Love and Light.



Hey everyone,

My Swami has a good way of helping to interpret our dreams. As Waakzaam described, a dream journal beside your bed is important and you need to write down all of your dreams and include all the details you can, including your feelings.

When you have a nice collection.....minimum of about 20 preferrably around 40......you can then sit down and sort them into piles......each pile would represent a recurring theme.....I had a pile that was "blue"....I had soooo many dreams with blue things, or references to blue at the time......

According to Swami we can not expect to interpret our dreams from just one and it's only when we sit and look at the piles, the bigger picture..... that we can start to get some clues as to what is churning around inside us...it not only made sense to me but does seem to work.



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  Hi Josh,

          Maybe it is the Canadian contribution to transformation, I only remember dreams that are prophetic or contact dreams. As such, sometimes I only have one dream a year that I remember, the message is sometimes very clear, other times very biblical (scary weird environmental disaster, that I used to dream about 15 years ago). I believe that when we dream we are more open to the universe of thoughts and ideas, our filters are shut down and our antennas are up so to speak.


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