4 mistaken notions

A Toltec shaman gives these as the 4 mistaken notions that keep us from our full potential:

1. The mistaken idea that there is anything we don't know.

2. The mistaken idea that there is anything we can't do.

3. The mistaken notion that we are subject to cause and effect.

4. The mistaken notion that time & space keep objects & events separated.

I wish us all to reach our full potentials. Love,Mary

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  I'm going to have to  paraphrase Einstein's comment... something like this. 

  "You cannot solve the problem at the level that it was created and that is the mind."   I've heard this numerous times during human potential talks to the Buddha himself.  The mind itself is the limitation.  No dismay though...we include its attributes that allow us to skillfully navigate our relative world and transcend it at the same time.

  The way that I view it is as if the brain is a TV receiving impulses from consciousness which by definition, is without location.

  Coaching a disabled ski team, I have to be acutely aware of the "disability" and the medications each individual is taking; their musculoskeletal limitations, a propensity for seizures and their behavioral adaptions to live and move.  Eventually, I keep all of that in mind and then shift into...What is each one's ability rather than disability. My rational western trained medical mind works with the detail which is imperative for safety and all the while there is a continuous impulse showing me the inherent wholeness with in each and everyone of them.

  I think Richard Bach was the one who said..."argue for your limitations and surely they will be yours."

  When we stay within the level of conceptual thought of the mind, it is my humble opinion that we are indeed, arguing for our limitations.

I love all the voices of this TT portal.  Without guile,


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I thank you both for your presence here! The less I think logically...........the more I just know.

Please bear with me while I mention TV,  it's a game i play while watching Jeopardy!  It is not a favorite show, the game is i don't think just open my mouth and the answer pops out. Lots of answers right.......mostly cause I don't care . Good practice for use in real life!  Love,Mary

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I do think the ego sees you know everything and puffs up......
But another quieter part of ourselves knows this......and needs to be reMinded.......we are SO POWERFUL......we can claim and yield that power with intention....................or keep unaware that we have it , we are still using it whether we claim it or not.
I think that this is the essence of so many of our conversations,channeled messages, messages of prophets(that are not for profit) ,even quantum physics!

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It is so comforting to know that we know when we are quiet and serene, and that we have absolutely need of nothing, and then we get hungry and go to the refrigerator LOL!!!

The ego screams, "I know everything!!!" while knowing nothing,

and our True Self knows everything while screaming nothing...


We cling to invested thoughts

We let go

We go clear

We are home

P.S. Tricia, I would have to logically deduct from Einstein's reasoning that "problems" are all make believe......

  It is that play of mind that is to be viewed but not believed in.

 Namaste from the Enterprise

Cool   Tricia

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Dammit Jim, I'm a Mr. not a Dr.!!!!

Haaaahahahaha LOL.

Wouldn't it be cool Tricia if a bumper sticker saying,

"Check your "investments" lately?"

was not as vague as it "apparently" is right now?

Wouldn't it be cool if enough of mankind understood that truth concerning attachment to bogus investments of the mind and could be so simply reminded to smile and chill by a not-so-vague message like that?  I so look forward to a world that gets that en mass and so much more, a world 1000 times more harmonious than what it is today.....

I reserve the right to dream on!!!!

Love, Chris

  It was Dr. Spock that taught that kids should grow up wild and free and question authority.  Or is that yet another mass hallucination?Undecided

  What school imagined You?   Now that is the question.


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Dear Neighbors,

It is a beautiful day....a beautiful world. Let us all claim or power....Espavo

We are the ones we've been waiting for! Love,Mary

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One of my teachers said:

Argue for your limitations, and sure enough: they're yours.

Tampa DAve

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Dear Elizabeth,

Your garden sounds happy! It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.Our skies are clear of smoke,the air is fresh and the temperture is mild.......really a beautiful day to be alive!

Dave visited Crater Lake Nat'l Park a couple days ago......took some awesome photos! He is doing some computer magic to make them suitable to post......please have a peek at the neighborhood thread.I'll be going up for a visit soon.

Lots of love,Mary

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Dear Friends,

With the pervasive climate of fear swirling around,I take a moment to offer up these simple truths.It is not easy to keep things  simple....it is also not simple keeping things easy. Life is our canvas.....I choose to paint mine with Peace,Love,Harmony,Friendship,Joy. How are you painting yours?


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