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Hi Everyone,
I just submitted this to UFO Digest and I think they will publish it.  I'm also circulating it to some others and on some forums as well.  Best thing to do I've heard with this kind of thing is to go far and wide, so that's what I'm doing.  This is the most I've revealed about my own experiences in the military publically since I started coming forward almost a year ago.  So I'm sharing it here too.  Thanks for checking it out.

Warmly, Niara

“Dreamland” Documentary Nellis AFB Radar Specialist Comes Forward

By Niara Isley

In 1996, a documentary was aired called “Dreamland”, done by Bruce Burgess.  I was in that documentary talking about my Air Force experiences revealed under hypnosis.  I was really scared to do the interview, but did it hoping that if there were others out there like me, it might help them to know that they weren’t the only ones wondering what the hell had happened to them or why.

I was filmed in silhouette… their pathetic attempt to disguise my identity at my insistence.  I had assumed more would be done to disguise my profile and voice, but it wasn’t.  Anyone who knew me knew that was me speaking.  After this interview and the airing of the documentary, I became even more terrified and refused to do any more interviews.  I would have sued Bruce Burgess for violation of agreement to keep my identity secret had it not been for the fact that it would have made my true identity even more public.  I just disappeared from the media scene for all practical intents and purposes and tried to get on with some kind of “normal” life.  Years later, as this documentary has re-aired from time to time, friends viewing it have mentioned it to me, asking “Was that you in that film?” I affirm that it was, and is.

The following was recalled under hypnosis in 1994.  I had been out of the military since 1983.  My job while in the military was an auto-track radar specialist.  Auto-track radar is a type of surface-to-air missile or anti-aircraft artillery radar.  On the Nevada Test Site, this radar was used to train jet pilots to fly against wartime radar to increase their survival chances.  The training exercises that auto-track radar was part of were dramatized in a film starring William Devane, called “Red Flag: The Ultimate Game” released in 1981.

After discovering a 3 month episode of missing time from January to March of 1980 while discussing my military service with a friend, and with the discovery of the missing time experiencing a wave of nausea, I underwent hypnosis to try and find out what happened.  What follows is that account.

Years ago in January of 1980, while in the U.S.  Air Force, I was placed on a team of auto-track radar operators in the middle of the night to test our surface-to-air missile radar on extraterrestrial space craft (or possibly back-engineered alien reproduction vehicles) at the Tonopah electronic warfare range out on the Nevada Test Site, the huge tract of land within which lies the infamous Area 51.  Myself and the rest of the crew were given fatigues to wear with no rank insignia and no name tags.  We were forbidden to speak to each other beyond what was absolutely necessary to run our radar test.  Our radar could not track these craft.  I remember standing out that late night on the deck of the radar van and looking up at an extraterrestrial craft (or possibly one of our own that was back-engineered) less than 100 feet away, hovering a close distance above.  I could hear a sound from it that was like the sound that comes from speakers at a rock concert when they are on, but no music is playing through them.  It was saucer-shaped, and glowing orange on the bottom.  I could hear a sound, a hum coming from it that reminded me of the sound that comes from speakers at a rock concert, when they are turned on, but no music playing from them.  I was feeling terrified - I only had a secret level security clearance, and what I was seeing had to be classified way above that.  I wasn't scared of extraterrestrials, I was scared of my human superior officers, feeling a clear and present threat to my safety and well being.  Something in the way they were regarding us crew...  not making eye contact, an air of intimidation hanging like a blanket over those of us on the radar ops team.

I was right to feel afraid.  What happened later was deeply traumatizing to me and the implications that it could happen in the United States of America were even more deeply disturbing.

I was bussed from the radar site to a military medical dispensary-type of facility that I’m pretty sure was in the Area 51 complex.  We were placed in a waiting room with the chairs placed diagonally in the room pointing from corner to corner, backs of the chairs towards a hallway behind with double doors, the only light in the room coming from that hallway beyond the double doors.  There were likely about 12 to 15 of us sitting there waiting, silently as we were told to.  One by one, we were called into a room to the side of the waiting room.  When my name was called, I entered the room and was told to lay down, fully clothed, on a stainless steel examining table.  There was a security guard with a side arm standing watch at parade rest in the room with a side arm.  He stood near the foot of the table.  After waiting for some length of time, more and more rigid with fear, a man entered the room through the door I entered through, walking past the security guard and up around to my right side, saying in a dead-pan voice, “Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm.” When he was next to the right side of my head, his hand came up in one smooth move, as if done many times, a hypodermic needle syringe hidden in the sleeve of his lab coat, and I was injected with something in the right side of my neck that rushed straight to the brain.

I spontaneously came out of the hypnosis at that point, too terrified to see any more.  I didn’t want to believe what I had just experienced, but the terror I was feeling was huge, powerful and had its own truth to tell.  I don’t think I could feel so much terror and have it be for something that never happened.  I also had a splitting headache that lasted for 3 days after the session.

This set me on a quest to find out what had happened to me and why and what was going on.  I talked to many people, attended many lectures and groups, read a great deal of material.  I found stories and testimonies that intersected with my own, affirming and confirming similar details.  At one group I encountered someone who apparently had had the same thing happen to him.  When I mentioned in very general terms that I had been out with a small crew testing the radar on extraterrestrial space craft in the middle of the night and then was taken to a medical facility and some kind of mind-wipe procedure done on me, he spoke up and asked, “Did they stick you in the side of the neck with a needle too?” I had not said so, but that was exactly what they had done.  I became scared again and couldn’t wait to get out of there.  I was too afraid to talk to this man and never went back to that group.  In the ensuing years, I wish I had talked to him, and at length.

The facade of the land of the free and the home of the brave I thought I lived in disintegrated.  Suddenly I found that I really lived in a country where things could happen to a person outside any legal system or framework and with no recourse to pursue justice.  There was a secret faction operating in secret within the government that had a blank check to do whatever they wanted to do.  Where a person’s memory could be tampered with, hiding the evidence of any crime from their own conscious mind.  My subsequent searches through information on MK Ultra and Project Paperclip have shown me the means by which this type of thing might be done.  I also found it interesting that there are CIA members serving on the board of an organization called the “False Memory Syndrome Foundation.” Are so many people recalling memory tampering, abuse and trauma while under hypnosis that the CIA felt the need to step forward and find a way to discredit people like myself?  Material recovered through hypnosis was once considered to be acceptable testimony in a court of law.

It took years for me to undergo more hypnosis, to find someone I trusted enough and to be willing to face what might come next, which I finally did in March 2003, to fill in more gaps.

What came out was even more disturbing and terrifying.  After the injection, I was dragged down what seemed like an abnormally long staircase through another door in the room where I was injected rather than the one I entered through.  I was placed on the floor of a room with a one-way mirrored observation glass, mirrored of course on my side.  Locked in there, I went through the effects of the injection, which was terrifying also.  I can only describe feeling like I was coming apart at the molecular level.  I don’t remember pain, only the fear of dissolving away into nothing.  After the effects of the injection were beginning to fade, I was dragged out of the room and raped by 2 security guards while 8 other people watched, one of them a Grey extraterrestrial.  I remember quite a bit of detail of this and can draw elements from these memories in detail.

I remember the blind rage I felt at those responsible for this abuse, in addition to the terror.  But most of all I felt a deep sense of grief and a profound loss of innocence, knowing what human beings were capable of doing to other human beings, treating them with less regard than a lab animal.

This is all I’m going to recount here at this time, and it’s enough.  Even with all the processing and healing this has been hard to write, especially for publication.  There is far more to my story, including abductions/contacts as a child and into young adulthood, predating my military enlistment.  I still experience some kind of ongoing extraterrestrial contact today and I’m doing what I can to understand more about it.

I can tell you, every time I go public with any piece of my story, however small, I have to take a deep breath, move past a lump in my throat and a tension in my body, knowing that somewhere, there are those who do not want me to speak of this at all.  The years of terror are behind me, and I think of myself as well healed today, and I'm an emerging speaker with other witnesses who believe with every fiber of our beings that this must be brought out fully into the public domain for a variety of reasons.

I added a blog to the IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences) website on the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrials a while back and I'm glad to see the subject brought forward now, by Dr.  Dean Radin in the most recent issue of IONS Shift magazine.  I appreciate that he did not heap the usual denial and ridicule on it.  That does a huge discredit to those of us whose lives have been impacted peripheral to this phenomenon, and I know my healing process was delayed for years because of it, fear of those humans enforcing secrecy by traumatic means on one side, fear of ridicule and being ostracized by my friends and family on the other.  I can tell you I carried this around a long time before I reached out and got the help I needed to heal from what was essentially post-traumatic stress disorder.  My PTSD was badly aggravated by living under the Bush-Cheney administration because, according to my own research trying to understand and put in some context what happened to me, I consider them to be the most public face of that shadowy faction within our government responsible for harming me and so many others.  But that aggravated PTSD did force me to finally seek a gifted healer and put me in a position now to add my voice to all the others who are trying to get people to pay attention to the multi-layered issues surrounding the UFO enigma, not the least of which is for We The People to find a way to wrest the secrecy, control and technology from the clutching fingers of the military-industrial complex, a cadre of people drunk with the power the secrecy has given them and who have done unspeakable things to keep their secrets.

It's not all about dark government conspiracies and pain and suffering.  As Robert Dean, another vocal witness who has often spoken and given his testimony of what he knows says, if these extraterrestrials were bent on destroying us and taking over our planet, they could have done so long ago with the incredibly advanced technology they possess.  According to reports he was privy to, there is one group that looks exactly like us, and he feels that we have had an intimate relationship with this group.  This information relates to some of the human genome project scientists, including Francis Crick, Nobel Prize winner for his pioneering research into human genetics, who concluded extraterrestrial origins in human DNA, for we humans possess 223 extra genes that did not evolve or recombine through evolutionary process, they were inserted into our gene pool at a more recent stage of human development.  These non-coding sequences of DNA, previously called "junk" DNA, contain information still to come online for humanity.  I consider this very inspirational and exciting news for the expansion of consciousness and more evolved spiritual or psychic abilities for humanity.  Robert Dean also says he feels we will meet this group of extraterrestrials in the near future and the people are not ready.  I concur with both points, and I'm doing all I can to educate and inform so that people can meet this eventuality with wonder and inspiration, not fear.  To explore the extraterrestrial phenomenon deeply is to also plumb the depths of human spirituality and consciousness and there is not time to express all of that here.  As Dr.  Fred Alan Wolf of the film, “What the Bleep Do We Know?” discovered, (also see his earlier book, "The Eagle's Quest") the exploration of consciousness, by its very nature must be experiential, and cannot be fully approached only in empirical ways and studies.

I find that if one pushes hard enough on people's denial and ridicule on this subject what is revealed is their own fear of the unknown.  How many times do we find people joking and ridiculing something that deep down, they fear?  What if something really is out there and powerful enough to travel at the speed of thought through time and space and even other dimensions?  Shouldn't we fear it?  We have a known history on our planet of the strong preying on the weak, and conquering or killing less advanced peoples, less technologically developed cultures.  This is not so however with the inter-dimensional extraterrestrials.  For a culture such as theirs to achieve what they have, they must recognize the oneness and sacredness of all life - and that statement contains yet another whole essay in itself to demonstrate that point.  Facing fears and moving through them to the other side is part of the spiritual process, not burying them and refusing to confront them.  That just leaves them lurking under the surface to spring forth and paralyze us when a catalyzing event occurs.  I know this better than most!

Like Robert Dean and others, I believe that contact will bring about an expansion of human consciousness and that this is our destiny.  I’ve been a spiritual (rather than religious) person from the cradle up and it has helped with my healing process in reframing the events of my life in a way that is helpful and productive.  I now am engaged in working to educate people about the reality of extraterrestrials in our world and help prepare for that, what I believe to be inevitable, contact.  I want it on many levels… possibly to help with our current environmental crisis, to help humanity achieve all the wonderful things we are capable of and realize our full potential, rather than destroy ourselves from the darker aspects of our shadow natures, or collective Freudian Id.

Finally, I work to educate and prepare people for contact to put an end to the kind of secrecy that has harmed me and so very many others, and harms people who have no idea of the extent of the secrecy and how far it reaches into the lives of every person on this planet.  I do my best to reach out to the uninitiated in this field, those people who, aware of the subject of UFOs in the media, don’t really give it much thought.  My question to them is, if you suddenly had an unmistakable sighting of your own, or the media began to report on this phenomenon as verifiable truth, would you wish then you had paid more attention, done more study on your own?  A government who has kept this secret for 60+ years with that secrecy hiding many shameful, horrendous and unspeakable acts cannot be trusted solely with the disclosure process, as they are likely to twist information to suit their own ends.

A great website that maintains a comprehensive list of some of the best information on UFOs is at and there are multiple links there for those wanting to know more.  I could write so much more, but perhaps at a later time.  I’m now exploring my own intuitions that I am having some kind of extraterrestrial contacts, especially since I stepped forward a year ago and began my educational project.  I have just photographed my first pictures of sky phenomenon in the last couple of weeks, that I call “lightships”.  I appreciate Dr.  Radin and Shift magazine for broaching a topic that many mainstream scientists won't touch with a 10 foot pole, though it is about time, seeing how their founder, Dr.  Edgar Mitchell has been so vocal of late on the media about UFOs.  Dr.  Radin doesn't go far enough, but then, very fortunately for him, he doesn't appear to have the impact of my own experiences, or those of other witnesses, holding his feet to the fire.

Niara Isley

Durango, Colorado

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Dear Niara,
Thank you for sharing this account with us.  Your courage to speak openly about your experiences is an inspiration.  I feel honored and blessed to be part of this community with you. 
In gratitude and love,

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I appreciate you reading my blog here and responding as you have.  This article was swiftly posted at the UFO Digest website, so it's REALLY out there!  I have received a great email from Dr. Michael Salla this morning wanting also to support me in every way he can in a variety of ways.

I can't tell you what this support means to me, from Dr. Salla, and from those here in this online community.  This has been so hard to come forward with and I kept it mainly to myself, only sharing with a few friends, for over 12 years.

Thank you so much...



"Love is all there is."

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Dear One,

I thank you for spreading truth.I wish you full healing and strength from your trials. Long life and love to you.


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I admire your courage and spiritual strength to reveal yourself and story in this way, and your ambition to enlighten others to this information.  I breathe sacred love with you to encourage your endeavor and applaud your Love/Light.

With Light and Love brightening the dark side


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Dear Friends,

FairyFarmGirl, Mary, Berry... once again, I thank you for your loving words and support.  I don't know if you can really know just how difficult it has been to come to the point of coming forward with this part of my life publicly.  Either in reality or by being conditioned or part both of these... coming forward with this has felt like I could actually die if I did.  So this is a case of speaking out even in the face of my own death for doing so.   So, likewise, you need to know just how much your loving and supportive words to me mean to me.  UFO Digest didn't waste any time posting the article, so it is up there to read now, under a title of Dreamland.  I sent copies to Robert Dean, to Clifford Stone and many others.  I want this out widely now as those other whistleblowers in this field say that the best way to create safety is to talk and keep talking and talking, sharing and sharing, as widely as possible.

I also hope that in the transparency of this new administration under Obama takes hold, that all truth can emerge in a way that benefits our entire world.  On one hand, David Icke says Obama is just another Illuminati elite - on the other hand, many spiritual people and channels are saying that he is a lightworker who will awaken in office and he has had to "play the game" to get into his current role of responsibility for the presidency of the United States.

I want with all my heart to believe that Obama means real change, but I maintain an air of optimistic caution.  I will be watching how things transpire and progress once he takes office.  One sign to me is chemtrails... if I see a halt to chemtrails, hear that they have ceased elsewhere around the globe, I know that some kind of positive change is in the works.

But more than the man Obama himself, is the huge wave of positive energy from hearts not only in the U.S. but around the world who, if they couldn't vote by U.S. ballot, voted with their hearts for Obama because of what he has represented to us all.  Hope.  The people of this world voted for hope, for change, for something better.  Obama would do well to move with that amazing and powerful tidal wave of energy and meet the promise of a better world, providing the leadership to take us there.

And as to each of us, looking to governmental leadership to solve our problems is not the answer, not in the past and not now, even as we embrace the hope provided by new leadership.  In the last 50 years more or less, Americans became complacent.  We didn't pay enough attention to politics because we thought we had a system that would protect us through our Constitution and checks and balances.  But while we weren't paying attention, our government was stolen by special interests that wanted a blank check to pursue any greed-based agenda they chose, with complete disregard to health and welfare of people, other species, the Earth's ecosystem and to put in place means of preventing any of us from taking that power back or exercising our Creator-given rights to freedom and self-determination.  We can not afford that kind of complacency ever again.  We must each take an active role in co-creating this world in the best way we can determine for ourselves.

I hope someday there is a Transformation Team gathering where I can meet at least some of you in person and share a warm hug and smile and all my gratitude.

Much Love,


"Love is all there is."

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Thank you so much for sharing your story. May we all awaken, together, now or soon!


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Dear Niara,

Thank you for your courage.  I'm glad to hear that your piece is out in public now, and also glad that all of the life force energy that you once had to put into hiding/not remembering your ordeal is now available to put towards your passion and purpose in life.

Sending blessings and heartsong,



"Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it." Chinese Proverb

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I am so deeply impressed with what Niara has shared here! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Niara for your courage in sharing this not only with us, but with the world. You are a powerful transformative force on our planet!

To all others who read this, please go back and rate this piece - hopefully five stars. The ratings are at the bottom of the original post. I think this is one of the best pieces ever published to this portal, so I was surprised to see that no one had rated it yet though it had 48 reads and eight comments. New people often go in and read the most highly rated articles first, so please help to push this one to the top.

Thanks to all of you and all of us for our deep commitment to transform our beautiful world through love and empowerment.

With abundant love and joy,

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Greetings Niara,

  Have read many expose's from many people such as yourself who's patriotism and loyalty were abused by the country they served....wish I had the kind of fortitude it must take to live with these experiences...I honor your courage....and wish I could reach out and relieve your pain and suffering....

Remember the powers that be can provoke us with their methods and tactics, but only we can let it turn into fear...... FEAR NOT....revealing this abborent behavior must be done... if we are going to remain a sane, caring society  and live in truth...which many would say... those principles we have abandoned....not so!

  Keep on keeping on....and hang in there....we're all with you 100 %





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Niara, you write:

Best thing to do I've heard with this kind of thing is to go far and wide, so that's what I'm doing.  This is the most I've revealed about my own experiences in the military publically since I started coming forward almost a year ago. 


I edit a list called H-MINERVA focused on the study of women in the military and women and war.  The readers, as far as I know, are mostly not into "woo woo" stuff.  But because the list is moderated, there is no flaming of those who post.  And there are a lot of victims of various sorts of PTSD subscribed to the list.  If your inner guidance says this would be a good place to post, you are invited to join H-MINERVA.  You might start with a brief posting to test the waters and, perhaps, invite interested subscribers to contact you directly off the list.

To read recent postings on H-MINERVA go to  You can join the list by clicking on Subscribe on the bar to the left.  If you have any trouble contact me directly at [email protected]--during December academic lists are sluggish.  





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More thanks to more of my friends here... John, Fred, LeAnn, Lefty-Dave and Magical Godmother.  John, work on my book continues.... Fred, as one of the creators of the Transformation Team and so much more, you and others with the research and educational background to know, know what I wrestled with for years before coming forward with this.  It felt like to speak out would be to invite death.  I don't think so any more though.  LeAnn, what you say about the freeing up of lifeforce energy is so true... I feel so much more alive.  Lefty-Dave, I'll take your wish to lend support as a wonderful energetic hug.  Magical Godmother... I can certainly give a look at H-Minerva... but I'm feeling spread pretty thin on the internet at the moment and having my internet go down yesterday morning and just come back online late this afternoon I have a bunch of correspondence to catch up with over the weekend.  I hope the internet problem was not because of the article being published at UFO Digest last week, sure was a 'coincidence'... a little unnerving, but I'm fine... I feel protection around me at all times.

Hugs to all of you,


"Love is all there is."

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Hi Niara,

Only a few years ago, I was afraid of certain people and forces, too. I am thrilled now that I no longer fear anyone. I so know that we are all on the same team! It's a pretty exciting shift. Thanks for your courage and all the work it has taken to get here. We're all rooting for you!

With lots of love and gratitude,


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Your bold openess is another manifestation of the movement toward unbroken wholeness. On an individual level, as you, Niara, and also the collective voice empowering the uncreative ground of our being to dance in the relative world.

Your story reminds me of what an exciting time it is to be alive in the shift itself.



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