mind control

Mind Control

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I'm wondering if there is enough interest in mind control here to have a seperate forum on the topic.

Anyhow, I thought this was important to see, especially given the current police state tactics going on out there.


The Amish had it right

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I couldn't bring myself to watch the end of this video but I think it's important to watch a small portion of it to understand the extreme manipulation of culture that is going on today. This video focuses on what's happening lately but I think it's important to realize that anyone who grew up watching television was subjected to some forms of cultural manipulation and mind control.

Underground Interviews

These are the underground interviews betweenAl Bielek & Vladimir Terziski.  They talk about many secret projects like the Philadelphia Experiment (of which Al participated), the Montauk Project, Hitler's Germany  in WW2, and government collusion with space aliens, among other things.

Interview 1 seems to be missing.  This is the 2nd and 3rd interview.



2 NASA Rockets Launched July 4th released Lithium into the atmosphere

I hope someone finds that this is fake but it looks legit to me. This is very upsetting to me. I've been tested as high aluminum already and I recently had a diagnosis of hypothyroid. Thanks a lot U.S. government for spending my tax dollars on making me sick! Happy 4th everyone!


Engineering Armageddon

For the moment, please forget what you think you know about the nature of reality and read this with an open mind.  It helps to explain much of what is occurring.  ~ Noa


Engineering Armageddon, The Luciferian Agenda

Released on March 31 2012

Monarch Mind Control

Monarch mind control is the successor of MK Ultra.  I first learned of the process from the Illuminator defector, Svali  http://svalispeaks.com/ , though she didn't use that term to describe it.  I thought this form of mind control was only used on cult members -- not the general public.  But now MMC is being linked to the most bizarre type of offenders including the recent Batman Dark Night movie theatre massacre and the Miami zombie attack(s). 

Subversion of our Culture

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Sorry about the anti-Jewish tone of this article but I posted it because the conclusion is actually not anti-Jewish but explains that Luciferians and Baal worshippers have been posing as Jews.  I think this article makes a good point that our culture is being subverted by those at the top of the pyramid. This cultural subversion represents another form of mind control. I never did understand modern art. What do you all think - am I missing something?
I also got a chuckle out of the line about capitalism vs. communism that I bolded.

Manifestating in the Golden Age

Light Streamings: Manifestating in the Golden Age
by Carol Fitzpatrick
December 2011
I just come back from the most amazing mind-altering few days in the mountains of Virginia where vision after vision landed into my awareness. There is so much to share.
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