Is anybody out there?

I realize that it is Thanksgiving Week, but I have noticed that everybody has abandoned the portal in the last couple of days.  HelLOOO!,  Is any body there?

Wherever you are I send abundant love and light in the name of our one infinite Creator to brighten and warm your holiday gatherings,


Happy Thanksgiving,



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Hello dear Misty,

I wish you the very utmost in excellerated love. light and joy the Universe has to provide you.  Thank You,,,, for being there. I love you too, as part of me, the universe and the All That Is. We all are one.


With Light and Love shining into Shadows and Fear


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Believe it or not, I'm here.  Never stopped loving you guys.


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I'm here breathing sacred love.


I had a neat experience at the dentist on Tuesday.  I gave myself a post-hypnotic suggestion that all the strange smells, sounds, and sensations in my mouth would just make me go "deeper and deeper."  So I had quite a blissful time breathing sacred love while the dentist went digging into my gums.



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I spent the day gratefully preparing our Thanksgiving meal for just Ray and myself.  Didn't go anywhere. Nobody came and what a peaceful and enjoyable and gratitude filled day.  I am now well stuffed, sleepy and very relaxed.  I'll probably fall asleep during meditation.  Thats alright, that leads to very peaceful and restful sleep.


With Light and Love shining into Shadows and Fear Berry

I love the new pictures of you guys. It's neat to see you in different lights. I am glad to hear that you all are having good favorite holiday. I spent the day with the elderly woman that I work for, so I haven't spent any time with the family. That's okay though...we are close so I get to see them alot. I am fortunate. I hope that you all are feeling good and happy.

Love to you all,


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Hope all of you Beloved Wonderfuls are having a happy and safe time this holiday season.  I have been listening to alot of Dr. Steven Greer lately, as well as Gregg Braden, and I feel like I am in a constant state of silent expectation akin to that which was so widely discussed/anticipated concerning the possible event on October 14th.

Dr. Steven Greer is amazing!  His personal experience of UFO's, as well as his near death experience that left him knowing we are One in a way few ever get to experience prior to physical death, and how all of his personal experiences with intentional interdimensional UFO contact/phenomenon over the past 20+ years has left him with complete affirmation that, not only do others much more advanced/ascended than us exist, but that they are consistently benign, unlike what our military would have us believe (while denying their existence - geez, make up your mind USAF!).

May we all remain poised and proactive with eyes and minds way wide open as we are smack dab in the middle of one hell of an amazing period on planet earth....  "They" cannot fix all of this for us, but they definitely seek what is best for all life on this planet.  That very powerful square root of 1% rule mentioned by Gregg Braden is branded in my mind lately too.  Such a small number so able to change the course of history merely by understanding/practicing their inherent power in some form of consistent fashion.  We no longer look to the government to fix it - if they could, they already would have - we now look to that very powerful community known as ourselves....

YouTube - The Divine Matrix: Gregg Braden Pt.4

Love/Light, Chris

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When I asked the question on the title, I wasn't aware of what I was acutally asking!


Of course there's someone out there!   I am so chagrinned and delighted that Yes, there is someone out there.

Thanks Chris for reminding me. LOL

Love and Light to all.


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Dear Berry and all,

Happy Holidays to you all. We celebrated our own version of Festivius..Tuesday,roast turkey,pie,stuffing,yams,mashed potatoes....then into stock pot for turkey soup.A festival,of our own (thanks seinfeld) It was FUN!

I am a bit under the weather. I am happy to be here with you now.


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Dear Elizabeth,

I raise my glass and say
blessings and thanks to all


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