Is anybody out there?

I realize that it is Thanksgiving Week, but I have noticed that everybody has abandoned the portal in the last couple of days.  HelLOOO!,  Is any body there?

Wherever you are I send abundant love and light in the name of our one infinite Creator to brighten and warm your holiday gatherings,


Happy Thanksgiving,


Signs of the Times

This is from a San Fransisco paper.  They're still making it look like a fringe thing, but I think we'll be seeing more of this.

Energy fears looming, new survivalists prepare


Tomorrow I will fly out of Bellingham down to Seattle, and then on to Sacramento. I don't really like to travel anymore, especially via air with all the surveilance, long lines, and the crowds. It all seems so dehumanizing, and worse than the invasion of privacy, it feels like invasion of my spirit.

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