David Ray Griffin's book Unprecidented and my experiment - maybe I'm just lookin' for a fight?

Hi All,

I starting reading David Ray Griffin's latest book Unprecedented: Can Civilization Survive the Co2 Crisis?

From page 16:

The tendency to equate "warming" with an increse in air temperature has lead many people to say that, because the air temperature has not increased much over the past fifteen years, global warming has hit a "pause button". This is a mistake because "about 90 percent of the warming of the planet is absorbed in heating oceans." So while "global surface air warming has slowed...the overall warming of the earth's climate has sped up." All that has happened during the "faux Pause," as some scientists call it, is that a higher percentage of the warming than previously went into the deep ocean.

Giffin's book is full of references and one of the many references for this statement is here:


Did anyone else do the experiment in high school where you boil water in either a wet paper bag (or was it a milk carton) by filling it with water and putting it right over the bunsen burner? The paper bag, which would normally light up like a torch doesn't burn because it is kept wet by the water it is holding. That's because when water gets hot, it evaporates and looses it's heat to air very quickly, keeping the paper bag cool enough not to catch fire.

Of course, this experiment was done with th bag over the bunsen burner, because heat rises.

Am I the only one that fails to see the common sense in the idea that heat is going down into the oceans?

I thought that maybe my common sense is failing me tonight so I did an experiment:

I put my candy thermometer so the bulb was at the bottom in a deep glass bowl and filled it with about 6 inches of tap water. The thermometer was reading the water temperature about 1/4" below the lowest reading - 25 degrees C.

I put the bowl and thermometer in the oven on the lowest rack and turned the broiler on "high" and left everything in there for about 8 minutes. For those of you who don't cook - that means the heat was only coming from the top of the oven for 8 minutes.

I opened the oven to the smell of burnt plastic and was glad I hadn't tried to leave everything in there any longer.

The plastic top to the thermometer had melted. The top of the bowl and thermometer were too hot to touch. I burnt my wrist on the top edge of the bowl and it still hurts as I write this. Even the top of the water was steaming but not so hot that I couldn't put my hand down in the water toward the cooler bottom and pull the thermometer out by the bottom. It still read off the scale, below 25 degrees C but by now it might have been 1/16" below 25 degrees C.

The scientific article referenced above is talking about ocean warming below 400 meters deep due to Co2 increses in the air.

The article also mentions volcanic eruptions as cooling events, I think because of the increased ash in the air blocking out the sun. I think they didn't want to think about the possibility that the warming oceans might be due to volcanic warming events - seafloor spreading, etc - heat coming from the bottom to warm the oceans because that is a naturally occuring event that we can't blame man for.

And anyway... the Jurassic was the most prolific period in the earth's history - warm and co2 rich - that's when all this oil was made to begin with, and I'm supposed to beleive that going back to a time like that will be disasterous for the planet?

Anyhow - I'll keep driving my toyota corolla - getting close to 40 MPG and drying my closes on the close line and using my cloth grocery bags because I don't want to give the Rockefellers another red cent than I have to and because I want to leave every resource I can - be it oil or copper or whatever to the generations that come after me but I will never say 2 + 2 = 5 and it's going to take some batter arguments more convincing than what I've heard so far to make me beleive that a 300% increase in CO2 which is only 0.039% of the atmosphere is going kill all life on this planet.

And God help us all if we are really headed for another ice age because that would be an ecological disaster for sure!

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I also found the argument about the scientists unconvincing in this article. Scientists don't need to be conspiring just to be wrong - just take a look at the giant problems with medical research these days - it's whose paying the bills that gets the research done and if no one wants to pay millions to find out that common herbs can cure numerous health problems, then it doesn't happen.

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If everyone thought as logically as you do, Wendy, we'd have all realized that the official 9/11 story is total bunk and we'd have questioned every other political news story we've been sold since WW2.

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