global warming

UN Climate Conference Gets "Mic-Checked"

Anjali Appadurai  addressed the UN Climate Conference with her concerns on November 10, 2011.  The next day, the most powerful countries reversed the Kyoto Protocol, which would have obligated the biggest polluters (United States, China, and India) to restrict omissions that lead to climate change. 

This shit's gotta stop before the Earth is no longer able to sustain life.  We need to take our power back from this insane minority, once and for all ! ~ Noa

Farmer saves $200,000 with poo power

ROCKWOOD, Pennsylvania (CNN) -- Four generations of Saylors have worked the family's dairy farm for nearly a century, but for the past three years, the cows have been doing something besides providing milk: They've been helping power the place.

It sure looked like the end of the world

I know there has been much debate about global warming, much of it academic.  On Saturday 7th Feb, Where I live recorded it's HOTTEST DAY EVER 47.4C where I live which is about 135 degrees F.  this came after a week of temperatures that reguraly exceed 120F  We are presently  in the midst of the worst bushfire EVER in Australia.  So far 108 people have died.  Most people seemed to have di

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