Dolphin Air Rings

Thanks, Ursula for turning me on to this! You rock sister! Dolpin air rings are the best!

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Absolutely amazing how beautiful, graceful, gentle and playful these wonderful creatures are! I've had a number of "unusual" experiences with dolphins and whales and I am curious if anyone else has....(thanks for this Bodhi, I really appreciate everything I've see n that you have shared.)
Blessings to you all

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I add my thanks for this wonderful look at these amazing creatures. I've been around them a few times. Sometimes at the beach, you will see them among the surfers, surfing right along with them. Once when I was a boy my father and I paddled our kayak out the channel and into the ocean. Suddenly the little boat was surrounded by five or six dolphins. Not quite close enough to touch, they danced and played around us for fifteen minutes or so. I've never forgotten it.


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What a marvelous video. I have never heard of this behavior before and I am in wonderment with it. These creatures and their cousins the whales are so very precious to the world. Their songs vibrate to the depth of the soul. When they look at you they see to the very core of your spirit. It is said that they are the keepers of the Earth and her mysteries. And it is also said that they are the living reincarnations of the spirits of the Atlanteans who chose to incarnate as such so that they would never repeat those errors of that time. Would that we could understand their words and wisdom.


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I just love dolphins ~ they are so gentle, playful, and serene! Thank you for sharing this with us, Bodhi!

Love & light,
Penny :-)

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Thanks for putting the video on the Portal. You are so clever with knowing how to do all these things! I have a big problem with watching any videos because our internet is just too slow and I can only watch about two or three seconds at a time. We have a number of pods of dolphins patrolling the coastline at Port Elizabeth and we also have whales coming here to breed. I would love to be able to go diving with them, but for that we have to go to Maputo, it is not allowed in South Africa because they are protected.
Thanks Bodhi
You rock too!
Love U

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That is so cool!

Someone on this planet knows how to live! :-)


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Dolphins are the embodiment of love and playfulness. I got to spend 2 weeks swimming with wild dolphins in the open ocean in Hawaii. They were encouraging and wonderful! My experience of their energy was very healing (they taught me an energetic healing method based on sonar). They were interested in communication and information exchange - all done through telepathy and body language. The group I was with was extremely respectful of the dolphins - no touching, no swimming towards them. Every day I was there I was blessed with one or more long dolphin encounters.
Thanks for finding and posting this inspiring video :)

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Amazing to see. Dolpins rock!

Thanks Bodhi.

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neat. i live near a dauphin island in alabama.

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What a beautifully written message with no words

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What a beautifully written message with no words

What a beautiful way to put it!

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