Empowering Realizations and Quotes

Below is a collection of many of the wonderfully inspiring realizations that either came to me or I heard from others throughout the year of 2007.

Spiritual growth involves releasing the blocks to the natural divine essence which resides at the core of each one of us.

The more I see everyone around me as an invitation to love and connection, the stronger that invitation from me to others becomes.

When others look into my eyes, may they see their own infinite magnificence reflected back to them. This can only happen to the degree that I recognize this infinite magnificence both in myself and in the eyes in which I look.

I am faced with the monumental, yet exciting task of finding and transforming all of the ways that I have made others less than me, and that I have made parts of myself less than they truly are over the eons of my existence.

I know that I come from "the heavens," from the realm of divine interconnectedness. I also know that ultimately we all come from this same place. It is just a matter of how much we have chosen to forget our shared divine source. Let's bring heaven down here!

If you go within, you will never go without.

Energy flows where attention goes.

The only place anyone ever exists is at the center of their own consciousness. Yet we can continually expand that center to include all around us.

Very few here choose to fully surrender to what's best for all of us. Yet fewer still choose this and truly want to know all that there is to know. I come to invite more people to join me and us in the miracles and magic of this place. It is a powerful choice to live in the rich expansiveness of both the knowledge and the mystery.

There is an unconscious part of us that needs disease to tell us when we are losing touch with the needs of our body and soul like rest, stillness, and meaningful connection. Our friends, because they are afraid of our reactions, often won't tell us when they see us losing touch with these needs. And because many times neither we nor our friends will challenge us when we lose this awareness, disease steps in to serve this purpose. Yet therein lies a key question. Is it more important that our friends like us than it is to risk confronting them with empowering challenges? Maybe by choosing to be more real and challenging with both ourselves and each other, and by being willing to risk rejection for a greater good, disease will not so often need to knock at our door and we will share deeper, more meaningful friendships.

In the end there is nothing to fear, because on the deepest levels we all really want to love and feel connected with each other.

Our head takes us where we think we should be. Our heart takes us to where we want to be. The heart is the gateway to unity consciousness. -- Liz Millar

The heart is the passageway to the soul.

In order to move from one place to another, you must first move half way there. But to move half way there, you must first move half of that distance, and half of that half, and so on. It is impossible to move any distance without first moving half that distance. If you must first move half the distance before movement occurs, then logic tells us you can never move at all. In this physical reality, logic therefore tells us that movement is impossible. Yet movement clearly happens in our experience. This suggests that in our experiential world, the impossible happens all the time, and that even the best logic is fallible.

A significant part of the global collective consciousness appears to be addicted to big drama, tragedy, and sensationalism, as evidenced by the strong focus on these in the mass media and entertainment industries.

The vast majority of people are trying either to escape some aspect of their past or some aspect of their future, or both. The more we can accept and release both past and future, the more this ever-present sacred moment smiles on us.

From the book Chaos, Creativity and Cosmic Consciousness:

In chaos theory, which is the current paradigm shift, science, which is now the main temple of law and order, has to eat humble pie and accept chaos again. - p. 114

We have great powers that aren't being used because we don't believe in them. The unavailable unconscious contains enormous power for doing good, and can provide us with [the] means for recovery. - p. 122

Modern education involves an initiation into the rationalist or humanist worldview. It elevates the intellect to a disembodied point of view in which everything is seen as if from the outside. Its slogan is objectivity. - p. 141

Inspired by the above book: Old paradigm science needs man to be in control of his universe. It rejects the notion of God. Yet many scientists are spiritual, but fear revealing their beliefs to their peers. Old paradigm science based on objective observation is often afraid to explore ultimate unobservable questions like what is consciousness, who are we, and where does our consciousness come from before birth and go to after death.

Old paradigm science feels it must explain away any non-physical intelligences and activities. Maybe this represents a desire to deny the shadow realm and unconscious. Old paradigm science actually fears these things and especially fears death. "Schizophrenics" who hear voices are drugged up and locked away, rather than invited to work with the voices for greater awareness. Substances which open our awareness to unseen realms are declared illegal. Dreams are treated as fantasies rather than manifestations of what is going on inside of the psyche. Yet once old, restrictive beliefs are released, reason and scientific principles can easily expand to encompass all these and more. The new paradigm honors all experiences and manifestations as potential teachers.

It is our emotional attachment to certain beliefs that keeps us from seeing greater realities.

Old paradigm - Matter came first, consciousness originated out of matter.
New paradigm - The material world is a creation of the collective consciousness

The collective consciousness creates a consensual reality that sets the stage upon which each of us then plays our role. Yet how we interact with this collective consensus also plays a critical part in the co-creation of the reality. Individual experience is dependent on the collective, yet the collective cannot exist without the individual.

Two important questions regarding anything significant that happens in our world:
How and why is the collective consciousness creating this?
How and why am I co-creating this with the collective consciousness?

We are all co-equal co-creators in a divine cosmic dance with All That Is. Our partner in this cosmic dance can be seen as a singular entity - the integrated collective consciousness of All That Is, or as a multiplicity - the manifold aspects of all creation. Yet we, ourselves can also be seen as a singular point of consciousness, or as a multitude of aspects and influences representing all the many parts of who we are. All of this somehow influences or directs our experience of the great mystery of life.

The One that is All, the Interconnectedness of All Beings, cannot help but care about itself and love itself. Spiritual gravity is a natural force that holds us all together and connects us in this integrated cosmic dance. Let us have faith and trust in this. Let us all conspire to shower each other with love and blessings.

Thank you all for sharing in this mystical, magical journey that I am creating for myself and that we are co-creating for all of us.

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You have given anyone/everyone enough truth and guiding right here to bring peace to this earth here and now.

We must keep our eyes and hearts right here and not get side-tracked by ANYTHING. This is truly what I had hoped to find on The Portal.

Much, much love is flowing your way.

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Hi Max,

Thanks for your warm comments. I feel very blessed to have such wonderful friends and experiences which lead to these great thoughts and realizations. One of the ways you can help good articles on the portal to be more widely read is to rate the messages you read using the star system provided. This helps the best articles to rise to the surface on our page of top rated links. Thanks so much for your commitment to transformation, and you have a beautiful day!

With sacred love and joy flowing,

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Hi Fred,

Each day since entering the portal, no, since beginning the TT Course, I find myself skittering about and playing with new bits of awareness and questions to pursue deeper and deeper. The list of books on my Must Read list grows longer and longer. My awakening self feels awe-struck yet eager to keep going. This group of folks you have facilitated coming together is more than amazing—We are Love as we join hands to explore and create.

Phooey, words fail me and that doesn't happen often,

With Sacred Love and Peacefulness,

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Thank you, JoyAnna. You and everyone here are a part of my dream come true. I wanted to be a part of a community of people deeply dedicated to transformation and to playing all out -- people who continually challenge and inspire each other to be the very best we can be. What a joy to have found you and so many other great people here and the many who will be joining us. We're rockin' this beautiful world!

With sacred love and excitement ever-flowing,

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Yes, Aquene! When we pay attention to our intentions, we can't help but move powerfully in our world. We are all here to help awaken each other to ever more expanded realities. Thanks for being a sacred mirror to me.

With sacred love flowing,

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