Futuretalk with Michael St Clair: Project Camelot

I've been watching the first half of this 2-part discussion and find it informational, inspiring, hopeful, and realistic about the times we are moving through just now.


Hope you enjoy and find this helpful in your thinking and transformational work.


"After the initial success of our Futuretalk with David Wilcock, we decided to continue our Futuretalks as a series of conversations - not interviews - with people who have something important to say. …

Michael St.Clair … is a fascinating futurist and metaphysician as well as an acclaimed astrologer. He's been thinking about the future in a multitude of ways for many years, has written three important and well-received books, and recently has re-entered the world of banking to advise private clients with an eye to the coming changes in world economies and ways of doing business.

We cover the whole range from safe spaces (which Michael prefers to call radiant zones), to what might be happening and what one should consider preparing for in the future, coming bank failures, possible geopolitical events that could change our lives, and other concerns. Michael has spent several years viewing the scenarios - both positive and negative - that one might need to consider in the years ahead. He shares his thoughts and his own personal vision, as well as some key points that everyone should keep in mind in the coming days."

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