Gotta Love It

This was posted at AstroVera.  I reckon the story's apocryphal, but you never can tell...

On first day
of school at a US
high school the teacher introduces a new student called Akito Suzuki, son
of a Japanese business man.

The teacher starts the American history class by asking who pronounced the
sentence 'Live free or die'.

Suzuki quickly raises his hands and replies 'Patrick Henry 1775'.

'Excellent' says the teacher and continues 'who said -Government of the people,
by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth-'.

The whole class remained silent until suddenly Suzuki said 'Lincoln 1863'.

The teacher was flabbergasted and said to the whole class: 'you all should be
ashamed. Akito Suzuki, who just arrived in our country, knows more history than
you Americans'.

Then someone in the rear of the classroom whispered: 'To hell with those damn

'Who said that?' The teacher demanded.

Again Suzuki raises his hand and says: 'General McArthur, 1942 and Lee Iacocca,

This silenced the whole class until one of the students mutters: 'I am going to throw

The teacher asks again this time: 'Alright, who said that?'

Without hesitation, Suzuki says: 'George Bush Sr. to the Japanese prime
minister 1990'.

One of the students gets totally mad shouts at Suzuki: 'Suck my d**k!'

Akito intervenes again: 'Bill Clinton to Monica Lewinsky 1997'.

At this point in time, the smartest guy in the class yells: 'I was the first
until this bloody Japanese arrived!'

Suzuki: 'Mario Vargas Llosa, Peruvian elections 1990'.

The whole class becomes hysterical, the teacher faints. The students gather around
the teacher and say to one another: 'We screwed up, now how do we get out? '

And Akito Suzuki says: 'Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, 2005/2006'.

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