Hang Drum

I just read in Sophie's profile that she plays a Hang Drum. Made in Switzerland, it's a fairly new invention - here is a video of someone playing it.

Hey Sophie, do you have any recordings or videos of yourself playing it? I think it's so cool!!

Love & Light,

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Wow, nice video Andrey. Yes these drums have such a beautiful sound. The first time I heard one was during my first Medicine ceremony. I'm not really big on "things" but my heart cried out for one of these beautiful instruments during that ceremony. Although they can be quite hard to come by (made one at a time and hand tuned in Basel and you have to go and pick it up yourself as they stopped distribution right before I heard one) through a unique set on synchronicities I had one within the year. (without going to Basel :-) ) They really are magical and beautiful.

Now that you mention it, maybe I'll have to find my camera and make a video of me playing.


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Dear Andrey,

Thank you, this was awesome. I would love hear this Hang Drum along with difference combinations of Crystal bowls
that I head at a Spiritual Conference in Whistler B.C. two years ago. The range of tones on the Hang Drum are quite remarkable. Does anyone know if recordings are available using this instrument?

The outdoor video of the Hang Drum playing with the violin was interesting but needed the more controlled setting of a sound studio in order to appreciate the true quality I am sure it would have.

Thank you for this very interesting and new experience.

Carl Azcar

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This is totally awesome! I want one! Thank you! Thank you!


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...but you can make one! Here's a link to a guy who made his own from a propane tank, and shows how to do it. If you click the link to the video of him playing the drum, you'll find a slew of other original instruments. What fun!




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wow. thanks for the introduction to such a beautiful instrument. there is something very ''magical'' about it.  i am sure that it would be a joyful experience to play one. it is very enjoyable to watch.

thanks for sharing it with us Sophie & Andrey.

I didn't know what it was called but a guy was playing one at confest on our trip away, they sound amazing! such a cool instrument!

i had to come back and look again....that's so neat.

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Have saved the instructions, and put a bug in my husbands ear....I WANT one of those!

And the plans came from my home state, thanks Dave! Looks much more possible than

finding and affording the other.


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