Influence of music on our society and it's use for social control

Hi All,

I've been enjoying these conversations about the influence of music at Gnostic Media. The 2 interviews are with Dr. Hans Utter. He actually ends up not only talking about the big influence music has on our minds and bodies but also pretty much launches into a whole class on music theory in the second interview.


1 Giant Leap

I just came across two musicians who call themselves 1 Giant Leap.  But to call them "two" doesn't come close to defining them, as their work encompasses musical talent from across the globe.

The trailer explains the idea behind the music.  If you open the link in Youtube, you'll see their other videos.  I believe most or all of them are clips from the full movie, What About Me, included below. 


Music and Songs your favorites, socially progressive, awareness expanding, and/or heart felt

iv been toying with the idea of creating a socially conscience music list, or maybe better said as music that is a bridging tool over to the new paradigm. then i thought of all my brothers and sisters here and i would love to get your input. i look forward to the music and sounds that you've enjoyed (touched you in a powerful way) ty

Turn Negativity into Creativity

I've recently (minutes ago) realized that I've completely wandered off the path I used to be on. Back in teh day, whenver I was down or feeling negative, I would play guitar, like crazy, till my fingers bled sometimes, and end up creating something positive with my negative energy. I need to get back to this, I've been dwelling on negativity or just trying to "will it away" which can work for a time, but I think I need to get back to just rocking out like crazy.

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