Manifestating in the Golden Age

Light Streamings: Manifestating in the Golden Age
by Carol Fitzpatrick
December 2011
I just come back from the most amazing mind-altering few days in the mountains of Virginia where vision after vision landed into my awareness. There is so much to share.
Focus on the Feeling
While in the stillness, I saw clear visions of how new paradigm community is formed, how we manifest our heart's desire and how we most effectively contribute to the shift in global consciousness. The waveforms of pure source light amplified through the human heart are magnificent.
Sure enough. It's all about the feeling. The feeling that defines and amplifies our heart's desire is loaded with energetic packets of information. And this time, right now, is the beginning of what Seers have called the Golden Age, which merely means that we have cracked the code and get it now -- How to instantly manifest our desire that is.
The alignment of our intention with the feeling sends out sonic-like waves of light out into the cosmos. The universe, forever dynamic and changing, is then enlivened by this wave-form, especially as it meets its inter-connecting match. The energy wave then gains exponential power and returns to us in manifested form as inspiration, connection, opportunity, relationship, a new job opportunity, etc.
At first, you may be both delighted and surprised and feel it to be the magical, mystical gift that it is. Yet not far behind, the bigger the gift, the greater the fear. Where did "that" come from?
What you may have spent years or even lifetimes imagining into creation, once it anchors into the physical, you may be proaned to cower down in fear or seek refuge. You may even pass the opportunity by, reject it outright or work to discount it on the notion that it was not exactly what you had expected. 
Sound familiar?
By the time you have landed back into the creation and realized that you have just caved into your fear, it's too late. Like a bubble bursting, you have lost the moment.
The cause of the terror is simply fear of change.
If you are in this stage of your manifestation process, like so many others who have also stepped through that 11:11 portal, just remember that it's not what happens to you, at this point in your creative cycle, but how you flow with what is happening in your life that matters most.
If this applies to you, the only thing that will save you from yourself is to put your focus back on the feeling of your heart's desire and let the rest go. Take stock in what you are grateful for and express it. That alone will begin to get you back into the higher river of consciousness.
If you have resisted the impulse to stomp your creation out with fear-based learning and stayed open, your manifestation is showing you the most immediate next step. Just pay attention, and take it. You will be so glad you did. These kinds of manifestations are coming in as exponentially powerful creations complete with all the heart-to-heart dots connected.
Everyone Counts
The other key factor, in the building of new paradigm community, is that everyone counts. Each energy system is different from the next. Even when we feel such a connection to others in the context of relationship, in family or community, it is still the unique connection we have with the feeling of "home" that will have us manifesting our very own heart's desire in the world of swirling, changing, shifting probabilities.
This new stepped up planetary vibration will find you instantly manifesting whatever you truly desire. Yes. This is true. The shift point is happening right now as you make those day-to-day choices, and no one can do this for you. The alignment of each conscious choice must come from within you by trusting the knowing of your very own heart.
It doesn't matter what choice anyone else around you is making, even your spouse or best friend. All choice is singular as directed by the soul, and this takes practice. Trusting the wisdom of your heart is the key.
If you are even remotely stuck, you are likely miserable right now.  But once you shift, you'll feel so much better. Take the most immediate next step toward the feeling that most matches your heart's desire, and clarity will be your reward.
Here are a few questions that may help you get there: Where are you in your awareness of your life? and How do you wish to create from this very moment forward?
The answers to these questions are found in full view through your actions. Your thought, word and deed,, personified, is what sends the message of your true nature out into the cosmos and defines your reality.
If you have been feeling stuck or wallowing in your past hurts and slights, you are called to recognize that the value of dis-empowered creation has come to a close. It no longer serves a purpose for leveraging goods and services or favors from others. It is now time, inside this higher vibrational awareness, ways of creating that we are each to love and to honor Self first and foremost. As we do, we naturally learn to love and honor others in the way that we respect our own.
We are not here to fight or to struggle against others but to stand clear of any distortion that would have us believe that we are any less than clear vessels of the divine.
The Journey Home to Oneness
Joyous gratitude will open inner doorways and provide the stepping stones to integrating the new vibrational terrain of Terra Firma, Earth in her stepped up vibration.
The plants and the animals are listening now to a different heart beat and are adjusting to the flow of life force that comes from the sun behind the sun.
Humanity is stepping up in vibration too and demanding all that has been covered and covertly held in limbo to be stripped away. Just the facts will do. It's empowerment of the people time at the very brink of having our rights completely stripped away.
The Guides have said that the ruling powers may try to control our mind but they will never succeed at controlling our heart. New paradigm community is being created by learning to trust the knowing of the heart.

The power of the heart is shifting global consciousness toward more balance and harmonized states of being.  Social and economic systems, social justice, healing, and governance where all voices are heard in the context of the collective voice is done through entrainment.
The beauty of the transformation is that is all begins with you, and then grows in the context of small groups of people intentionally  entraining the polarities into balance and harmony.
And we don't have to wait for someone to tell us what to do or how to help. We can begin right now.
December is such a great time to celebrate! I invite you to come together with two or more people and simply amplify love and appreciation toward one another and to those you hold in your thoughts and dreams. Sing, dance, chant, laugh or perhaps reside in the stillness with one another through meditation, or do energy exchanges as a form of service. Whatever you choose to DO, the real contribution comes simply by choosing to come together this way.
In closing, the visions showed me that we are never given a task, or for that matter a life purpose, that is bigger than we are. We have all the tools, and all the power to see our visions made manifest in this world and all other worlds as we love and honor one another.
Enjoy the journey,
Carol Fitzpatrick
Carol Fitzpatrick is an avid spiriitual activist. She uses her gift to help others understand what is beyond the fives senses; to help people to see clearer pictures of their lives, and to understand what role they have chosen to play in service to humanity at this critical time. She is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient. It is her role as a translator for the Guides, angels and other light beings who are here to share their wisdom that brings her the greatest joy in service to others.
Carol resides in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and is the mother of two grown children.

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" It's not what happens to you, but how you flow with what is happening around you that matters most",,,sounds like being totally present to me,,,,and so much crazy stuff is happening so fast now, I am trying to have a general response to all of it,,,,a simple acknowledgement of the situation, then I move on...Keeping it simple helps me stay balanced a little easier,,and more focused on that "namaste" to everyone and  every situation that comes up.........l,,,,,,T

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