Matrix of Unlimited Time

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The following appeared in my email recently, and I was inspired to share...
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Matrix of Unlimited Time

is fluid – it is not contained in your clocks or the pages of your
calendar. Those are tools created for measuring this thing called time.
It is important that you continue to investigate and query your own
personal time matrix. These are the beliefs that you were given by your
family and society and are only programs within your system.

personal file about time is just another agreement that you assumed
because it felt solid and everyone said it was solid. In the earthly
hologame it is a part of the game rules. Everyone will honor time and
give it the power to run the show. What
if time is fluid? How would that effect your day and the participation
in your earthly life? Just for a moment, let us imagine that past,
present and future are all happening and shifting simultaneously. It is
your perception of time that places them in the rigid placement.

Imagine that events in your future could shift the events from your
past which would alter your present “NOW”. As a multidimensional being
this is how you would and could address this concept called time.

As a human locked into the third/fourth dimension the rigid beliefs and
laws that you have been taught about time are just programs in your

The rules of life on the earth plane are arranged around time. We can
hear your comments about being late for appointments, waking up on
time, catching a plane at a certain time, important dates and events
happening at a given time.

Time as you know it here on planet earth is important to recognize and
be aware of because it makes playing the game understandable. However
it is not the only recognized system of time in the universe. It is a
limited system.

Sense your limited beliefs about time and then begin to allow your
consciousness to become more fluid and watch how your perception of
time becomes a more fluid.

Expand into the matrix of unlimited time, where with just a thought you
could and would be anywhere on the timeline. Imagine with just a
focused thought you could be present at any event, anywhere, at any

Remember outside this reality, time is fluid. It is with your focused
expanded consciousness that you travel time. Play with this concept.
Imagine just what you would do if you could travel time. Make it a
playful and joy filled experience.

~ Peggy Black,

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This is really good and helpful to instigate thinking outside the box of the matrix of time we have established as king shit of illusion mountain!! Thanks so much for posting it Bodhi!

Made me think immediately of our ongoing relationship with time/space, where much of what the author of the post is talking about can be understood as not only possible, but remains a constant reality, as we all exist on all levels of our existence simultaneously in one present moment extending/expanding from one initial thought!

In space/time we move around and experience things and can change things and make things right through the power of "sorry" and "forgive me" and "I love you" and "can I help you with that?" etc. etc.

This time, here and now in space/time, is THE time and place we can make things really happen on all levels, just for making it happen right here and now in and on this one! The one thing our secret shadow government(s) learned from ET's that blows all the rest of the reverse-engineered technology out of the water, the one thing they really do not want us to discover, is just how powerful we really are, just from taking the time to focus strong intent on anything, preferably something good for the whole of Life.

In time/space (like the world we enter through our pineal gland, the reason we can see in our mind like through a looking glass) we are utterly stationary while all moments of time can flash before our "eyes", and all we can do is see and ponder and think about what could have been, and make a plan for the next time in space/time.

Love/Light, Chris

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