WingMakers Time Travel

I just recently found a most detailed article on Damanhur's time travel program. In case you are interested, check it out at:


Wild stories!!! I would find it very hard to believe all of this if I hadn't been to Damanhur myself and met people who personally told me stories. Enjoy!

Does Times Really Exist?

This is a video from the Through the Wormhole series ( http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/through-the-wormhole/ ).

I think most G-spotters have gone beyond the questions this series tries to answer, but I think this episode is particularly interesting:


Matrix of Unlimited Time

Good Greetings All,
The following appeared in my email recently, and I was inspired to share...
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Matrix of Unlimited Time

is fluid – it is not contained in your clocks or the pages of your
calendar. Those are tools created for measuring this thing called time.
It is important that you continue to investigate and query your own
personal time matrix. These are the beliefs that you were given by your
family and society and are only programs within your system.

Giving Myself Advice From The Future

I just had an interesting experience happen to me last Sunday. I was at the Sweat You Prayers Five Rhythms dance, and towards the end of it when the music got to be soft and deep I had a flash of myself from the far future. I was seeing myself being over 80 years old, long grey hair, being in a very sunny place laughing and full of joy.

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