My Intentions and Purpose

As part of the Lessons the developement of life intentions and purpose was assigned to each trainee.  My guide, whom I love dearly, Penny Stone, told me that I should, after I have access to the Portal, post them for others to read.   And so here they are.  It is good because it is a reminder to me to continue to hold those intentions uppermost in my heart.  It is too easy to let them slip into the shadows of the mind.


My Intentions It is my intention that I am more and more aware of the balance of Light and Dark in the world and to find the means to inform those whom I can of that which is hidden.

I intend that I am instrumental in making change in the World so as to see the Transformation from fear to love by being part of the Web of Love. I intend that the life I lead is a reflection of the Divine within me, that whoever I meet feels love and acceptance from me and that the Light and vibration which emanates from me will cause change in those with whom I relate. 

I intend I am a practicing facilitator of the healing arts. I thank Source for opening up the opportunity and presenting me with my wonderful teachers and mentors.

I intend delirious joy as I now manifest my passionate desire to see healing of body, soul, mind and spirit in those who are drawn to me for that purpose and in myself. I am totally grateful for this gift of delivering healing energy.

I intend prosperity and continual awareness of the infinite abundance that is mine and always surrounds and flows through me. I am thankful for all the good blessings that are poured upon me, pressed down, overflowing and never ending. 

 I intend that the unlimited abundance already in the world is made available to those who have none of it now. 

I intend that I may be a part of the swelling force which will lift the consciousness of humanity to the point where all will share in the God given prosperity that is now so unequally distributed. 

I intend to live consistantly in the present, the Holy Now, not concerning myself with that which has happened in the past but simply seeking the lessons therein, and not worring or anticipating the future for as the great Master Jesus said, "sufficient for the day is its own trouble."

I intend all this for the greatest and highest good of the Universe, myself and all others.
It is so and so it is.

 My Purpose My purpose is to walk in beauty, peace and joy,  experiencing Creation as it was created to be experienced, not with fear, anger, hatred or animosity, to see the Divine Essence in everyone I meet and everything I percieve, for everything is part of All That Is. I will speak with impeccability, intending no harm to anyone or anything but always with a loving heart. I will allow all I encounter without judgement, knowing that all is as it should be and that I am not here to judge right or wrong, but to inspire higher consciousness with love and compassion. I will take no offence from the negative emotions of others.  Rather I will realize that their inner conflict is none of my business and that I create my own reality but will breathe love to them with intentions for their peace.  And finally, I will with gratitude and thankfulness, receive all that comes to me knowing that abundance is the nature of Universe and that that which appears to be an obstacles is in truth an opportunity for growth.

So it is and it is so.

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Hi Berry,

Thank you for sharing those most beautiful and inspiring intentions and life purpose! May I use them as an example for others working on this? Thanks for your beautiful clarity and your deep commitment to love and transformation. It's a blessing to have you in our community.

With sacred love and joy flowing,

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Dear Fred,

Brother We, I would be honored and humbled simultaneously for you to share my intentions and purpose with those who are going through the process. Thank you for your kind words.

For your information, I did receive my Master level Reiki empowerment on January 11 of this year, one of my most cherished intentions. And also Source opened up the bounties of abundance during the holidays manifesting my intention for prosperity. Manifestations of intentions always reinforce the spirit within a person of the absolute connection with the Source of All That Is. I am indeed most grateful to One.

Love and Light to you my friend.

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...and Thank You!! Berry, I often find you inspiring. Something about the way you express yourself helps bring me down to earth and get grounded, and I appreciate you.

For my part in the Transformation Course I used part of an essay I had written called Manifesto. My guide was the amazing and inspiring Fred Burks, for which I am forever grateful! Here is the complete essay:


In considering my soul’s purpose and deepest intent, I have nearly sixty years of life to look back on. At times I have acted nobly, but at others I have stolen and lied. At times I have been prosperous and at others have been destitute. At times I have been admired and sought-out, and other times I have felt like a pariah. I have raised children. I have loved and lost love. I have known soaring joy, and I have known crushing, soul-wrenching tragedy. What I have learned is the Golden Rule, and that truth is more important than dogma. That sounds simple, and it is. It took more than half a century for it to sink in.

I have learned that life is but a dream, as the nursery rhyme says; the material universe is an illusion of our senses. I’ve learned that we are spirits engaging in a deliberate passage through a material world – the densest medium in which life can exist. In it, our senses are blunted and our awareness is dimmed. We can, however, awaken and remember our spiritual estate. And we can impart this to others, as well.

I have also learned that those who are mentally and spiritually bound to the material plane may heedlessly do enormous damage in pursuit of material goals. This has gone on for centuries, and the result is that we are on the brink of irreparable damage to the very planet that sustains us. Moreover, our social institutions have taken the paradigm of exploitation and manipulation to the very brink of collapse. Even as we awaken to our spiritual potential, we face unprecedented chaos and disaster in our world. We are so out of harmony with our universe that everything we do has unintended, cumulative consequences.

I have learned to stand for what I truly believe in and wish for, and not to live in opposition to that which offends me.

Thus, my journey has led me to write down what I intend to do with the remainder of my time spent in the physical body known as David.

It is my intent to be always authentic and fully present. I will honor the Source behind all life and all phenomena. That source may be called God, Wakan, Allah or a thousand other names. It is beyond names and beyond human comprehension. And I will take full responsibility for my life and everything in it, and will teach others to do the same.

When I fail, I will forgive myself and try again.

I will endeavor to continually grow in love, knowledge and wisdom, and
to share the fruits of my journey and my work. I will teach as well as learn.
I will always work to impart and inspire knowledge, balance, healing and beauty.
I will work to facilitate spiritual awareness, both mine and that of those I come in
contact with. I will seek guidance, learn from all, continually grow in gratitude and joy.
I will face fear. I will turn from violence. I will seek spiritual guidance but I will also use reason and logic in making decisions and planning my actions.

I wish for prosperity and security, but will not seek them if it means to sacrifice the good of another. I will seek resources to create situations in which everyone benefits. I will seek resources to teach and to spread peace. I will remain simple. I will not be bought.

In everything I do, I will seek areas of commonality to agree on before proceeding to areas of disagreement. I will not push what I believe on anyone, but will seek to live so that people want to learn what I have that they don’t. And I will give it freely.

My purpose is to take the things I have learned, the mistakes I have made and the triumphs I have achieved, and craft them into a positive, holistic message for others. I have been blessed with many gifts – so many that at times they have been impediments as much as resources. This was because of fear – of seeming arrogant, of attracting notice, of failure in a noble cause. I acknowledge fear. As I confront the many times fear has caused me to stumble and fail, I dance with it in the knowledge that it I can walk away and dance with whomever I please. I renounce timidity and declare my intention to seek purity and virtue, to atone for past mistakes even as I free myself from the past by forgiveness, and to use my gifts to create a legacy that will serve Love, Peace and Unity.

And I declare to the Universe that I am eternally, overwhelmingly grateful for every moment spent in this amazing life!

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David, may I say thank you, to you, for sharing this, not only with me but with all of us? I was lifted greatly as I read your journey, your intentions and purpose. I wish that such thoughts could be shared equitably to everyone who even has a glimpse of reaching out to the Universe in Oneness. What a wonderful evolving Spirit you have revealed in this essay. I see the Principles of Transformation from the Wingmakers throughout your thoughts and this was probably before you ever heard of them. I cannot express how much love you have evoked in me. Thank you again.

Your sacred love flows into me, My sacred love flows out to you.

Namaste aur Pranam


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Berry, I deeply appreciate your kind words!  I still come across at times as arrogant and abrasive, and I am working on that.  Thank you for seeing through that flaw!

I see the Principles of Transformation from the Wingmakers throughout your thoughts and this was probably before you ever heard of them.

Not entirely.  I still have not taken the time to fully explore the Wingmakers material even though I first happened on the website years ago.



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