After having just experienced the very explosive, vocal, introspection-causing, loving panoply of emotions, I had to take a very deep loving breath, and give thanks to the Creator that there is a group of people that can be completely open to share their deepest thoughts for the most part without expressing dark negative vibrations.   In retrospection, I was reminded of a book, which I think

Life Purpose/Intentions

During the Transformation Team course we were asked to go within and come up with our life purpose and/or intentions.  As I worked on my personal profile for the community portal, I noticed there was not enough space for me to list all of my intentions so I have created this forum topic to do so.

My Intentions and Purpose

As part of the Lessons the developement of life intentions and purpose was assigned to each trainee.  My guide, whom I love dearly, Penny Stone, told me that I should, after I have access to the Portal, post them for others to read.   And so here they are. 

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