My world view - Adjusted: Ring of Power (the video)

So, I had a few hours to kill and wandered into this movie. It shows a very different view on some very basic notions.

I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I won't go into detail. But you have to watch the first 2.5 hours in order for the real surprise to be thrust on you in the second half of this epic work. And at the end, welll you just have to see the end to understand how brave (and perhaps how misguided) the producer of this work is.

What I can promise is that you'll see a very different viewpoint on world history and the history of western religion by watching this work.

Here is a link to part one.


Here is a link to part 2

You can download both of these videos at the URLs above. 

Or you can watch the first part here..


Good night and good luck.



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This video has been removed. Do you have a copy? Do you know whether it has been posted anywhere else?


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