Religion and Frustration

Good morning, all.

I had the radio on this morning on my way to work, and heard a disturbing blurb on the news about the Vatican.  It really got me upset, so I just wanted to vent for a second.  I know you'll not take offense or misunderstand me.  :)

In support of full disclosure, I am a former Catholic.  The last time I went to weekly mass was the Sunday before they elected the current Pope.  The man gives me shivers (the bad kind).  

My world view - Adjusted: Ring of Power (the video)

So, I had a few hours to kill and wandered into this movie. It shows a very different view on some very basic notions.

I don't want to spoil the surprise, so I won't go into detail. But you have to watch the first 2.5 hours in order for the real surprise to be thrust on you in the second half of this epic work. And at the end, welll you just have to see the end to understand how brave (and perhaps how misguided) the producer of this work is.

Two Fronts


Below is the text of an anti-Muslim screed which I include because it makes some compelling points. As I read it, I saw plainly that every reference to Islam could be replaced with corporatism, globalism, and the American Kleptocracy. We have work to do on many fronts.

A History of Islam and Islamism

This is a long article. I don't know anything about the author. I thought the article was good enough to post and worth the read. I've read a few books about the history of Islam and its spread throughout the world, and it's an interesting topic. In some ways the Muslim Faith seems to me to be the greatest danger to the New Paradigm.


Fred posted an announcement of new features or additions to the TC, and a couple of us took the opp'ty to suggest other ways in which the scope of the course might be broadened...but I decided to bring this conversation to a new forum, mainly because to write a chapter on religion at all would be full of pitfalls, maybe even impossible to bring off.

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