Social Programming

We should never unestimate the myriad of ways that we are exposed to social programming, mass hypnosis, and the generational dumbing down of the populous. Television is the obvious brainwashing tool, but so is any media you can think of: movies, music, facebook, cellphones, etc. Then we're exposed to emfs, food toxins, aerial spraying, fluoride... we're being bombarded from every angle and it's affecting our brains.  You'd think that any parent or anyone who really cares about future generations on our precious planet would be up in arms, yet that's not what we see happening.

We've all experienced trying to "wake someone up" to "what is really going on" and walked away thinkin, "Why don't they see what I see?"  "Why won't they look at the evidence?"   And then there are those of us who are "awake" to many hidden truths, but we do little or nothing to help. This is called learned helplessness.  We gave up trying to save the world when our friends and family thought we were nuts.

We all know that something isn't right with the world, yet for most of us, it's easier to deny the truth than to face the fear.  Apathy is more comfortable and takes less effort than bravery.  And society tells us that if we want to fit in with everyone else, we'd better not buck the system.  We go along to get along because that's what we've been programmed to do.

That's why it's very important -- especially in this pivotal period in history -- that we pay great attention to where are thoughts wander and question why we think the way we do.   Do our opinions originate from our own experience or do they come from the opinions of others?  When exploring a new idea, do we explore it with an open mind or do we look at it to see if it matches a pre-existing opinion?

I've studied just enough psychology to know that we define things by prior experience.  For example, let's say a child grows up in an abusive environment.  The chances are great that when she's an adult she will continue to attract men who abuse her.  One reason is that through association, love has become tangled up with abuse.  In this case love=abuse.

Because of the brain's tendency to associate simultaneously occurring events, it's very easy for advertisers and con artists to manipulate us into buying or believing whatever they're selling.  That's why so many people believe the "official 9/11 report" and continue to trust the government even though all the evidence points to the contrary.   That's why, although we may grumble about unfairness or corruption, we tend to follow the herd.

If we want something better than we're getting, we must stop accepting what they're giving us.  We must read between the lines, especially when words, music, and images are combined to deliver a message.  Watch this short clip for the opening of 'Fringe' and you'll see what I mean.


Notice the black screen for the first 10 seconds.  This helps you to focus on the pensive music.  Notice the written words and the images behind them.  See how the word 'Freedom' is aligned with 'Ownership' by proximity.  Notice when the words match the images, and also when the images mean the opposite of the words.  Understand that this how words with opposite meanings come to be associated with each other and accepted as the same, just as 'Freedom' becomes associated with the image of barbed wire.

Please, my friends, guard your consciousness, your individuality, and your imagination.  These are precious gifts from the Divine Creator.   These gifts are what allow us as Humans to create.   If you want the reality that the control grid is planning for us -- one of uniformity and transhumanism -- continue to medicate yourself with TV and other mass media.  That way you won't have to think too much.  But if you care about the future of humanity, it's time to wake up and taste the coffee for yourself.  It's time to realize how gifted and powerful you are, especially "when two or more are gathered."  It's time we decide as a people what kind of life we really want and actively create it.






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