Social Programming

We should never unestimate the myriad of ways that we are exposed to social programming, mass hypnosis, and the generational dumbing down of the populous. Television is the obvious brainwashing tool, but so is any media you can think of: movies, music, facebook, cellphones, etc. Then we're exposed to emfs, food toxins, aerial spraying, fluoride... we're being bombarded from every angle and it's affecting our brains.  You'd think that any parent or anyone who really cares about future generations on our precious planet would be up in arms, yet that's not what we see happening.

Cell Towers = Mind Control

Well, it's worse than I thought.  Not only do cell phones disrupt our personal electro-magnetic fields and our brain waves causing tumors, brain fog, etc., but the cell towers are targeting us with electro-smog 24/7, especially while we sleep. One counter-measure is to make orgone.  I'm also looking into building a Faraday cage to protect myself and my electronics.  Lots of videos on Youtube show how to do this simply, cheaply, and effectively.

Warning: Using a mobile phone while pregnant can seriously damage your baby

I keep getting more and more info about this--awareness of this problem is growing. For some of the current research and a set of products that can protect you and your loved ones, go to http://thequietmind.emf411.com/

Warning: Using a mobile phone while pregnant can seriously damage your baby

Study of 13,000 children exposes link between use of handsets and later behavioural problems

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