Social Programming

We should never unestimate the myriad of ways that we are exposed to social programming, mass hypnosis, and the generational dumbing down of the populous. Television is the obvious brainwashing tool, but so is any media you can think of: movies, music, facebook, cellphones, etc. Then we're exposed to emfs, food toxins, aerial spraying, fluoride... we're being bombarded from every angle and it's affecting our brains.  You'd think that any parent or anyone who really cares about future generations on our precious planet would be up in arms, yet that's not what we see happening.

Social Networks and Revolution

Hi folks,

Here's a program showing how the Internet enabled the revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt to happen, and a panel discussion about what happens from here.  I like that it shows, clearly, the need for "Net neutrality" and the prevention of the net being captured by corporate interest.  Also why the "Internet Kill Switch" is a bad idea for freedom and democracy, showing the forked tongue being used by the administration who demands free access to the Internet for others, but is getting ready to deny it to its own citizens.

There's a lot of work that needs to be done.

The Truth about Facebook- ?

Saw this short video the other day (link below).  I hope it wasn't here...   It claims corporate and CIA connections to Facebook, and that it's used as an information gathering tool for the government.  I haven't had time to check the veracity of the connections it mentions and probably won't.   But my gut tells me that it's could well be true.   For the government to not mine Facebook would be like a child having the self-discipline to keep out of the cookie jar.  I've never felt comfortable about opening a Facebook account.  I won't even use the "EZ" automated toll lanes on toll roads.  W

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