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Sorry about the anti-Jewish tone of this article but I posted it because the conclusion is actually not anti-Jewish but explains that Luciferians and Baal worshippers have been posing as Jews.  I think this article makes a good point that our culture is being subverted by those at the top of the pyramid. This cultural subversion represents another form of mind control. I never did understand modern art. What do you all think - am I missing something?
I also got a chuckle out of the line about capitalism vs. communism that I bolded.


December 10, 2011

(left, Clay Felker in 1967. Founder of New York and Editor of Esquire and many other popular magazines, Felker was one of some 600 US journalists secretly working for the CIA. They were "cheaper than a good call girl" according to CIA handler, Washington Post publisher Phillip Graham.) 

A pervasive, highly organized system
 diverts us from the truth and places us
in a cultural limbo where very little is real.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

"We have already contrived to possess the minds of the goy communities...[they are] looking through the spectacles we are setting astride their noses." (Protocols of Zion, 12)

"No one is more a slave than he who thinks he is free without being free." (Goethe)

W. Eugene Groves was an idealistic young American who wanted to serve his country.

After winning a Rhodes Scholarship, he was a shoo-in for the Presidency of the National Student's Association in 1966. But, confided the outgoing President Philip Sherburne, he needed to know something.

The NSA was secretly funded by the CIA. Until this point, Groves had been an "unwitting" member, a dupe. But as President, of course he would have to know the truth. He would need to become a "witting" participant.

During the Cold War, the CIA secretly funded and controlled scores of US student, labor, religious, political and artistic organizations, according to the book "The Mighty Wurlitzer" (2008) by Hugh Wilford.

They were modeled after Soviet propagandist Willi Munzenberg's "Popular Front" organizations which had recruited earnest Westerners (Socialists and Liberals) in an array of  "anti Fascist" causes. These seemingly spontaneous groups were secretly funded and run by Moscow (through the CPUSA) and subtly promoted Communism. Munzenberg called them his "innocents' clubs."

It's not unusual that the CIA would imitate Comintern's tactics. Behind the veil, both serve the Cabalist Jewish central bankers and their Masonic network which has now subverted all significant private and public institutions in the West.

So while Hugh Walford suggests that the CIA was fostering an "anti-Communist" Left, in fact it was controlling the post-war dialogue, fostering the illusion that Cold War was real, and promoting a collectivist mentality.

The Russians told a familiar joke: "Under Capitalism, man exploits man while under Communism, it's the other way round." 

mighty.jpg(2008 Book "The Mighty Wurlitzer" describes how Illuminati bankers "played" America)

As we are discovering, there isn't much difference between monopoly capitalism and Communism. Under Communism, the State owns the corporations and the Illuminati bankers own the State. Under monopoly capitalism, the corporations own the State, and the bankers own the corporations. Both are devoted to giving the satanist bankers a total political, cultural, economic and spiritual monopoly, i.e. the New World Order.  

The only difference is in the West, there is an illusion of freedom and democracy. "Witting" servants of the Illuminati bankers are chosen to lead governments and organizations, while unwitting dupes perpetuate the illusion of a free society. The masses are also unwitting dupes kept in a coma by the education system and mass media.

Eugene Groves' dilemma was resolved when Ramparts Magazine and the New York Times exposed the CIA program. Now you ask, why would the controlled expose the controllers? Well sometimes the dupes throw a monkey wrench into the works. Ultimately, anything that discredited the CIA and the USA was also grist for the Illuminati mill.

Groves oversaw the NSA's transition to independence and then quit. "The world has lost its innocence," he said." I want to get out." (Wolford, 5)


How do we know what we know? We are taught by the mass media and the education system. But what if they were subverted by a satanic secret society, i.e. the Illuminati? (i.e. Cabalist Judaism and Freemasonry.)  

Pigs gone Wild.jpeg"Modernism" and its spawn mirror a gradual perversion of reality and morality by the Illuminati bankers. What we regard as "progress" is really the advance of their satanist agenda. It is the change in "changing the world." 

The mass media and education system promote this suspension of reality. Truth is controlled and suppressed. Lies are promulgated. Negative or self-destructive behavior is modeled in a positive light.

Modernism is a solipsism where the bankers' perversity becomes the norm. For example, the CIA actively promoted modern abstract art, an art disconnected from human identity and aspirations, an art any child or monkey could produce.

They financed the cultural magazines, (Encounter, Partisan Review) critics (Clement Greenberg) and art museums through a network of foundations and Illuminati millionaires like Nelson Rockefeller and John Hay Whitney. 

"Many of the artists in the movement had radical backgrounds (Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Franz Kline for example...) Their painting, with its gestural expression of the artist's consciousness and total rejection of representation, constituted a massive rebuke to...Soviet art.." (p.106)

Not really. While pretending to reject socialist realism, the CIA in fact  advanced the Communist agenda which is to make art discordant, irrelevant and ugly.

The same story can be applied to modern literature where the "anti-hero,"  i.e. the alienated outsider and misfit, (i.e. the Illuminati Jew) becomes the hero. The "hero" is not the community-builder but the Luciferian rebel, the destroyer of the Cabala.  

Similarly, modern literary criticism is a linguistic voodoo divorced from the author's social reality, biography or intention. This criticism was orthodoxy when I went to university. I wondered why this placebo was presented as "truth." Now I know. 

The same story can be repeated for music, TV and movies. These have  convinced everyone that the fertile young female is a Goddess, while romantic love and sex are panaceas and the purpose of life. (How would a pagan sex cult differ?)

With folks thus distracted, perverts and traitors are inserted into all positions of leadership. Just look at the logos with swooshes (sunrises), dots, pyramids (triangles) or combinations of the three. They are everywhere. Guess what? While we were sleeping, a satanic cult took over.

steinem666.jpg(left, CIA social engineer, Gloria Steinem)


Second-wave feminism was another Illuminati sponsored "popular front" masquerading as grass roots expression. Gloria Steinem, a Jewish misfit from a broken home was chosen to lead it. Clay Felker, who in the 1950's worked with Steinem at the CIA's "Independent Research Bureau," (another student front,) orchestrated the media campaign. Apparently Felker was not Jewish.

In 1968, Felker hired Steinem at New York magazine. He published the 40-page inaugural issue of MS Magazine as a supplement in New York.

In 1975, Redstockings, a radical feminist magazine, exposed Steinem's CIA connections. They revealed that MS Magazine was funded by Warner Communications and Katherine Graham, both CIA conduits.

In 1979, when Redstockings tried to put this account into a book, the publisher Random House was pressured to delete it by these conduits and feminism funders, the Ford Foundation. Thus kulture is contrived.  (Kerry Bolton, Revolution from Above, p.168)


The Cabalist bankers have subverted our political and social institutions and are using government to enslave us according to the blueprint of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The people of the world and even their governments will be "as children under-age," say The Protocols. (15)

There has always been two kinds of Jews: those who follow the Lawgiver Moses on the one hand; and the Baal Worshipers on the other.  Unfortunately, the latter have prevailed while retaining the prestige of the former. And they have been joined by traitors from every background, willing to betray their fellow man for personal profit. 

Throughout history, these Luciferians have waged a war against God, the inherent spiritual and natural design. They have sought to dethrone God and enslave humanity, and are very close to succeeding.

A large part of this involves destroying the four sources of our human identity and meaning: race, religion (God), nation and family (gender.) They do this by creating one race, one religion, one gender and one world government. At the same time, our kulture is increasingly rootless, depraved and meaningless.

While the CIA supposedly opposed Communism, they both served the same master, and created kulture to enslave humanity.

bolton.jpgNote: I highly recommend Kerry Bolton's new book, Revolution from Above, available from
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and "The Fraudulent Basis of Modern Kulture"


ChrisBowers's picture

Damn, we are just too easy.  That thought crosses my mind a lot lately.  It's not for them or anyone else to stop doing what they are doing, but for us to stop being so damn easy to sway and possess.  This has to be the real contest, to be (distracted) or not to be, that is the question.

I truly believe that those incarnating in will understand at earlier and earlier ages until this kind of nonsense is transcended and the collective Human "We" move on to the next grand test and experiment we have willfully elected.

My own research has led me to understand for some time now that there are those calling themselves Jewish that are anything but, the Ashkenazi Jews in particular...  One of the Authentic Jewish sects I find very interesting are the Ethiopian Jews....  I'm willing to bet they have absolutely nothing to do (nor desire to) with the type of insincere and hideous manipulation featured in this forum post...

When you really ponder it, that type of behavior smacks of inauthenticity, so when someone behaving that way says they are "Jews" you can bet that is exactly what they are not...

Noa's picture

Chris, if the controllers don't stop what they're doing, they're going to destroy all life on this planet.  Evil is not the equal opposite of good.  At some point, humanity needs to cultivate a conscience and do what the right thing to stop them.  That time is now.  This is the time we get to choose which power we're gonna worship -- the power of life or the power of destruction.  This is the Big Lesson. The evil-doers are doing their best to show us how NOT to create peace, love, and equality.  Now, it's up to us to take a stand for life, love, freedom, justice, harmony... for the good of all.

Free will is our greatest power.  It's time to be a player instead of a bystander.


I just posted the following video in the OWS chat.  Someone responded in disbelief that Gloria Steinen could be working for the controllers.  I answered that she was just well-intentioned, but fooled like everyone else.  You post sheds new light on this subject, Wendy.



Wendy's picture

Hi Chris-

I hope you are right. I've tried my best to awaken my children, one is awake, the other is only willing to look at the truth if it fits his liberal paradigm.

Noa, I'm glad you are spreading that video around. I've been aware for a while about the women's liberation=slavery movement but this article woke me up to the idea that modern art, music and film has been planned to be bad as well.

The music really gets to me as I generally like it so much and I do know something about it. How many times have I been stupid enough to sit through a classical music concert and suffer through some dissonant "modern" composition for a half hour only to get to the Beethoven at the end? The visual arts I never knew much about so it's so easy to think "Oh I must not know what the experts know so my taste must be bad" It makes you question everything. For instance I've always liked Reunite wine better than anything else but stopped drinking it years ago out of embarassment. In how many areas of our life do we suffer through something abominable simply because "it's sophisticated and the experts have told us it's good"?

ChrisBowers's picture

is ourself(ves).  It is inner work, not outer work.  the illusion of outer work will take care of itself with the success of inner work, individually and collectively.  I am no longer lured by romantic notions of virtue concerning acts of engaging images of "controllers".

Even if I were so inclined, I am thoroughly convinced that they have been playing their game so long now that they know how to manipulate that kind of vested energy(ies) to their own advantage.  I am convinced that the answer lies in disengagement and noncompliance, the very thing that could and does so easily look like an apparent copout.

I have come to understand that it is anything but.  What "they", the controllers are doing requires "our" energy, and they are good at what they do.  We need a new approach to such erudite and well developed tactics.

Many revolutions have included the act of picking up weapons and using them against a perceived enemy.  The "controllers" end up financing both sides, and usually are the origin of the revolution itself!  Why would I think that they would do anything differently when it comes to other forms of conflict?  Energy is energy and they manipulate and consume it well.  Show me a revolution where those instructed to pick up their weapons and fight those they are told are the enemy, actually lay down their weapons and refuse to fight, refuse to invest any more of their sovereign energies in the conflict, and I will join that revolution.

Non compliance offers these manipulative instigators nothing, just like when the bully is ignored until the bully is so tired of being alone that he or she transforms into a cool loving person.  The change we seek is in us, not "them"....  Therefore I waste no more time entertaining the notion that there is some one or thing to contend with....  It is me who needs healing, not them...  I save the world by getting it right myself, with that inner work, the only work actually happening, in spite of the phenomenon of what appears to be an "outside" world....  It is anything but...  IMHO of course...

Wendy's picture

But Chris you still live in this world. Inner work does not clean the kitchen, cleaning the kitchen cleans the kitchen. Don't get me wrong - I agree that inner work is primary but when it is done, a person naturally fixes what needs fixing around them. I think healthy attempts to fix our outer world are not all bad. I agree with you for the most part though - the main answer to our problems is to turn away and recreate new local communities, independant of the matrix. Max Igan, who I think we all admire here, talks a lot about non-compliance and simply leaving the matrix but he also takes time to protest fracking - a cause he has determined is worth his time and energy to work on. Perhaps I'm just picking at hairs here - but just because people are actively engaged in 3d fixit projects does not mean they are remiss in doing their inner work - frequently these people are the ones who have done the most inner work.

Noa's picture

I believe that peaceful non-compliance is an exceptionally powerful tool in disrupting the System.  Our strength lies in our numbers.  If the majority of us stopped supporting the System, with our buying decisions and other choices we make, it would crumble.  It cannot exist without our help.

I agree that inner work is vitally important, especially when practiced collectively.  When people with the same intention visualize and meditate on peace, it can be a powerful, creative force for change.

I don't think one has to forsake physical action in order to practice inner work, however.  For instance, I see the Occupy Movement as an important tool in waking people up.  They have also been making regular, incremental gains against corruption.  In the past few days, they've interrupted several Goldman Sachs operations -- at the ports and at their offices.  While I don't agree with everything they do, I think it's much more productive than the general apathy Americans have displayed since the trillions in bailouts were handed over to the Banksters.  The occupiers' ability to stay peaceful, in the face of injustice and police brutality, is a testament to their strength of spirit and character.

So, Chris, are you saying we shouldn't stop them?  We should just let the controllers continue polluting and manipulating the earth's environment to the point of no return?  We should stand by while they take every freedom and right from us?  Or will denying physical reality or declaring it to be illusionary somehow magically change things?  I don't think the corrupt ones are going to stop on their own accord, even if 6 billion people miraculously decide to do the necessary inner work on themselves, do you?   Since we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, why must one exclude the other?  Why not do both?  That's what the Illuminati are doing.  They're hitting us on all fronts.  They practice their satanic rituals at night, while they physically assault us during the day.

And how is virtue some romantic idea?  To me, maintaining ones virtue, integrity, and truth inspite of the dark destructive forces, is what elevates us as humans.  It's part of the spiritual ascension process.  Plus, standing up for what is right and being willing to die for your convictions, is what has restored justice time and time again. 

I care what happens to all life and future generations on this planet. If I find out, in due course, that humanity is destined to perish in large numbers, then so be it.  I'm ready to go.  In the meantime, I'll be doing everything I can -- physically, mentally, and spiritually -- to stop this insane path of destruction we're on.  

ChrisBowers's picture

I don't do much inner work when I am fixing the bathroom faucet or winterizing the sprinkler system, mowing the lawn, building a kitty condo, vacuuming, etc. (orrrrrrr, maybe I do, LOL).  Wendy, in another post you told people not to mix apples and oranges and that is exactly what you are doing with your rationale in your post above.

Fixing the sink and fixing the matrix are two entirely different things.  I am not trying to convince you to go my way, I am just sharing my thoughts.  You are obviously much more emotionally invested in politics, as if there was a real chance of changing it for the better.  I am not and do not.

Those much more advanced than us from other places and dimensions practice non-intervention, and within that general guideline they try to find creative ways to assist Humanity on this planet without violating laws of free will and confusion.   Humanity keeps spinning its wheels, engaging things not liked or disagreed with, expending energy, and it keeps ending up same shit different day.

I don't know what the answer is to this perpetual problem yet, but I am pretty sure that doing the same thing and expecting different results isn't the answer.  Here's an interesting way to think about it - the indigenous cultures on the planet are disengaged from that which you are engaged in, and practice non-compliance without even having to think about it.  Are they wrong?  Are they contributing to the problems we face because they are not engaged in what you are entrenched in (in your mind)?

Of course not.  They will be ready to carry on when the insane wasteful western modernized convenience-ized dumbed down matrix-ized recreational consumer-ized culture dies in a pile of it's own doo doo-ing.  I will continue to learn to practice non compliance as it comes to me and keep sharing my thoughts about this with whoever is willing to listen.

And you and others will continue to try to do your best to work within the present system to correct it and make it better with people like Ron Paul - good luck with that - talk to me when you have finally had enough - I already have....

Lucy can take her football and choke on it, LOL

And Noa, it is not the "controllers" that are polluting the planet - it is us, the ones who expend energy in support of what the "controllers" offer, and they will keep finding creative ways to offer exactly what we are willing to freely consume while paying little to no mind about its effect on the planet that sustains us.  The so called controllers are really just a manifestation of the collective us.

Fighting something perceived as outside yourself is delusional.  We will have to get that in larger numbers to really get what is really going on.  Actually, the first part of your post alluded to that...

tscout's picture

         If everyone who belonged to a group that was "fighting" the "establishment" in one way or another all practiced non compliance, instead of scattering their energy fighting a system that is built to be impenetrable, something might actually change. Their is no way these thousands of well meaning groups can ever make any lasting change, but together we could bring the system down .

   noa said, "do you really think the controllers are going to change their ways if 6 billion of us decided to do our inner work" ? They would have no choice, as I believe Chris is right , it is we who are consuming what they give us...

     Put all of these well meaning folks together , with the same idea,,,to stop supporting the system, then we have something......stop feeding it,,,starve it

     the first thing most people give up when they get too busy, and stress out,,,,is their inner work.

   That is because it is the hardest work, and the most powerful  

Noa's picture

Physical problems in a physical world require physical action to solve them.  Are we willing to stand up for what is right and stop the madness?  Or are we going to ignore what is going on and pretend it will all go away?  Accepting responsibility for what is wrong with the world doesn't mean we have to blame ourselves for what is happening.

We the people aren't fracking.  We're not building nuclear power plants, inventing GMOs, spraying chemtrails, manipulating the weather with HAARP, etc. etc. etc.   Yes, our silence allows pollution and greed, but most people want none of this.  We're the ones who are suffering the consequences, while the destroyers collect their billions at our expense.  We have bought into the lie that they have been feeding us for generations.  We can blame the victims or blame the perpetrators, but in the end, nothing has been resolved.  It's the same game we play with 2-party politics, each side blaming the other for what is wrong, so no one has to fix the problem.

Once we awaken from the dream that maintains the status quo, and unite to stop this insanity, we will be victims no more.  That's the lesson.  That's the choice.  Do we want to live in a world of convenience and consumerism with its negative impact on the  environment and society?  Or can we recognize the unsustainable destructive greed we are supporting? 

There was a time when recycling was something no one did.  Now it is a way of life.  Why?  Because people changed the way they thought about trash.  Recycling is no longer something the tree hugger down the block might do, it has became a responsible, and socially acceptable way for "normal" people to behave. 

There will come a point when people will no longer be able to ignore the intrusiveness of government in their daily lives.  As push comes to shove, they will be forced to make a choice.  Will they listen to the Janet Napolitano ads at Walmart, telling them to turn in their neighbors for suspicious behavior, or will they wake up and see the matrix for what it is?  

Mainstream media does an excellent job of brainwashing people and distorting or hiding the truth.  The vast amount of Americans do not even know what Occupy Wall Street is about.  They think it is a dirty, band of unemployed hippies crying for a handout, because that is what they are being sold by the media.  As more people increasingly become unemployed and/or homeless, people will start to realize that their comforts could go next.  As more surveillance and military power is used against American citizens, more people will come to realize that they no longer live in a free country.  This awakening must come before Americans find themselves under martial law.  At that point, the odds of being able to turn the tides decreases expotentially.

Is it going to take a lot of people to take our power back?  Yes, we've got a lot of work to do.  Can we do it?  Yes, when people stop being afraid or embarrassed to speak the truth.  This is where we do our inner work.  Fear is the biggest controller.  We get over fear by facing it.  For most people, the greatest fear is physical death.   When humanity is no longer afraid of dying, we become unstoppable.

When people finally wake up and physically take back the power that is rightfully ours, we will choose clean, renewable energy and make choices that promote freedom, health, and abundance for all, instead of the greedy power-grab for the few we have now.  Of that I am certain.

This is what people are talking about in the Occupy chatrooms.  People want to do the right thing, if only government and corporations will get out of our way.  The controllers are not going to give up without a fight; no politician, or alien, or etheric entity is going to save us.  We have to use our God-given power of free will to stop them. 

The global awakening is about choice.  What kind of world do we choose to live in?  Why are we working against nature, doing things that are against our health and moral scruples?  How bad does it have to get, before we take a stand?  That's the message in the madness.  We must search our souls for the answer to this question... what does it mean to be a human being?  The solution to what ails us (and the rest of the planet) comes from doing what we must do in order to be our highest selves, our best selves... to live with integrity and conviction.  That is how we will save the world from this evil that seeks to control us.

Non-compliance is both a non-physical and a physical action.  It begins with an emotionful thought to stop pledging allegiance to a System that doesn't serve us.  It manifests as determined, physical action.  

Off the top of my head, I can think of two recent instances when indigenous people took physical action against corporate power. 

1.  The people of Bolivia (including native jungle tribes), united in protest against Bechtel's water monopoly.  Unable to afford the 200% rate increase and prevented by law to collect rainwater, thousands took to the street in protest and strikes.  Without their action, thousands of people would have died.

2.  The Aboriginal people of Australia (along with Max Igan) united to reconnect the holy songlines and to protest in the area marked for Coal Seams Gas Mining.  Such actions are both spiritual and physical. Their battle against corporate greed is still being waged.


Solutions do not come from ideas set in stone, rather they must be free to evolve with the changing circumstances.  When people think they know everything, they are unable to learn anything.



Noa's picture


Chris Hedges states my case better than I can...


Brian's picture

Could there be a mix of direction by elites and just people being people? I find it daunting to imagine everything is directed, manipulated. Maybe I just fear seeing I'm only a puppet of someone else's agenda.


Wendy's picture

I agree that it's a mix Brian. I know many very well educated people and my point is that through the colleges, universities and museums there's an effort at the top to present what I consider bad art at these institutions as the latest and greatest stuff. The very wealthy are always bragging about how much money they give to the arts - putting their names on auditoriums, etc. so they can use their money to control what gets presented.

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