The Things We Do For Love...

A new look at an old tune by 10cc...
dedicated to all my brothers and sisters here on the portal...
with love and laughter... Bodhi Smile

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Really beautiful ~ thanks so much, Bodhi! 


Love & light,

 Penny :-)

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Love it!!!

Thanks, Bodhi,


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I enjoyed singing along!



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Dear Bodhi,

A wonerful gift you have given!


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Dear Sister fairyfarmgirl,

You are welcome.  Thank you for the great quote and gentle reminder to also love myself free.  Lol!  It does seem to be a central theme for me these days... Smile Lately, when I notice I'm needing a nudge in the lightwardly direction, it has been easiest for me to begin by simply remembering I AM Love...

Feeling much love and gratitude for your presence here,

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Beloved Sister Mary,
Thank you for sharing your positive radiant self with me.  Blessed am I to have you in my life!
Feeling loving and grateful for the gift of you,

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