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Okay here is the big picture. The solar system
is moving into a new
place  in the universe that is highly charged
and the leading edge is
glowing 1,000  times brighter according to
Russian Scientists. All the
planets are reacting  to this with
atmospheric changes and also
emitting more light than ever  before.
The Sun is sending two more
bands of light in the UV range and
 undergoing changes as well both
magnetic and in the helium hydrogen
mix.  This is all accelerated and
aggravated by CO2 emissions by man
or what is  called the greenhouse
effect. Now when the Sun throws off
solar flares and  CMEs that are
geoactive, I made up that word, the
Earth heats up and there  is
increased pressure. This pressure must
be released in the form of  
Earthquake and Volcanic activity. The
poles are melting from above
and  below due to the Earth Mantel
heating up and volcanic activity
under the  ice. There is also
increased volcanic activity under the
oceans again adding  to Global
Warming. The government is using
chemtrails and HAARP ill short
 sighted ill gotten experiments to slow
down this process to continue
burning  fossil fuels, something we
should have done away with 60
years ago having  alternative
technologies. This is turning our
skies, water and land toxic  and
will increase disease, cancer and a
myriad of other byproducts due to  
criminally insane leadership and
scientists who are embarking on
these  endeavors. The same people
that brought you the atomic bomb,
deadly bio  weapons, and other
weapons of mass destruction gleaned
from the minds of  integrity
challenged pyshcopaths are involved with
chemtrails. Mean while  the
people are being exposed to aluminum,
barium, and a plethora of
 chemicals and biologicals courtesy of just
a few criminally insane
short  sighted spiritually challenged people
who care nothing for
humanity and the  Earth. It is all about profit,
power and insane
experimentation with no  oversight. It is also being
carried out, and
rubber stamped by none other  than those who have
sworn an oath to
protect and serve the people. Power and  wealth other
than a few is
all they care about. Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul  are
the only ones
I know of who have stood up for the people in these  
matters. If
humanity learned about these greater cycles and flowed
with  them
allowing Earth to take care of herself we would be much
better off. The
 overheating puts more moisture in the air, the
volcanos send up more
of a  protective layer or shield. We need to let
nature take its
course and do our  part to clean up the planet. Be
well James

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