"We Are All North Koreans"

I was just reading a thought-provoking and frankly scary article which you can read in its entirety here:


It's lengthy...in a nutshell, it says that North Korea is the world's canary. The famine that wiped out a tenth of the population there in the 1990s was the result of a triple-header of crises: food, energy prices and disastrous weather all occurring at the same time. It was the tiny nation's insistence on self-subsistence and flipping the bird at the entire world that made it the perfect laboratory model for what would engulf the rest of the world a decade later. Read. Lament. Be afraid, very afraid. Because just as it was both ineptitude and corruption on the part of national leaders that led North Korea to the slaughter, so the picture today is eerily similar.

There's enough fear. Hold on just a doggone minute. We've all known some shit was coming. Like the winking out of the sun, we thought it would happen someday, just not now. So we were wrong. But that's just one voice in the chorus whispering to us from all sides. There are voices echoing through the halls of time and others bridging the gaps between levels of density. We see rebirth, they say. Hold on to our hands and have faith. Yes, you can call us God if you want, but that's not what we are. We are Other, but we are also You.

Those of you who've read about some of my experiences won't be surprised when I say that there are times I almost believe that the earth actually speaks to me. I don't know any other way to explain how I happened to discover a complex of standing stones surrounded by housing developments and highways that no one else has ever noticed, or the feelings and thoughts that pour over me, standing on high places or within a ring of cracks in the surface that are actually visible from the air - they are feelings of intimacy and sacrament that I find truly difficult to explain. She sings to me and through me at such moments, and it is a song of love.

Call me crazy. I might, if I didn't know me better.

I don't know what's gonna happen. Well, I know some of it. We're gonna make it though, and you know what? It is going to be so totally different than what we see here and now, we really aren't meant to know it all. There are beings involved that most of us aren't quite ready to actually know about just yet. Some of the problems we face will be wiped away by incredible new technologies and discoveries; others will be with us still. Nevertheless we will call ourselves blessed, and we'll remember the past with a special mixture of awe and dread and in time, disbelief.

Beneath it all Mother Earth will remain, different yet unchanged, and she'll still be singing. I think she wanted me to let you know.


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You did such a perfect job of framing both sides of the perspective/respective coin. I post the links that I watched yesterday that relate well to the gist of your post.



I only ask that you keep telling us anything that Mama Gaia Earth is telling you because you are most definitely one of those who are "our" eyes and ears concerning this living planet. To each his/her own gift - may she/he use it wisely and for the benefit of the All and One....

here is the more down to earth youtube videos to consider



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