Feel like going over a cliff?

 I am really infuriated with politicians having engineered this fiscal emergency. Whatever you feel about the reasons for it or whether you agree it is a valid way to 'control spending' if they don't stop it the country is destined for a deep recession. As soon as the "cliff talk" really got under way the main new homes builder that has been keeping me in steady pay has almost completely halted all new homes. Hundreds are being thrown out of work by just this one company. I am now at the end of my rope.

The Nolan Chart: Which Political Party Represents You?

I'm not a fan of putting people into boxes, but this 10 question survey is kind of interesting. ~ Noa


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Rick Perry's Fall

I was just thinking about the last 2 stories about Rick Perry - the first regarding his overly animated talk in New Hampshire, and now last night's brain fart where he couldn't name the 3 government agencies he wanted to end.  I saw both, and though I haven't followed his campaign, it appeared as though he was impared in both situations.  He seemed giddy and silly - seemingly very out of character for a guy running as a "Texas tough guy".  Just wondering if anyone else has been thinking that Bildeburg's favorite son seems to have fallen out of grace quite quickly.

Love and peace,

Are You Liberal - What's In A Name?

The word "liberal" is derived from the latin word, "liber" meaning 'book' or 'freedom.'  Liber is the root in library and liberty.

Liberal means worthy of a free man, free from restraint, free in action, free from narrow prejudice, open-minded, candid, free from bigotry, open to the reception of new ideas for proposals of reform.

Making Sense of It

OK, so I get it... there are no good choices in politics.  No difference between the parties... they're all crooked or on the take, or at least with such questionable values as to easily negotiate them away.  I know that elections in the United States are a sham.  I know that most of the people who were voted out probably didn't play well with the big boys.  I get that.

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