An Offering: Spiritual Healing

In the month of April there will be a series of free lectures delivered around the world by medical doctors testifying to the effectiveness of a particular form of spritual healing and telling people how they can call on the healing stream to heal themselves and their lives on all levels.  From experience I can tell you that it is indeed effective; I have seen nothing else quite like it anywhere. 

Here is the link to a 9-minute clip of a few highlights from a former medical lecture.  It's quite eye-opening to say the least:

For a list of the locations and dates of the current lectures, go here:

and then click on the link below the photo that says "(Click here) Dates and addresses of the lectures..."  Then, on the page that comes up, scroll down to "USA" (or whatever country you live in) and find the nearest location to you. 

For more information on this type of spiritual healing and the Circle of Friends, choose links from the left margin.

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Hi Bob,

Just had a chance to get out there and look at this tonight.  Imagine my surprise to find not just one... but three lectures happening right here in Montana!  Now this is not a normal occurance for me!  Usually the closest I can find things that pique my interest require two or three days worth of travel or a plane ticket.  Maybe I can get my sister to take a little trip over the mountains with me and check this out. 

You spoke of "experience" with this.  Would you mind elaborating on that a bit?

With much appreciation,


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This sounds pretty cool!  Nothing so close to my house, so I was wondering if there are other ways to experience it, besides in person... practitioners, or teleconferences maybe?

Mary, if you go, let me know how it went.

Much love and light,



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First, Kathy, I'm sorry there's no lecture near you.  If you become interested in looking into this, I can find out if there's a community that does this near you.  There probably is.

Mary, I've been involved with this type of healing for about three years now.  My wife and I both.  I've recently begun leading the Circle of Friends (as it's called) community where we live, and she is the treasurer for the Buffalo region, comprising 5 or 6 local communities (there are no dues or fees for anything, but donations are accepted -- indeed, they are needed for this entirely volunteer world effort).  And actually we're both a bit amazed that we're involved at all because (1) we both already have spiritual traditions that we practice within so we weren't looking for anything "spiritual", (2) we tend not to join groups or organizations because there are inevitably things we don't like about them, and (3) we've always believed that we don't have time for extra things in our lives.  But here we are doing this.   Why did we start?  Don't know.  There was just something about it...

And so, on to experience:

About 9 years ago I began having cardiac arrhythmia.  At first it was just half an hour a couple of times a week, and then after a couple of years it was all the time.  At times the irregular beat was so strong that I wasn't sure I was going to make it.   And often I was out of breath climbing stairs.  I'd tried everything alternative that seemed promising to no avail (and have kept up the CoQ10, even though it didn't seem to help).  It was maybe a year after I began "tuning in", as we say (i.e. opening to the heilstrom, or the healing stream from the Source, as it were), that it began to go away.  Today I have a slight irregularity in my heartbeat, indicating that the healing is not yet complete, but it's virtually unnoticeable now. I'm not limited in anything I do.   I also had some sudden and unaccountable disappearances of severe recurring pain in the shoulder and in the feet.  I "tune in" also to help with handlling difficult life situations and as support for my Attention practice, and I feel this help is very effective.  (Some people use this healing practice as a spiritual practice in itself, but I do not.  By the way, it is not a religion.  But it is a way to open to ... God, if you will.  Or whatever you wish to call that.)

My wife had a spontaneous recovery from a very painful back problem while doing einstellen with someone else -- and by the way, one can do this for other people, too, for the world situation, for anything at all.  (You are conducting a very high energy, the flow of which is often quite palpable.  It is unique.)  A good friend had a heavy smoking addiction (20 years in duration) drop away literally one morning, with no withdrawal at all -- ditto for a severe mold allergy of several years duration, and a nasty personal problem she had with a vengeful ex who abused her with ongoing anonymous threats.  Nothing she had done had helped either physical condition, and both disappeared a couple of years after she began this simple healing practice.  And there are a number of other accounts of helps and healings that have occurred suddenly within our group here, when nothing else had helped and without the people's having done anything different.  By the way, sometimes people experience healings at medical or introductory lectures, right afterwards, or even while driving to them.  Most people who receive healings, however, don't experience immediate ones, and not everyone experiences healings.  If someone really isn't open and at any level doesn't want it, it won't happen because free will is supreme.  And so there is a lot said about our part in making healing possible.  That's a fascinating subject in itself.

I should interject -- no one has to join anything or be in a group to do einstellen ("tuning in" in this specific way).  Bruno Groening, the man who began this, said that any connection anyone makes to the heilstrom through him is permanent.  But when a group of people does this together in the right way, it can be powerful, and "success" is that much more likely.  That's how intent and energy seem to function.

So... we experience this as unexplainable and pretty amazing.  Mr. Groening, who has been deceased since 1959, was an extroardinary being.  This becomes clear the more you read about his life.  And while the "authorities" eventually prevented him from helping people when he was alive, he predicted that the healings would continue even after his death.  And that has proven to be true.

If there's anything else you have questions about, I'll try to answer them.  In the meantime, I hope you can attend the lecture.  If you do, let me know what you felt/thought.

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Thank you Bob.

I had my sister check out these links and she is open to going.  We will still have a 3 or 4 hour travel, depending on which one we go to, but if the weather will be nice for crossing mountain passes... we will probably make it.   It will be a nice little weekend trip.

I will let you know what I thought about it sometime after the 24th, 25th.

With love,


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