Hope for Humanity

Hi Gathering Spot Community,
I'm excited lately to be catching up on the channelings of Lee Carroll and the entity Kryon. It's all very encouraging (I'd been going down a rabbit hole of doom and gloom for a few months). I still believe that humanity is evolving towards greater compassion - and I have to remind myself to remain patient as we adjust to the energy of the shift that is slowly permeating this planet since 2012.

I'm excited to discover shifts in energy and thinking that will guide us to true holistic well-being, when we are all well because we know that our physical being is controllable through the energy of physics (or quantum energy) and not through drugs and chemicals.

Anything is possible!

fredburks's picture

Very cool, Melinda. There is a great variety of souls on this planet that co-exist together. I sense that ever increasing numbers are opening to transformation and co-creation, yet there are still many who are quite focused on what you could call selfish motives.

As long as the selfish faction don't end up destroying the planet (I'm optimistic that won't happen), these two groups will likely continue to co-exist. I suspect the selfish faction will gradually realize that those of us who are into growth and transformation are having more fun and want to join us.

One thing is certain, we are blessed to live in fascinating times! Take care and enjoy.

With much love and warm wishes,

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