The Bushman

I wasn't sure where to put this, as it is quite humorous as well as very serious at the same time.  This is one of those off the wall channelings that comes to my email occasionally, one of those which I don't give much credit to normally but often is entertaining.  I have copied the transmission in its entirety.



www.AshtarontheRoad .com/ashtartelec onference. html

Ashtar speaking at the March 25, 2008 teleconference:

"..We're going to share with you a vision that was given quite some time
ago. We have discussed it here and there. But we want to remind everyone
of it. It seems as though there is some calling forth of this vision to
remind everyone of an important state of being on the part of one who is
quite on everybody's mind these days.

"He - how should we put that? He is a leader in his own right, and
apparently for all practical purposes, as you would say, and to all
attempts, and observations, and all of those things, he appears to be
wanting to lead you down in the pits.

"And as a world leader, and oh yes, he's done some interesting leading, we
shall say that, and no more, because we choose not to be judgmental. So
picture, if you will, King George, or would-be King George, the Bushman.
Put him in a suit. He's just so much more dramatic in a suit, you know with
a white shirt and a tie, you know, a necktie. No, don't tighten it too

"That's not the point here; that's not where we're going. All righty, now,
put him out on a sidewalk somewhere. Unfortunately, oh, we're enjoying this
aren't we? We have everyone laughing, and me laughing; it's wonderful. All
right, now let's get serious.

"Put him on the sidewalk, because you have to have concrete to have a
telephone booth. All right, we can safely say, we have everyone's
attention. All righty, well there's no one in that booth. There's only
room for King George. Well there's a crown on top of it.

"Now, under his own power - there are no puppet strings - George looks
around to make sure he is not being observed. He doesn't want anyone seeing
him you know. And he flies into that phone booth. Now use your
imagination, and perhaps your memory. You may have seen a scene like this
before with another being. Just imagine that he throws open his coat, and
he undoes his tie, and he opens up his white shirt. Ooops!

"He's got scales, big, dark, nasty, thorny, scales. Ugh! That's the body.
Now! We put in a little drama here, just to keep it light. But you can
see how heavy this is. There's nothing dark around him. But, he himself is
very dark, because of his scales.

"Except, if you look up just at the very top, now imagine his head is in
this too, look up at the top of his head, his head is covered with scales.
Look up to the top of his head, and there's a zipper pull.

"Oh, we're having so much fun. The Voice is laughing so hard, she can
hardly hold herself, and she doesn't even know what she's laughing about.
All righty! Now it takes George a little time to settle down, and this time
he really doesn't want anybody, who might have the title of handler, or
trainer, or anything like that, to be anywhere in the neighborhood, and see

"But all of a sudden with a big grin on his face (well he has some rather
sharp teeth) he reaches up, and he pulls down that zipper. And out comes an
outpouring of Light that is almost blinding. Now that vision has been
presented before, perhaps not quite with such dramatic flair, but it has
been presented to the Voice, and to others, and it's Truth.

"So take this Truth, and if you want to put some other faces into that suit
and tie, and march them in a phone booth, go ahead. You need to create
these visions, and to send them out telepathically. But the true one called
King George, and we're not necessarily saying that he is in the pits, the
lower depths of the third dimension, this is what his vision is.

"So let's have a big round of applause for King George, 'yeah, yeah' for
King George, because of anybody currently upon planet Earth, he has done
more to bring forth the schemes, and the deeds of those who have been
working on the dark side, than any other single human being.

"And, how has he brought these forth? Well, he's done it in such a way,
that even (though there are none in this group, believe me) that even a
couch potato is starting to recognize - that's the terminology you use for
somebody, who doesn't really pay a lot of attention to what's going on in
the World. It is not intended to be derogatory, but simply, that even those
who have no focus, or don't want to focus on these matters, are starting to
get the point.

"3D Earth has been a lie, except for that which has been accomplished by all
Lightworkers. We're going to expand the definition of that momentarily.
So, remember King George, whom you wish to put through the phone booth
exercise, or anyone else you can think of, whom you discern to be working
the workings of the dark side.

"Remember that as humans, as humans, the human versions of these beings have
done what they have done in service to all of humanity, and indeed to all of
Mother Earth, and let's not forget the universe, shall we? As Earth goes,
so goes other planets in the universe.

"You are the planet of the moment, of the hour, that's what you say, isn't
it, the planet of the hour? What you accomplish on planet Earth is to be
duplicated throughout the universe in various other locations.."

© Susan Leland 2008. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of
us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is
acknowledged and that no part is altered.

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The reason I posted this is that in spite of the fact that we see individuals such as our President as a representative of the Darkside, there is still the spark of the Divine within, they are indeed a fractal of the Oneness of the Creator and Divine Intellegence will place them in a position that will in the end further the Infinite Will of the Creator.  Too often we, even those of us on the Transformation Team, forget that we are All One, yes even those people in the government, and heads of mega-corporations that we love to blame for all of the woes of the world. 

Rather than see these people as lizards with ill will to all of humanity, let us breath sacred love to them, seeing them as vessels that hold the Light of the Creator underneath their unlovely exteriors.


In the Love and Light of our one infinite Creator.



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Funny you should mention "fractal".  It is the exact word that came to mind this morning while I was thinking about the fundamental result of dismissing ego barriers that we come to recognize, accept and then dismiss.  Fractals, absent perfected intent, dance in an illusion of chaos until they "return" to the place they never really left in the field of Sacred Geometry, the field of the One.

With every dismissed roadblock we come ever closer to "being there" or "returning" to collective recognition of what is real and has never stopped being real, and never really started being real!  Am is! Enough said....

Here's a toast to the Joy of the Journey toward Return,

Chris (aka Chakramon bababa bayabay)

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I just sent this one out to my mailing list on this fine Interdependence Day.

Blessings to each of you,


I love you guys so much. Thank you all and great blessing to each of you.  

I am realising that there is alot to be said for images created in the focused mind. I am realising that we are creating within the framework of reality. I am realising.....this spud has eyes that are starting to grow....*smile* Thanks for the energy that you all give. I really did feel a change in my perception as the zipper came down and the light poured forth.


I am thankful to be here. 

It is not, at this time,  easy for me to train my monkey mind......but I am glad for the awareness that it can be trained to create .......what's the word...................superperfundo images, as it explores information and ideas.


I am realising.


Thank you all again.

Misty Fain

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Dear Berry,and all you other wonderful team members......

Thank you for this gentle reminder that we all have a part to play in this world stage.We can hiss at the villian.....but the story line continues.I aim to find high praise as a supporting cast member.Anyone interested in an autograph before I hit the big time may contact me. Enjoy your roles. Love,Mary

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