Lessons Learned


I recently experienced an evolution in consciousness, and as always, the Gathering Spot is my place of choice for sharing. Circumstances have given me the opportunity to take some time, step back from that thing that I consider to be me, and objectively assess myself – warts and all.

This particular dark night of soul-searching began when other G-spotters kept finding fault with my frequent posts. “How dare they criticize me when they have little else to say?” I had been sharing things with heartfelt passion, yet I was being misunderstood and was even perceived by some as being “angry.” After careful consideration, I had to admit they were right about the anger. I had become frustrated and impatient with what I perceived to be their apathy. My attitude showed in my writing.

I share this with you now because I recognize that I'm not the only one here who is wrestling with these types of challenges. These are troubling times for all of us. There is uncertainty about our future on Earth... and even about the planet herself. Emotions are high; anxiety weighs heavy in the air. Our beliefs and convictions are constantly being challenged, rearranged, upended. As Dylan said, “The times they are rapidly changing.” Herein lies the lesson within the problem. When we are so staunchly attached to our own beliefs, we may be incapable of seeing other truths emerging. When the mighty winds of an age are shifting (as they are now), the rigid Oak tree is likely to be uprooted, while the flexible Willow bends with the wind and lives beyond the storm.

I reasoned that if my ego were not involved, other people's criticism of me wouldn't hurt so much. If sharing my information and opinions were truly an act of altruism, then it must come from beyond any need for approval or appreciation. If my motivation for posting was indeed to benefit the Gathering Spot readers and if my efforts were not well-received, then who was I serving? If my words were unwanted, I had to be willing to let them go. This was not easy to do, but the choice was clear. If my views did not fit the Forum, it was time for me to go elsewhere. Or I could let go of expectations and soften my approach to better facilitate communication. The choice was with me. Any change required was mine alone.

It took some time for me to get over the hurt, to let go of the anger, and come to a place of peace. Most everyone wants others to agree with them. But how silly is that? How boring would the G-spot – or the world be for that matter -- if everyone's view was the same? I thought of leaving for good, that it was time to move on to another phase in my journey, but I kept coming back to read posts. In my absence, the Gathering Spot had regenerated. Members who rarely posted came out of the cobwebs and had their say. Though part of me winced that I hadn't been missed, another me beamed with the excitement of change! The G-spot was evolving, just as I was evolving.

I have always learned so much here, how could I leave when so many others had so much to offer? Over time, I've grown to know many of you like my brothers and sisters. And just like family discussions over Thanksgiving Dinner, we don't always agree. Sometimes we have squabbles. We have different viewpoints on politics and religion. We walk different paths and experience individual rates of growth. We have different ideas about what the major problems are and how to fix them. In the end though, we all want pretty much the same things – peace on Earth, prosperity for all, the end of injustice and inequality, etc. Sometimes it's hardest to accept differences in people with whom we share the most in common. That's one of life's funny lessons.

So... I realize that by sharing my innermost thoughts with you now, I'm leaving myself more vulnerable than ever to criticism. But that's so like me. I've never been one to do what's best for myself to the exclusion of everyone else. If my words help just one other person, then it's worth the scorn of a single star vote or a few words of rejection.

Another lesson learned. Each of us is a mirror unto the others. We rarely recognize them in our own reflection, but if we're honest, we'll see each other in ourselves.

Thank you all for showing me what I needed to see.

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Thank you for being so honest, it is awesome that you feel able to lay yourself so open. Much healing has taken place here over the last days.

I for one have been on several forums over the years of my soul awakening, on every one there have come times of great conflict, and sometimes huge anger. I believe this is the first time I have seen a healing and a coming together in an open and truly honest way. I was tempted very much to put my two bobs worth into the aforesaid postings, yet something held me back and said just watch and see what happens.

I love this place, I love the diverse range of views on many subjects, the exposure of happenings in our world, and most of all I give great love to you all here. May we continue to debate, discuss, and heal. In this way we will all help each other to truly transform not only ourselves, yet also all those whose lives we touch on a daily basis.

Thank You Fred for being so inspired as to make this place available. Can you please provide us the link again for donations to help you keep this home going.

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Thank You Gracious Lady.

An Open Honest (Vulnerable) Heart is a powerful radiance

Peace and Love

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There was a village that had been experiencing drought for five consecutive years. Many famous rainmakers had been called, but they had failed to make it rain. In the villagers' last attempt, they called upon a renowned Rainmaker from afar.

When he arrived at the village, all he did was set up his tent and disappear inside for four days. On the fifth day, the rain started to fall, and quenched the thirst of the parched earth. The people of the village asked the Rainmaker how he had accomplished such a mirracle.

The Rainmaker replied, "I have done nothing"

Astounded at his explanation, the villagers said "How can that be?" After you came, we had rainfall four continuous days."

The Rainmaker replied. "When I arrived, the first thing I noticed was that everything was out of Harmony with Heaven. So I spent four days putting myself into Harmony with the Divine. Then the Rains came."


Peace and Love


Wow! Great work!  I knew you would come through.  We are each our greatest obstacle and test however most never accept or aknowledge this.   It is so wonderful to see a person face them and overcome them and it just says that humans have the means and ability to overcome our problems and become united across the planet.  You, and the others on this site are real beacons of hope!

Keep it up.


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Thanks so much for sharing so deeply and vulnerably, Noa, and for taking that inner journey. And yes, I have noticed what felt like some anger and a deep sense of urgency in some of your posts. If I were to meet you in person, I'd love to explore what might be behind all of that. I thank you very much for doing that exploration yourself.

You mention that these are troubling times for all of us. I have to be honest here and say that I really am not troubled at all, nor do I have any sense of urgency now. I did feel a sense of urgency back in 2002 when I first started doing this work. Shortly after 9/11, I feared another even bigger event might bring us into a police state.

But after a few years of connecting with some of the most amazing people working behind the scenes to help transform our world, I gradually developed a trust - trust both in myself and in everyone here that we are all co-creating this whole game. And so I gradually relaxed and have come to a place of peace and joy about it all.

All along, I've felt the whole 2012 thing is just another date being used to try to get people hyped up about being saved or destroyed or whatever. It is being used to cause people to feel a sense of fear and urgency. Yet I know that in reality, there is never a need to feel fear or urgency when our heart is truly open and feeling connected with all beings. I will be glad when Dec. 21st passes, so that we all then can get back to the awesome work of becoming more fully present and available to each sacred moment of eternity.

I love the words of Hidden Hand, who reminds us that this is all a game we've designed together to help us learn and grow. We make up enemies and plots to keep the game interesting and give us the means and desire to transform ourselves. When we die, we have a great laugh together as we see so clearly that we are all in this together, doing it for each other. When I see life as a game, it's a lot more fun.

And thanks so much for your warm words, Ian (Eyejay). If anyone feels inspired to donate to help support this work, please visit http://www.peerservice.org/donations.php. I deeply appreciate any contributions.

Thank you, Noa, and all here for playing the roles you've chosen to play in this wild and crazy game. For me, there has never been a dull moment thanks to the richness and fullness with which you and all of us are showing up here. It's a joy and an honor to be part of this transformation team. Have a beautiful day, and enjoy the ride that we're all co-creating here.

With deep love and gratitude,


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Thanks for the cudos, all.  I half expected some backlash after so many times of being surprised by the feedback to some of my posts here.  I don't know what to expect anymore.

I just love your parables, Viveka.  I wonder where you find so many.

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Thanks Noa. I hope your thoughts will inspire those who have left the forum to return when they are ready.

Speaking of faster and faster change, check out this futurists talk. I found it quite interesting and on the mark.


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I echo the other sentiments here. You have presented a very well written piece that is quite touching. We all are going through inner struggles and they are mirrored back to us by others with out doubt. Dicussions like this bring all the esoteric things we read about transmuting long repressed negative thought patterns to a point of practical reality, if that makes any sense. I have been receiving many confirmations of things I have  read over these past few years and am gaining more confidence in the fact that this stuff is actually real and is coming into manifestation before our eyes. I am excited about the future of this planet and our role as part of it.

To everyone else...keep up the good work. We are making a difference!

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