Lessons Learned


I recently experienced an evolution in consciousness, and as always, the Gathering Spot is my place of choice for sharing. Circumstances have given me the opportunity to take some time, step back from that thing that I consider to be me, and objectively assess myself – warts and all.

Living The Legend

Like many other here I've been reading Tolle's A New Earth, and I know I'm not the only one being totally blown away by the truths in what he reveals about our egos.  As we come to know who we are more and more fully, we recognize more and more the illusions that the ego sets up for us.  Perhaps we never reach the end of this process.  This dissolving of the ego, the stripp

You Are Not Just Your Physical Body

My Dear Friends,


Again I want to bring you a channeling by Mike Quinsey, which to me are so in touch with these times we are in. Each of us faces the challenge of making a decision to advance, if we desire, to the higher spiritual realms of light. It sounds so basic, yet so many are not willing to put aside the enticements, of this third dimensional world.


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